Civil Rights of Non Moslems in the Arab World

By Ghassan Karam Logical internal consistency is a fundamental characteristic of a model that has withstood the rigours of investigation both empirical and otherwise. The advocates of an internally inconsistent model, especially one that suffers of an apparent logical fallacy are often chided for their position and for their inability to promote rational thinking. Such […]

LF calls for restoring rights of Lebanese

Lebanese Forces issued a statement on Saturday in which it said that since the parliament has granted labor rights to Palestinians in Lebanon, the government should now restore the rights of Lebanese citizens whose houses in villages east of Saida (Sidon) and elsewhere are occupied by Palestinians . The approval of labor rights is a […]

March 14 ministers met to discuss the Palestinian civil rights issue

A coordination meeting that included the Minister of Labour Boutros Harb, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Michel Pharaon, Justice Minister Ibrahim Najjar and Culture minster Salim Wardeh was held today to discuss of the proposals relating to the civil rights of Palestinian refugees , according to Lebanon Files. The purpose of the meeting of […]

Jumblatt: ‘The rightists are dumb and the Lebanese rightists are the dumbest’

The Lebanese parliament voted during its Tuesday extraordinary session on Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s draft law concerning granting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon civil rights to refer the issue to the administrative and justice committee to study and submit recommendation to parliament . Hezbollah and Amal MPs voted in favor of the bill, […]

PSP to visit Suleiman, Geagea to seek support for Palestinians

Central News Agency ( Al Markaziyah ) has reported that Progressive Socialist Party delegation is expected to visit on Thursday President Michel Suleiman and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea. The 2 visits will complete the tour that has started today to a number of Lebanese officials to invite them to a conference about supporting the […]