Iranian president to visit Lebanon after Ramadan


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit Lebanon after the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, a top official said Sunday.

“The president will go to Lebanon at the first occasion after Ramadan,” Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said at a joint news conference with his visiting Lebanese counterpart Ali al-Shami.

The holy month, during which the Muslim faithful abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and having sex during daylight hours, is expected to begin on Thursday in Iran, depending on the sighting of the new moon.

Mottaki’s statement confirmed what Hassan Nasrallah , the leader of the Iranian backed Hezbollah group said last week during his televised speech. He said that Ahmadinejad will visit Lebanon after mid September .

The last visit by an Iranian president to Lebanon was by reformist Mohammad Khatami in May 2003, while Lebanese President Michel Sleiman had visited Tehran in November 2008.

Mottaki and Shami lashed out at Israel as they condemned the Jewish state for the recent clashes along the Israel-Lebanon border and the May 31 raid by its commandos on an aid flotilla heading to the blockaded territory of Gaza.

“The survival of the Zionist regime is facing serious problem,” Mottaki said in comments translated by the English language Press TV channel.

Shami, who acknowledged Iran’s support over the Arab-Israel issue, added that “Israeli aggression is due to its hostile nature.”

The May 31 Israeli raid on the aid flotilla left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead and sparked an international outcry against the Jewish nation.



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  1. Please keep him in tehran. Why is hassoun making his visit’s announcement. A respected head of state (if a/j was one) will coordinate his visit with his counterpart. But thugs, illiterate,ignorant ones like the two just mentioned, seem to always find a way to conspire against the innocents. a/j is so stupid, when you ask him how many fingers in your two hands, he will answer “ONE” and he will have it you know where and not his nose. Lebanon has enough low life figures and do not need another one.

  2. i will make my decision after i see who greets him and with whom he meets and what are the outcomes of their talks.

  3. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
    Anti Syrian Iranian

    What an opportunity, let him come! Finally we can dump him in Lebanon along with HA members. No retrun to Iran! This is the time to kick off HA off ground

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Ur name is unusually ironic. It should be anti-iranian iranian because after all assad is an iranian puppet. The syrian people get no benefit from the iranian alliance. Btw this is not a personal attack on u. Just sayin, i know not all iranians agree with their govt same way not all syrians and lebs agree w their govt

      1. leb-syrian no use trying to taslk logic to shallow heads.

    2. ASI it seems you’re also anti lebanese with such shallow remarks. you’re obviously a racist since you hate HA, syria, IRan and what other religious groups do you hate in lebanon as well.

      too many cowards on this site that incite strife but hide behind labels. at least the ones that have labels and incite love and unity dont need names cos they’re spreading the love unlike ASI and israeli fan-airie

      1. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
        Anti Syrian Iranian

        Dear Leb-Syr my anti issue is always politic leaders, I have met many iranian all around the world and I have no probelm with.

        Thanks for your proposal, but I prefer to stick with Anti Syrian Iranian

      2. Anti Syrian Iranian Avatar
        Anti Syrian Iranian

        I am not considered a racist due to my hate to HA, if this is the definition of racism then let me be I wish if you can not imagine how much I hate them and wish them hell.

        Tell me something, Have you ever lived in Lebanon between 1975 till 2005. I guess probably you weren’t born at that time? May I ask how old are you? you sound too emotional, weak toward only easy talk called Peace. Everyone loves peace but Lebanon can not be dealt with as you all dream, it needs good clean up from politicians,to party leaders. when a leb can say to his leader either wrong or right rather than just following him blindly that would be the day where lebanese can unite. Unfortunately we are far from it.

        FYI i dont hate religions but I hate stupids such as Aoun seeking only for power not lebanese interests, I dont like either Hariri as they are buying the entire country to turn it into Saudis park for joy and holidays and I dont like Nassralleh of being figthers carrier for Iran lobbying in the medditerranean next to Israel and I dont like Amin Gemayal since the days he shut his mouth for the death of his brother Bashir Gemayel. It is 21st century, I hate the absence of justice and freedom of associations.

      3. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        ohhh…so your Anti Syrian/Anti Iranian. Ok now it makes sense, Your name makes it look like you are an Iranian that is anti syrian.

  4. ASI i gave you a thumbs up dude cos i hate all parties and all religions. i apologise for calling you a racist as i thought you were gonna give me the sri lanka speech of i’m a phonecian and blah blah blah. i hope you accept my apology my friend. dealing wih fan-airie hasnt been easy cos he asks the same questions over and over again and many people have answered them intelligently and he just keeps asking the same questions again.

    i lived from 1972 to 1976 in lebanon and i passed my school in baakleen during the civil war when we studied under candle lights and black outs. we starved (the whole of baakleen) when the israelis cut off the food to the mountains for days.

    our house in alley after the war was riddled with bullets and every single electrical wire, switch, door, drawer, beds and abajour was stolen. our house you can say was destroyed.

    whe we escaped finally via syria when beirut airport got bombed we were very scared from syrian checkpoints cos they couldnt read and they would hold our british passports upside down abd ask if we’re saudis. at one point they took my uncle to the tent and we thought he wasnt coming out and i will never forget him yelling at us for convincing him to help us escape to abu dhabi where my parents were and they didnt even know we were coming cos the phone lines were all dead.

    i totally agree with you that all politicians should be shot and new blood like me who has lived in the west should come back and run lebanon. notice i didnt say rule lebanon cos lebanon isnt ruled, its run by families (mafias) who have their shares in the governmental and “democratic” process.

    but ya ASI habeebi, this is a dream you’re thinking so what’s the solution, work with what we’ve got. what we’ve got is a bunch of mafias who have FINALLY realised that they have all made a mistake. they neglected the shiites for so many years up to 1982 when the shiites finally got fed up and said enoughs enough.

    lets fast forward to the present. thees unity in the air and i feel it.

    my family feels it, my lebanese friends feel it and the only ones who fear it are ISRAEL and the USA.

    i was very proud of what president suleiman said in the face of israel. the LAF will build its army and believe you me when i tell you that HA will have to eventually dismantle. if the LAF protects the shiite, HA will no longer need to worry and they can become fully political.

    long live one lebanon one army one people.

  5. i retractd my apology to ASI on other posts as he has advocated travelling to israel through the south with his bosom buddy fan-airie

  6. tony you keep saying we neglected the shia who did men did you know how much money evrey year saudi was sending judt for the south the money they send it would built lebanon plus don;t forget my friends there was a lot of shia fighting with the israelis well it could be because there houses and family there i don;t blame any one sometime you have to do what you have the thing iam trying to get to you here we had a very long and its realy not our war enought we do not need it anymore we need peace we want our children to live in peace like the children in canada and the us in peace is that to much to ask sod HA AND HIZB 3ATAL AND EVREY ONE ELSE WE ONLY WANT THE LEBANESE ARMY IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK IN YOUR OPINION

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