Palestinian Boy Was Burned Alive, Autopsy Suggests

Family of palestinian boy that was  reportedly burnt  alive  ,Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir,
Family of palestinian boy that was reportedly burnt alive ,Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir,

An autopsy of the Palestinian teenager who was snatched from an East Jerusalem street and slain this week found soot in his lungs that suggests he was burned alive, according to a senior Palestinian official briefed on the preliminary results.

The autopsy showed that 16-year-old Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, who was buried as a martyr Friday in a funeral that drew thousands, had a head injury and burns over 90 percent of his body, the Palestinian attorney general, Mohammed Al A’wewy, wrote on his agency’s official website. The Israeli police are still investigating the Wednesday attack and have not named any suspects in what is widely believed to have been an act of revenge by Jews for the abduction-murder last month of three Israeli teenagers in the occupied West Bank.

Mourners carried the body of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, covered with a Palestinian flag, during a funeral ceremony on Friday.Tensions High in Jerusalem as Palestinian Teenager Is Given a Martyr’s BurialJULY 4, 2014
“It was obvious through autopsy that there was black smoke on the breathing airways, windpipes and in the two lungs,” the prosecutor’s site said. “This is proof of inhalation of this material during the torch, while he was alive.”

The autopsy was conducted by Israeli doctors and attended by the Palestinian coroner, none of whom could immediately be reached on Saturday.

Micky Rosenfeld, a spokesman for the Israeli police, said that there had been “no breakthroughs” as investigators continued to consider both revenge and other possible criminal scenarios, and that a gag order prevented him from discussing details of what they had found so far.

“We’re trying to understand and get to exactly what took place and what was the background,” Mr. Rosenfeld said. “It’s critical, as far as the Israeli police are concerned, it’s critical for us to determine what the motive was.”

Muhammad’s relatives and Palestinian leaders have criticized the police and the Israeli media for suggesting that the grisly death might have been an honor killing or stemmed from a family dispute.

Muhammad was sitting on a wall outside a mosque and his home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat at 3:45 a.m. Wednesday, waiting for the dawn prayer, when a gray Hyundai pulled up and two people forced him into the car, according to video footage that news outlets obtained from security cameras. His charred body was found in the Jerusalem Forest about 90 minutes later; on Thursday, burned pieces of a white undershirt could still be seen on a black spot at the site.

Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir,
Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir

Human rights groups have also lashed out at the police for what they said was a brutal beating by undercover officers of Tarq Khdeir, 15, an American-born cousin of Muhammad who was spending his summer vacation in Jerusalem. They circulated a video of the beating and pictures of Tariq’s badly bruised and swollen face, and complained that he was being held by the police without charge.

“The continued state-sanctioned violence against children is unlawful and unacceptable,” Addameer, a Palestinian group that supports prisoners in Israeli jails, said in a news release.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, noting that Tariq is a high school student in Tampa, Fla., called on the State Department to intervene and secure his release. An American consular officer was scheduled to meet the teenager Saturday afternoon, ahead of a court hearing scheduled for Sunday.

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Michael Ratney, the American consul general in Jerusalem, said he could not discuss the case because he had not yet obtained a privacy waiver from Tariq.

Mr. Rosenfeld, the police spokesman, said the video circulated by the rights groups was “edited and biased” and did not represent the scope of the events, and that Tariq was one of six people who had been arrested Thursday after clashes in which 15 police officers were injured.

“Hundreds of rioters, many of them masked, hurled at the forces pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, fireworks and stones,” Mr. Rosenfeld said. “Preliminary investigation of the details of the incident shown in the video indicates that there were six masked Palestinians, and that three of them were armed with knives. They resisted arrest and attacked the officers.

“How does a 15-year-old American student end up attacking security officers and rioting with hundreds of masked Palestinians?” he asked.

After hours of raging violence in the streets of Shuafat Wednesday afternoon and evening, there have been sporadic clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces there and in other neighborhoods of Jerusalem, as well as in Arab-Israeli towns and parts of the West Bank.

Maan, a Palestinian news service, reported that dozens were injured in a clash east of Jerusalem, near the entrance to Maale Adumim, a larger Jewish settlement-city. Ynet, an Israeli news site, said masked men burned tires, blocked roads, threw stones and beat drivers who admitted being Jewish in several Arab towns in Israel’s north.

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  1. doron Avatar

    police say they caught the murderers, 3 radical jews..
    twice in 3 weeks that i’m sorry no death penalty in israel

    1. sweetvirgo Avatar

      Hey there doron, long time no chat ;))

      Regardless if there is a death penalty or not….Palestinians will take revenge than there will be air strikes by Israel, hamas will fire some rockets as usal. It’s a never ending vicious cycle.

