Israeli navy fired toward Lebanese territorial waters |update|


An Israeli gunboat fired several bursts toward Lebanese territorial waters around 4 a.m. Saturday, off Lebanon’s southern coast, the Lebanese Armed Forces’ Directorate of Orientation said in a statement on Saturday.

According to observers Israel continued to violate Lebanese , airspace , land and territorial water despite UN resolution 1701.

Lebanon is expected to complain to the UN over the incident


Israeli newspaper Haaretz confirmed on Sunday that an Israeli Navy vessel opened fire at a Lebanese fishing boat over the weekend, adding that none of the crew had been hurt.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said.

“Warning shots were fired after a Lebanese fishing boat entered a closed zone,” she said without confirming whether the boat had entered Israeli territorial waters.

“After the shots were fired, the Lebanese boat changed course,” she added.

Relations between the two countries have been particularly tense since Tuesday when Israeli and Lebanese troops clashed along the border, in a deadly exchange of fire which killed two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist, as well as an Israeli commander.