Hezbollah chief calls for liberating Lebanon not defending it


Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah made another TV appearance via video link to address Iftar gatherings in several Lebanese cities.

In his speech he tried to justify the role of the resistance and its arms and decried the efforts by March 14 to use the defense strategy discussions at the dialogue talks to strip Hezbollah of its arms .

He said instead of discussing the defense strategy we should use the dialogue talks to discuss the liberation strategy .

“We need a liberation strategy as much as a defense strategy. Kfar Shouba and the Shebaa Farms are still occupied and no one is mentioning these occupied regions anymore, ” adding : ” We call for a liberation strategy and for discussing it at the dialogue table.”

Nasrallah added:

” If the state does not want a liberation strategy it means that the citizens could choose to be in charge of liberation themselves, since the state would not be bearing its responsibilities.”

He concluded his speech by urging Lebanon to equip the Lebanese army with Iranian arms and to focus on liberating Lebanon instead of defending it

“Discussing a liberation strategy justifies the Resistance, while a defense strategy aims at eliminating the Resistance.”