Lebanon: UNRWA deficit is ‘dangerous’


Head of Lebanon’s Justice and Administration parliamentary commission MP Robert Ghanem told LBCI television on Thursday that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) has had a budget deficit for the last few years, calling it “dangerous”.

Ghanem implied that if UNRWA is in financial trouble, it cannot fully support the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, which could consequently force the state to take on that role.

“We sent a letter to the UN about the deficit issue , and Arab states should help us regarding the matter,” Ghanem said.

Palestinian Rights

Lebanese parliament Speaker Nabih Berri postponed on Thursday the discussion over the rights of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon until the next legislative session scheduled for August 17.

Berri said that the delay was aimed at granting Parliament’s Justice and Administration Committee “enough time to complete its study of the various proposals.”

Ghanem said the March 14 alliance has not yet officially sent its proposal on Palestinian rights to the Justice and Administration commission for discussion.



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