LF calls for restoring rights of Lebanese


Lebanese Forces issued a statement on Saturday in which it said that since the parliament has granted labor rights to Palestinians in Lebanon, the government should now restore the rights of Lebanese citizens whose houses in villages east of Saida (Sidon) and elsewhere are occupied by Palestinians .

The approval of labor rights is a “historic event,” but to truly turn the page on the past the government should find alternate housing for the Palestinian occupants in order to allow the displaced Lebanese owners to return to their own homes .

LF said homes in Miyeh Miyeh, Darb al-Sim and other areas are occupied by Palestinians.

Parliament ratified on Tuesday a proposal amending the Lebanese Labor Law by granting Palestinian refugees in Lebanon the right to free-of-charge work permits and severance pay.

If the government can solve an issue as tough as Palestinian labor rights, then it should be able to solve this problem and give Lebanese citizens their rights, the statement added.