Suleiman urges Syrian rivals to leave Lebanon alone

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman urged on Sunday Syria’s warring parties to limit their clashes to the Syrian territories only and refrain from shelling Lebanon after two Lebanese were killed on the northern border with Syria. “ I call on the Syrians to refrain from opening fire and shelling Lebanese territory,” National News Agency quoted Suleiman […]

Syrian warplanes, helicopters violate Lebanon airspace

Syrian warplanes and helicopters flew Thursday morning over the northern region of Wadi Khaled at a low altitude, The Daily Star reported The warplanes have been hovering over the border villages of Mqaybleh, Heesheh and Mashta Hasan since 6 a.m. on Thursday , security sources told the Daily Star.

‘Gunfire erupts on Syria-Jordan borders

Shots rang out at the Jordanian-Syrian border late Sunday as Syrian forces attempted to prevent civilians from entering the Kingdom, hours after an Arab League decision to impose sanctions on Damascus. Syrian soldiers opened fire on a married couple and their young child as they attempted to enter the Kingdom late yesterday near the Jaber […]