Exports: Tripoli also is eying the sea to bypass Syria


tripoli port, lebanonThe recent blocking of the Lebanese exports by Syria forced the Lebanese exporters to find a way to bypass Syria altogether.

On March 27 Ya Libnan reported that a truck ferry route to Jordan was established by the Sidon Chamber of Commerce .

Today Tripoli is taking action too.

Secretary-General of the Federation of Lebanese Chambers Tawfiq Debussy accompanied by the director of the port of Tripoli, Ahmed Tamer visited the port facilities with the aim of using its facilities to transporting Lebanese exports , especially agricultural products in the near future to the markets in the Arabian Gulf countries , Lebanon Files reported on Monday.

Debussy was quoted as saying that he is encouraged by the response of the shipping companies, who are offering incentives and attractive shipping rates that could make the lebanese products competitive in these target markets

The shipping industry is built around volume and for this reason the shipping rate is bound to drop substantially in the future as the result of increases in volume .

Many analysts in Lebanon have been calling for bypassing the Syrian borders altogether by using the sea as the mode of transportation of Lebanon’s exports. These analysts think that Syria is not a reliable partner and therefore Lebanon cannot depend on it for exporting its agricultural products .

Lebanese agricultural products according to analysts are in big demand in the Middle East Gulf region due to their quality, unique flavor and excellent taste, but Syria has always been the obstacle in trying to bring these products to the markets on timely basis.

Ya Libnan reported last february that Former Royal Navy officer Philip Beale is trying to prove that it was the Phoenicians who discovered America first and for this reason he is building a replica Phoenician boat 10,000 kilometers across the Atlantic in an ambitious voyage that could challenge maritime history.

By completing the journey, Beale aims to demonstrate that the Phoenicians — the ancient Mediterranean civilization that prospered from 1500BC to 300BC — had the capability to sail to the U.S.; a theory disputed by historians.

“It is one of the greatest voyages of mankind and if anyone could have done it [before Columbus], it was the Phoenicians,” said Beale.

“Of all the ancient civilizations they were the greatest seafarers — Lebanon had cedar trees perfect for building strong boats, they were the first to use iron nails, and they had knowledge of astrology and currents.” Beale added

Truck ferries may be the first step according to shipping experts

The next step is to use refrigerated ships. This is much more efficient way of shipping. The cartons are palletized and loaded into the ship and unloaded at destination ports with minimum damage to the product. Pallets can then be loaded on trucks for local deliveries.