Nasrallah to reveal reason behind linking Moughnieh to Hariri murder


Hezbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is expected reveal during his Monday speech the reason why slain Hezbollah commander Imad Moughnieh’s name has been linked to former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, reported the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

March 8 sources told the daily Al-Balad Sunday that Nasrallah is expected to present strong tangible information, backed with documents and technical evidence that would lead to Israel’s implication in Hariri’s assassination.

The sources said that the new evidence is likely to place Israel as a main suspect.

Hezbollah/ FPM

Meanwhile, Ad Diyar reported Sunday that Nasrallah is also likely to affirm the party’s strong ties with the Free Patriotic Movement in light of senior FPM official retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam’s arrest on charges of spying for Israel.

A Lebanese internal security source has reportedly told UAE’s al Bayan newspaper that the spying activity of Karam was mainly political and not security information , Lebanon Files reported yesterday.

According to al Bayan sources Karam also provided Israel with specific information about Hezbollah .

FPM MP Abbas Hashem told New TV on Sunday that if Karam proved to have collaborated with Israel then he would have betrayed FPM’s principles.


Former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel questioned during an interview with Kuwait newspaper al Anbaa why Nasrallah has waited for 5 years to present the evidence about the Israeli involvement in the Hariri assassination, noting that ” toppling the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) will be like destroying the last hope in the building of Lebanon.”



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  1. well gemayel if the STL is the last hope to building in lebanon lets all pack up our bags and leave.

    how dramatic your statement.

    if anyone has proof as to the assasination, why would any learned gentile oppose such evidence. let everybody from all parties bring their proof and let US lebanese people decide.

    you seem to be involving the lebanese people in all your affairs so i think we have the right to decide whats the last hope to building lebanon.

    maybe its you preventing UNITY to happen OR gaegae preventing the integration of HA into the army so he keeps collecting paychecks. maybe its aoun who is just a floater and maybe its jumblatt.

    again, you wanna put the blame on some outside agency as being the saviour to lebanon. well sorry i disagree with you but the hope of building lebanon is the lebanese and not the STL.

  2. Tony,

    As emotional your comment is:

    If we as a country can not figure out who murders our political leaders and punish them we plead for the international body to help us serve justice. To find out the international community can not serve the well deserved long waiting justice than who should we turn to when another political leader gets assassinated?

    Wait for another party to be accused so they can blame it on Israel, and from their to the blackhole of information?

    Gemayel is 100% right in what he said. If the highest ranking of justice system can not deliver us the truth. I don’t know who will, and we will end up living for the rest of our lives as lebanese in the foggs of conspiracy theories which god knows we are full of.

    We have reached a point in life that the lebanese will not beleive the truth if it hits him in the face. We became puppets for every conspiracy theory that they throw at us.

  3. Tim,

    please read my many posts that i have posted. we the regular john doe doesnt know who killed hariri but the elitisits do.

    we, the lebanese people need to give the STL as much info as we have cos thats what happens at a trial. even though the STL is an independent body, it aint gonna be able to collect evidence unless all the parties cooperate.

    so if HA thinks its gonna be named, then as in any free society, it has the right to give its own evidence for the courts to study its objection.

    gemayel has his own intersts as all of them do so, me being a neutral observer as in all my life and all my posts plus being married to a canadian, i am with all sides.

    my neutrality allows me to see when something smells fishy.

    you have the right to agree with gemayel bro but i have the right to agree with lebanon.

    the STL is just a fraction of the truth that many of us are seeking.

    my personal POV? i could care less about politics. in the US, when they were investigatng the JFK assasination and failed to find the real killer, the US daily life still went on.

    here in lebanon, the whole government is at a stand still as they’re all pre-occupied with this STL. they’re all (ALL the Parties) worried about the STL so to hell with the well being of the lebanese people. who caes if the elderly get their medicatiion or teachers get their pay raises, the STL is very important for lebanon as they all TRUMPET.

    i say, while you’re all on a crusade of truth, how about you cut the lebanese people some slack and throw a huge outdoor concert that encourages UNITY and bring Tiesto again like you did in 2008 and let’s all have some release.

    while you’re talking the talk, walk the walk.

  4. tony man you already packet you bag and gone long ago are u living in lebanon?no

    he is write when are we gonna find any truth in our beloved country plus look at that ass he is wearing a lebanese army uniform and he is not one of us may be that the same person who did fire at the isreals when they where cutting the tree this uniform is blessed and its only for the defender of lebanon and not ths killers and the syrian ass

  5. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
    Anti Syrian Iranian

    There’s no relation between Moughnieh and Hariri. Moughnieh has been killed by Saudis.