      1. doron Avatar

        unfortunatlly you are correct.
        when people grow up into hate and when old people die without seeing peace,they stop believing in it- and it goes for both sides

        1. Greetings to you and virgo, is it too much to as the question what would have happened if the 3 Israeli teenagers were not kidnapped? please correct me if my answer is wrong or inaccurate.
          – No hundreds of palestinians arrested
          -No murders
          – No attack on gaza
          -No precious boy burned alive
          -No 3 radical jews in jail for murder
          – and the family in above picture would still have their son.
          Call me a simple mind but what have the kidnappers accomplished to further the Palestinian cause? I am just a powerless bystander but there are hundreds of millions like me wanting something we can cheer for and support for both people and events like suck the oxygen out of us

          1. doron Avatar

            i agree with you on all but the simple minded comment..
            the simple minded are the ones that believe abducting and murdering young boys is justified murder.
            i talked to a co-worker today, arab muslim mother,living in a mixed neighborhood of jews and arabs. she is scared. most of her sons friends she say are jewish. they grew up together but now she is scared to let him out of the house.
            what these idiots done (both sides) is to make jews look at arabs passing on the street as a potential danger and vice verse. where does it help to bring the tension down between us?
            on the end we reached a conclusion there are people on both sides that do not want peace. that we hope wished each other health and peace.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And again the question of why take a holiday there. “How does a 15-year-old American student end up attacking security officers and rioting with hundreds of masked Palestinians?”
            Is this a ‘rite of passage’ as much as ‘Spring-Break’ naked on the beach??

    2. man-o-war Avatar

      Have they destroyed their homes?

      1. doron Avatar

        i don’t think so..most israelis live in appartment buildings. no one will blow an appartment building and throw 35 innocent families to the streets.

  2. barabie Avatar

    “Humans” continue to disgust me.
    Did someone say there is sign of life on mars?

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Not yet. But if you have the Mufti’s approval, there’s a plan … 😉

      1. Honeysuckle Avatar

        How’s Canada?

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Wet today … warmer than Christmas, however. 🙂
          TAN-time …. 3 months to store up vitamin D … hehehehe

          1. Honeysuckle Avatar


  3. GrapeLeaves Avatar

    Tragic. Peace now, too many children are dying over a land fight.

  4. Hydropneumatic Avatar

    – “Daddy, daddy, what is Zionism?”
    – “Zionism is burning children alive”.

    1. doron Avatar

      -father, can you tell me who is shely Dadon
      -she is that sweet israeli girl that went on a taxi a month ago and the muslim driver murdered her.
      -she probably deserved it, she was zionist after all. father, then who was Rinat Roas?
      – not someone of importace son..just another jewish girl our glorious freedom fighters raped and murdered on her way home.

      pathetic…zionizem has nothing to do with that murder! sadistic psychopaths with revenge guiding their way has anything to do with this

      1. AkhouManUki Avatar

        If Zionism has nothing to do with murder, how do you explain the intention of the zionists behind this campaign?

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          ‘Righteousness’, Akhou … its in ALL the heads there. The belief that it’s necessary, even if ‘evil’ … a kind of ‘self-justification’ for being in ‘The Gang’.
          The preference is that ‘the bad guys’ will just walk away when you tell them to … a super-rare thing to happen as we know – especially when they think you are the bad guys, and everyone is holding a bomb; and if they think their bomb is bigger you could all be blowing a lot of stuff out of proportion quite quickly.
          Proportionally, of course, women and kids.

          1. doron Avatar

            yeah, it’s fun here,and getting better..

        2. doron Avatar

          how do you explain the hamas people behind the first kiddnaping??
          i tell you how- radical extreemists i don’t want to say not right in the head cause it will clear some of the guilt of them.
          crazy fanatics, zionizm didn’t made them go and kill the’s their wish to revenge the murder of the 3.which is not justified reason ofcourse. no israeli citizen should be allowed to take the law into thier hand, jews ,muslims or christians.

          1. Hydropneumatic Avatar

            Is there a single piece of evidence of Hamas involvement, other than hearsay? For all we know, those two loose cannons could very well be working for the Shin Bet, intent on a pretext (any pretext) to break the Fatah-Hamas pact. The three young settlers (may them rest in peace) wouldn’t be the first Jewish lives to be sacrificed in the altar of Zionism. Ever heard about Lavon, you doron?

      2. Hydropneumatic Avatar

        Raped her, made her drink gasoline then burnt her alive? I think no Palestinian would do that. They are not supremacists, they don’t see other people as inferior, as Zionists do.

    2. Honeysuckle Avatar

      f u

  5. Honeysuckle Avatar

    Death penalty for the killers, burn them alive too

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