Aoun calling for civil disobedience against the government


Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun is calling “in one way or another for civil disobedience against the government,” ministerial sources told al-Hayat newspaper .

Aoun said on Tuesday that “the government has fallen,” and called on Lebanese citizens to not abide by requests of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) – Information Branch or Attorney General Said Mirza.

“How will he respond in the event that some (people) were asked not to cooperate with the ministries of energy and telecommunications?” one source told al Hayat

“Won’t this cause the destruction of State institutions?” the source added.

Another FPM senior member MP Nabil Nicolas told Free Lebanon radio today attacked the Lebanese judiciary : “How could the Lebanese citizen trust the judiciary which is not even capable of protecting itself, ” he said.

A Future bloc MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told An-Nahar newspaper in an interview published on Wednesday that Aoun’s criticisms of ISF – Information Branch will fail.

In a fiery speech on September 5, the Aoun criticized the government over the investigation leaks of former Brigadier General Fayez Karam, a senior FPM official who was arrested August 5 on charges of spying for Israel.

Karam was charged with espionage and providing the Jewish state with information on Hezbollah, Aoun’s closest ally.

Karam and Aoun went into exile in France following Aoun’s defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to Lebanon in May 2005 , 11 days following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon.



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  1. يعني حسب منطقو الأهبل بُكرا اذا شعبة المعلومات وقفولن شي عميل إسرائيلي وقالولو شرّف معنا.. بيقدر يقلن: سوررري يا شباب الجنرال قال تا ما نردّ عليكن.. ولاك آه آه إيمتى رح نرتاح من خرفتو؟؟

    1. this man aoun has failed all his life he has failed as a general he has failed as a politician he has been a looser all his life why should the lebaneese people listen to him?

  2. You know everytime Aoun says something idiotic like that I remember the song Shatir Shatir for Nancy Ajram…he is like a little kid really…someone give him a lollypop and keep him quiet

    1. what,s the matter now aoun they have caught you conspiring with karam for spying to israel so your bosses told you you need to help them bring the governement down or theye are going to put you in jail

      they are afraid of the truth that the stl and governement going to disclose about who killed lebanon beloved mp harriri so they want to disolve evrything so they can hide evidence but the truth will prevail and justice will be done and those criminals will pay the price for there crimes and just a reminder we promiss you our beloved mp harriri that your blood will not go in vain and we will bring those criminals to justice regardless who they are

    2. I am really shocked that this person still have followers and I wonder who they are and what they stand for other, this person has one object is to be a president nothing else, he make no sense in anything, he burned the country and fought Syria in 1988-1989 because Assad the father rejected him as president,he went after the LF and weakened the Christians ( we pay for it now, as we were the only power facing the Syrian project) because the LF accepted Mouawad as president , and now he want to reach the presidency again, what amazes me that he’s not realizing that he is very close to his end of life , he’s very similar to Saddam, Assad, Hitler and all dictators but the difference that they other they were smarter than him.

      Just go to a web site called the michelaounproject dot com and watch the video , it si for sure a propaganda against him but it has a lot of truth in what he did, just I don’t agree that he have a project, he’s just a loser and vulgar and no dignity

  3. If Aoun is a true Lebanese he will hang himself from the tallest pine tree…

    Ever since he came back to Lebanon he has been nothing but a jerk, and nothing but the most anti-Lebanon… A spoiled kid who wants his way or no way, but his way is to destroy…

    It is time for Mr. Aoun to shut the hell up, pack his gear and go into another Exile…

  4. he is a big chunck o fthe govt. He has like 4 or 5. Let his ministers resign from the gov’t. shu ino 7ayawen

  5. Aoun has done nothing for Lebanon, before, during and after his return from exile. Just look what he did when he he surrendered to Syrians via a radio address, leaving his troops at the mercy of the Syrian forces in 1990, which many loyal Aoun forces are still possibly being held in Syrian prisons to this day!

    When he returned to Lebanon in 2005, he decides to side with the devil – Syrians/Iran/Hezbollah. This guy will stab anyone in the back, if he knows he will gain from it.

    What is really sad, all those foolish Lebanese people that support this man. Why support this guy, who flip-flops more than a fish taken out of the water!

    I think his next location for exile should be Tehran.

    1. he has benn a loser all his life almost the last 65 years do you expect miracle to happen now and he win!!!!!!!!!!! hahhah

  6. All these politicians/sects don’t care about their country except their special interests – period!

    Let Lebanon LIVE & THRIVE with love, peace and freedom!

    This is pretty cool…!

