Ali denies that Syria was behind Hassan’s killing


Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel-Karim Ali denied on Wednesday that his country had anything to do with the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan who was killed in a car bomb in Ashrafieh last Friday, National News Agency reported.

“Syria is busy with its own local crisis. It had nothing to do with the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hasan,” Ali said following a meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Adnan Mansour.

Ali said his country condemned the attack, and also denounced all political assassinations in Lebanon.

“I warned earlier… It is in no one’s benefit to address a political accusation against Syria. This will damage the brotherly ties between the two countries,” he stressed

The ambassador also accused Israel of being behind the assassination:

“We accuse Israel of standing behind the assassination of Hassan ,” he said, adding that “Israel was a beneficiary from instability in Lebanon.”

He also accused fundamentalists

“Fundamentalist ( or takfiri ) groups might also be behind Hassan’s killing, especially as they are trying to destroy the whole region,” said the envoy.

Hassan was killed in a car bombing on Friday in Beirut’s Ashrafieh. The blast killed at least seven others and injured 126 people.

Former PM MP Saad Hariri and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt accused the Syrian regime of being behind the crime , but new details about the assassination of the top intelligence official suggested that it might have been an inside job, fueling at least some accusations by political opponents of the Hezbollah-led government that Hezbollah, a militant Shiite group and a staunch ally of the Syrian regime , had played a role in the killing.