Iranian police clash with protesters over Rial’s collapse

Riot police clashed with demonstrators and foreign exchange dealers in Tehran on Wednesday over the collapse of the Iranian currency, which has lost 40 percent of its value against the dollar in a week, witnesses said. Police fired tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, angered by the plunge in the value of the rial.

Iran’s rial plunged another 9 % to a new record low

Iran’s rial plunged at least 9 percent to a record low against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday as the industry minister said he hoped security services would root out speculators whom he blamed for the drop. The rial was trading at about 37,500 to the dollar, down from around 34,200 at the close of business […]

U.S. gets tough on Iran (sometimes)

The U.S. and Europe are implementing the toughest sanctions yet on Iran to stop its leaders from developing nuclear weapons. The measures have succeeded in making life harder for regular Iranians; according to Iranian news sources, milk prices are rising daily, and citizens boycotted bakeries and grocery stores in protest in June.