Kabbara: Iran is strange, should Leave Lebanon, Arabs alone


March 14 MP Mohammad kabbara responded to the statements by the Iranian foreign ministry during his meeting with his visitors at his office in Tripoli, by saying:

“Iran is strange .. we asked them to stop interfering in the internal affairs of our country and the other Arab neighboring countries and they respond by confirming their interference and trying to lecture us on how to deal with our own people.” He said “Iran’s arrogance in asserting its interference in our affairs is lie the arrogance of Hezbollah when it called its May 7, 2008 attacks against the innocent Lebanese women and children as a glorious day.”

“We told Iran not to interfere in our own affairs and that we don’t want to become an Iranian protectorate , they responded by accusing us of serving the American -Israeli axis . Let me say this to whoever is willing to listen and understand in Iran and elsewhere…. we don’t want anything from anyone…all we are asking for is leave us alone and don’t interference in our internal affairs . We do not antagonize anyone except those that attack us. We antagonize Israel and all those who attack us and point their weapon to our sovereignty, independence and the Arab identity of Lebanon. ”

He said “our allegiance is to Lebanon, not to Iran, not to Israel nor the United States ..Iran should understand too that we are not Persians… we are Arabs. If Iran want to settle accounts with Israel and the United States let it do it on its own soil with its own people , its own arms ….not in Lebanon at Lebanon’s expense ”

He criticized the way the Iranian regime dealt with the the protesters against the regime. Was that an example on how to deal with the people who demand freedom and democracy? He asked.