Rocket fired from and landed in south Lebanon


A rocket was fired from Wadi el Qaiseyah in south Lebanon on Sunday evening and reportedly landed by mistake in Hula area of south Lebanon  near  the Israeli border

According to media reports the rocket landed on the house of Abdullah Mahmoud and resulted in the wounding of Lebanese citizen Nazira Abbas who was taken to a nearby hospital in Mays al Jabal for treatment

According to the reports the Army and UNIFIL are investigating the incident

A similar incident took place nearly 2 weeks ago.

A rocket was launched on November 29 towards Israel . Israel retaliated by firing 4 rockets toward Ayta ash Shaab outskirts , a border village in south Lebanon .

Initially Abdullah Azzam Brigades an affiliate of al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the rocket launched last November but later denied any responsibility and accused Hezbollah and Syria of being behind the attack

“This operation was carried out in favor of the tyrant, Syrian President Bashar [al-Assad , by his ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah,” Abdullah Azzam Brigades said in a statement on Dec 5, 2011