Hezbollah Knows Hariri’s Killers, says Miqdad


Hezbollah MP Ali Moqdad said Hezbollah knows the identity of the killers of Lebanon’s former PM Rafik Hariri and won’t wait for another five years to unveil the truth behind the assassination.

Hezbollah “won’t remain silent from now on to any accusation or distortion of the resistance image,” Moqdad said during an Iftar banquet.

Without naming Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea , Moqdad said that those who want to defend Lebanon should become part of the resistance-army-people triangle rather than create slogans.

Geagea proposed during Thursday’s national dialogue session reinforcing the Lebanese Armed Forces’ (LAF) deployment in the South by placing Hezbollah units under the command of the Lebanese army.

Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad described Geagea’s proposal as “not positive and not encouraging”.

“The aim of Geagea’s proposal is not to defend Lebanon, but rather to get rid of Hezbollah and its arms,” added Raad.

Geagea responded by saying: “We’d protect the Resistance with our eyelashes provided that it becomes our collective resistance and in the form we see fit for all of us. Let’s imagine (PM Saad) Hariri, ( former PM Fouad) Siniora, (MP Jean) Oghassabian and (MP Michel) Pharaon deciding to establish a resistance movement, would we back their step?”

On the electricity blackouts , Moqdad called for immediate solutions to face the unprecedented heat wave hitting Lebanon.

According to Energy minister Gebran Bassil those that are not paying for electricity are the ones who are protesting the most.

According to observers it is a well known fact that Hezbollah and Amal supporters have not paid for electricity charges for many years and this is the reason why Lebanon , which is a heavily indebted nation has been subsiding the electric utility company all these past years