  7. aoun is in lala land. I wonder what he smoked last night, he must be hallucinating (Oh, doctor prescription for his senility, may be). VERY IRKSOME to have a nut with such declaration representing the people of Lebanon.

  8. Was this guy the head of the army? funny what he say and what he support.

  9. Looks like a really bad attempt of the French Revolution.

  10. Yah sure,lets call for civil desobedience, burn tires, close roads, and shut the whole county down, and bring Lebanon’s economy further down in the hole. Better yet, lets start another Civil War. What a F*#ING moron. I can not believe the lack of mental capacity, and the poor sense of judgment this monkey possesses. Do Lebanon and the Lebanese people a HUGE favor: Get the F*#k out of Lebanon!!!!!!!!!

  11. It is indeed a shame for these politicians to behave the way they do!Their only objective is to fulfill their egoistic interests!They say that it s a tragedy when people do not get what they want!We see how far they are willing to go even if it means civil strife !This is not the way to build states !

  12. What would be more shameful is if anyone would take him serious, including his followers.

  13. moustapha Avatar

    Leader of the change and reform bloc. Mashallah 3a leik shou change ou reform inta.

    All i want to say is i am waiting for your buddy karam to start oinking, what are you going to ask for then?

    Hey I know you will probably want to be president, prime minister and head of parliament, and be the religious figure of all confessions.

    Rou7 balit il ba7ir blata wara blata. Ou please don’t finish the Job, i know you are like Chuck Norris where everything is not impossible.

  14. lol you are so funny .

    I’m not talking politics today,lol

    1. moustapha Avatar

      LOL tayib tell me what you want to say and I will say it in your name! HAHAHAHAHA!! im dying to hear your comment LOOOOOOOOOOL


      1. Prophet saaeyem 3ann el hhake LOL

      2. moustapha Avatar


  15. We should not lose track as Ali Hamade said,the word is more powerful than the gun when you combine it with courage , and if Hizbollah and Aoun and all Syrian agent want to bring the clock back to before 2005, we should all revolt and show Syria that coming back is not an option and will not HAPPEN EVER AND EVER AGAIN!!! BRAVO ALI HAMADE

  16. moustapha Avatar

    There are those who claim that they never get answers, but never answer to the answers they get.

    1. wulak kiif rakkabta hay ya Moustapha? It is a genius statement! I had to read it twice before I got it. 😉

      1. moustapha Avatar

        LOL! walaw! na7na tlamizak khayeh Walid! Bess brace your self.. I heard prophet Broke his fasting from addressing politcs today, LOL!

  17. moustapha Avatar

    Also, there are some who claim to be part of the intellectual educated people who want Lebanon to be independent and have one army and one government and all confessions under one flag.

    YET, they preach hatred and intolerance, and have no respect for others confession and act in ways that does a dis-justice for their own beliefs, leaders, ideals, and political stances..

    They might as well side beside Aoun for they are no better, and their words just as Aoun’s words bring nothing but sedition and affect the unity between the people of Lebanon.

    Go figure.

  18. michel aoun is #1 always and everybody else is #2 don’t forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. MOUSTAPHA the lebanese people are the no good one bro if we are good for lebanon we will put our hands togethere christain /sunni ,shia,druze,aferit homor and we kill asses of all those traitors and blood sucks but we wan;t do it because they made us same as them in a different way you know what they say those kind of people deserve those kind of leaders

    1. moustapha Avatar


      You are right about that. So what is your solution to this issue? how do we unite the people of Lebanon when we clearly have people who have no respect towards the diverse confessions that are not of their own?

  20. Aoun in February 2005 : I am sure that Syria killed Hariri

    as the wind bow,haram mich maarouf ala aya khazouk bedou yerkab la yetlaa rais

    1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      I agree Guss he was on the first to accuse Syria of assasinating Hariri with 18 other compatriots.
      Here is one link where he promised he will never leave lebanon and keep on fighting. That was the time during his soldiers fighting syrian soldiers..
      And we all know he was such a coward after an assasination attempt by hezbollah follower’s. Then by Syrian fighters attack..
      There is no descency with this man. He takes what he can get and never gives anything back.

  21. Richard Edwards Avatar
    Richard Edwards

    Might it be possible that ‘Aoun the Fox’ is a real Lebanese patriot and uses these ploys to bind the right thinking Lebanese together in a patriotic fury, and is not the ‘Gutter Poet of Paris’ as he seems??

  22. Poor little boy upset your right hand man is spy!!

  23. moustapha its a realy hard question to ask bro with our lebanese brother everything is hard to deal with we need the prophet to say his majical prayer and lets hope it will work other wise we gonna be in trouble man

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