Aoun calling for civil disobedience against the government


Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun is calling “in one way or another for civil disobedience against the government,” ministerial sources told al-Hayat newspaper .

Aoun said on Tuesday that “the government has fallen,” and called on Lebanese citizens to not abide by requests of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) – Information Branch or Attorney General Said Mirza.

“How will he respond in the event that some (people) were asked not to cooperate with the ministries of energy and telecommunications?” one source told al Hayat

“Won’t this cause the destruction of State institutions?” the source added.

Another FPM senior member MP Nabil Nicolas told Free Lebanon radio today attacked the Lebanese judiciary : “How could the Lebanese citizen trust the judiciary which is not even capable of protecting itself, ” he said.

A Future bloc MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told An-Nahar newspaper in an interview published on Wednesday that Aoun’s criticisms of ISF – Information Branch will fail.

In a fiery speech on September 5, the Aoun criticized the government over the investigation leaks of former Brigadier General Fayez Karam, a senior FPM official who was arrested August 5 on charges of spying for Israel.

Karam was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.