Lebanese constitutional council annuls tax law

BEIRUT – Lebanon’s constitutional council decided on Friday to annul a tax law that was passed by parliament to finance a $917 million public sector pay rise, a package that had attracted concern from economists. The law included increases in value-added tax, corporate income tax, taxes on alcohol and tobacco products, lottery prizes and interest […]

Aoun’s media office denies remarks published by Al Monitor over Hezbollah’s role

President Michel Aoun’s Media office said on Friday that remarks published in the American al-Monitor website, quoting the President during his stay in New York, included “inaccurate positions and some came out of context,” the National News Agency reported. “The Lebanese Presidency media office confirms that the positions made by the President are no different […]

Hezbollah chief says he is not a war monger but ready to fight, Israel, US and its Arab allies

Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah said that he is not a war monger or interested in war, but ready to fight against Trump, the Zionist regime, some Arab followers of them, or the world following them.” “Resistance is a means to reach the ends and it should not become a goal per se,” said the Secretary […]

Aoun at UN: Naturalization of Syrian, Palestinian refugees not allowed in Lebanon

President Michel Aoun stressed Thursday in his maiden speech before the U.N. General Assembly that Lebanon will not allow the naturalization of any Syrian or Palestinian refugee on its soil “no matter what that might cost.” “The decision in this regard belongs to us and not to anyone else,” Aoun underlined in a possible response […]

Aoun tells UN: Countering extremism in Middle East requires socio-economic measures

Recalling the tragic 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States that sparked the global ‘war on terror’ – which has since “lost its way” – the President of Lebanon today told the United Nations that the while many in the  Middle East had borne the brunt, terrorism has spread like wildfire to all […]

Israel sets sights on Hezbollah, as Syrian war winds down

With President Bashar Assad seemingly poised to survive the Syrian civil war, Israeli leaders are growing nervous about the intentions of his Iranian patrons and their emerging corridor of influence across the region. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is agitating against Iran in global forums like this week’s U.N. General Assembly. The Israeli military is holding […]

After the Jroud battle, Lebanon fears ‘lone wolves’

After the battle of “Dawn of Jroud,” last week, the Lebanese army cleared the Syrian border, especially in Raas Ba’bak, al-Qaa and Aarsal. However, Lebanon continues to fear terrorist attacks that might target vital areas. This could be executed by individuals or “lone wolves”. In a statement to Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, Lebanese General Security Director […]

Saudi minister labels Lebanon’s Hezbollah as ‘Party of Satan’

Saudi Arabia’s Arab Gulf Affairs Minister Thamer al-Sabhan slammed Lebanon’s Hezbollah and warned of the consequences of the party’s crimes. “The inhumane crimes which the Party of Satan is committing in our nation will inevitably have consequences on Lebanon,” Sabhan wrote on Twitter on Monday. Sabhan also urged the Lebanese people to stand against Hezbollah’s […]

Supporting the Lebanese Army is main topic in upcoming Putin-Hariri talks

By Youssef Diab The visit of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Moscow and his meeting with President Vladimir Putin next Monday carries several revealed titles, such as supporting the Lebanese Army to face terrorism and discuss the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon. The visit also carries concealed political headings, which are very sensitive to […]

Israel army to hold drill simulating war with Hezbollah

Israel’s army will begin Tuesday a massive exercise simulating conflict with Lebanese movement Hezbollah in the country’s north, military sources said, in what would be the largest drill in nearly two decades. The drill will last 10 days and simulate “scenarios we’ll be facing in the next confrontation with Hezbollah”, a defense source said Monday, […]