Gemayel: If march 8 carries out its coup it will face strong opposition


Former Lebanese president and current Phalange party leader Amin Gemayel addressed the participants at Biel during the ceremony commemorating the 6th anniversary of the assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Rafik Hariri’s martyrdom sparked started the Cedar Revolution; the revolution of all Lebanon again oppression and mandate.

– The Cedar Revolution is struggling to achieve justice, truth and righteousness.

– We are the fathers of revolutions, the sons of the Lebanese Resistance, and the parents of martyrs.

– We will not forget PM Rafik Hariri , Pierre ( Gemayel’s son and former Industry Minister) , MP Antoine [Ghanem] and the rest of the martyrs

– In the name of the martyrs of freedom, dignity, and humanity, we refuse to make concessions.

– No official or leader, whether he is religious, civil, or military, has the authority to compromise the achievements of the Lebanese resistance, especially the accomplishments of the Cedar Revolution.

– The Cedar Revolution was a new birth for the great Lebanon and a new life for the national pact.

– I came to tell you, do not be afraid of difficulties and challenge. Throughout history, we have endured more difficult situations.

– Six years may be a long time for us, but little for the age of our country.

Addressing outgoing PM Saad Hariri , son of the slain former PM

– Brother Saad , will reach our goal because because they are the cause of righteousness and historical principles.

– We are the popular, parliamentary and democratic majority, which is the result of the people’s will, and not the one that comes out of the weapons.

– I came to tell you: Those who staged the coup against the majority are faking a majority that contradicts the confidence of the voters.

– Forging the votes of people is forbidden.

– Losing [the grasp] of power is not the end of the world, but Lebanon losing its identity and role, is something we do not accept.

– We are in front of an attempt to bring Lebanon down, will you let that happen?

– [March 8’s] assumption of the rule could not have happened if it were not for Hezbollah’s arms.

– No party has the right to impose its will, ideology, culture and weapons on the Lebanese people. Not in the name… of power or in claiming the exclusivity of defending the country.

– Defending the country is a national duty. It is not determined by majoritarian democracy or by consociational democracy.

– We are living in the code of force [today].

– Do you want to destroy what we achieved over 90 years of state building?

– The core of the conflict is not about taking part in the cabinet, but about uniting to resist the project to terminate all the principles that we established in the [past] years.

– Any participation [in the rule] should not be made at the expense of martyrs, justice or the state.

– Our project is to build a free sovereign state that is modern and believes in openness, peace and democracy, but the other project is a system that was [experienced] by the Lebanese people through oppression and corruption.

– We gave the relevant people in charge of forming the [new] cabinet a chance to return from their coup attempts and be integrated in the correct path of democracy and cooperated to form a cabinet that rescues Lebanon and overcomes national divisions; a true partnership cabinet.

– If the efforts [to do that] succeed, we are rescued together. But if [March 8] is stubborn and miscalculates, and carries out its coup, it will face a strong opposition, an open opposition and a resisting opposition.

– We will not abandon democracy in Lebanon while is infiltrating Arab countries.

– This is a promise… a contract of the Cedar Revolution… for the martyrs, for the people and for Lebanon.

– Long live Lebanon and [its people]. Now Lebanon



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