    Saed and his allies know already the main criminal. They are in deep thinking in the last of few days where do they take it from here. God bless Lebanese where we are heading if it’s true what I have ben hearing. Is going to be very dirty unless HA comply with the rules. It’s the time finally to clean this mess

  6. Mughniyeh killed by Iraqi Jewish Mossad agents.

    Hariri killed by the mossad and blackwater.

    So was Walid Eido, Gebran Tueini etc.

  7. Tony,

    A) For someone that doesn’t care about the political stands you really do comment alot about political issues.

    B) JFK murderer was found and prosecuted.

    C) In lebanon we didn’t only have one political murder the entire time this country has been independant politicians have been dying left and right.

    Coincidentely all coming from one side of the equation March14 politicians have commonly been targetted and killed by the dozen. You go on claiming you don’t care and the elitest know who killed what and that if HA has evidence about israeli involvement in the assassination by ALL MEANS why haven’t you provided this information years ago? By ALL means why don’t you go infront of a judge and give that information. Isn’t that why it’s called a court?

    Lebanese people will not know peace or prosperity until they find the truth. They have been living in lies and conspiracies fed to them by their politicians since the beginning of time. It’s time for them to hear the truth. The real truth and NOTHING but the truth.

    I truly feel sorry for the lebanese people. No wonder they always try to get out of Lebanon.

  8. @TIM just to respond to your B point.

    he was found and persecuted annnnnnnnnd that proves what??

    there are thousands of americans that still dont beleive it and think that guy was framed (not the first time it happens, many have been executed and were found innocent after the facts)

    it was way too simplistic to think of ONE guy behind this killing of JKF.

    at the time JFK was increasingly becoming anti-israel in his policies, then he gets assassinated…coincidence? I dont think so.

    and you people keep repeating the same garbage about why didnt come forward before with the evidence?

    are you people stupid or what? the STL has taken five years also.

    is his timing odd? sure…did he do it on purpose to reveal this now, maybe..but listen if you think only HA is guilty of being opprtunists then you dont know lebanon or lebanese politicians….

    Tim, you dont sound like a lebanese to me at all…lebanese politics are very very complex and its not as black and white as outsiders liek to beleive.i.e. Hezbollah bad bad and evil and the rest good. doesnt work that way.

    1. cathy you fogrgot to mention to ti that henry kissinger re-wrote the US foreign policy to favor the state of israel. the previous foreign policy didnt favor anybody. US wanted to always be a neutral player in world politics.

      america died when the kennedys were assasinated. as soon as jfk jr even hinted that we wanted to run for president, his plane crashed.

      read paul findlays book: “they dare to speak out against the israeli lobby” and look at how america got robbed seat by seat in the government.

      america is a sad empire that only answers to one country – israel.

  9. Tim if you think lee harvey oswald was the murderer i laugh wholegeartedly at your naiivity.

    even pacifists are involved in politics bro. we march in peace rallies all the time and we try to get our governments not to bring our soldiers back in coffins.

    just cos i hate all parties, doesnt mean i will live blindly and pretend all is laardee laaa.

    tim i’m equal to all. hows that hard for you to understand my stand point. if ANYBODY has evidence about ANYBODY bring it forward.

    if HA has evidence about israel bring it. if the STL has evidence about HA bring it.

    i’m not gonna accept though an indictment that ONLY HA was involved on hariri’s murder cos i’m not stupid and nor do i have a big L on my forehead.

    i’m all about equality and fariness tim.

    the american people live in lies and conspiracies everyday. whats the difference? you’ve abe licoln, reagan, the JFKs (and no the murderers never got caught – their scape goats did), martin luther king, john lennon and your political system is under AIPAC command, the american tazpayer is hostage to AIPAC brutality and you wanna talk about lebanon’s imperfections?

    the beauty of equality is it always allows for the mirror to show hypocrisy.

    jesus said it best: throw the first stone ye who have not sinned.

    have a good day tim.

  10. Totally agree Tony!

    let all sides bring forward the evidence and let us decide.

    if HA is guilty then they shall be prosecuted. If Israel is guilty, then we shall unite againts the zionist enemy and not play into their trap like we are now by being divided like morons.

  11. i missed you cathy and elias. i was wondering where all the love went. i had to fight fan-airie and ASI all alone and i think i did alright but, its nice to have an army of pacifists. good to know you’re sticking around.

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