Siddiq: Syrian documents prove Hezbollah’s involvement in Harir’s murder


Mohammad Zuhair al-Siddiq – a Syrian agent who branded in 2005 as the “King Witness” and who allegedly misled the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) probe into the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri – said in an interview with Kuwaiti newspaper As-Seyassah published on Wednesday, that the late Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan gave him documents that prove Hezbollah was involved in Hariri’s murder.

“These documents implicate Hezbollah and prove that its [late] official, Imad Mugniyah, also had a hand [in the killing],” said Siddiq, adding that the party was logistically involved in it.

Kanaan’s violent death on 12 October 2005, during the investigation into Hariri’s assassination drew international attention and many accused the Syrian regime of assassinating him.

Siddiq also said that Iran played a significant role in the killings of March 14 leaders following Hariri’s assassination.

On August 9, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah presented alleged evidence of Israeli involvement in the murder of Rafik Hariri, including footage he said came from Israeli Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) monitoring Rafik Hariri and a confession from a suspected Israeli spy.

In another interview last month Siddiq described Nasrallah’s information on Hariri’s murder as fabricated and accused Hezbollah and the Syrian intelligence of fabricating false witnesses.



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  1. This guy if he managed to prove anything he managed to prive that he is a liar that deserves to be hanged.

    He has misled the investigation long enough and no one should listen to him.

    If he has REAL SOLID EVIDENCE then let him present it otherwise he should remain silent.

    It is very unprofessional from the Media to shed any light of Siddiq from now on, he has done enough damage as it is

    1. We know who you support, not hard to see the evil in Lebanon.

      it sounds like you know the truth

    2. i would rather see the killers of mp hariri hanged not this man

      no one should be hanged for expressing his opinion

  2. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    Well there are some truth to what Sadiq is saying. I take it that’s why Hezbollah is scared of him. But the Syrian have managed from the beginning to confuse everyone which led to the so called false witnesses. However if the syrian govt was not involved, why would they even bother to have misleading witnesses? why some of these agents were pictured at several assasination sites like Husem Husem? Hariri made a mistake when he said it was a political accusations. Either he’s being forced to say that so he can one Monkey off his back. Or he is being too naive alltogether. Time will tell but everyone in lebanon plays politics to the extreme. What’s all odd about this. Is Jamil AL Saadan(Syyed i mean) meets with Assad. Then he comes back to Lebanon and attackes Hariri and the Gov’t. As if Syria also suspecting the STL might be involving it in the hariri assasinations. Is that why the opposition and Syria want the gov’t to fall? why Aoun sudden attacks on the whole govt? We know wahab was doing the Prep work for Aoun and hezbollah. These are all planned attacks and they have their hidden intentions to topple the gov’t. Now even Hezbollah is threatening civil strife if the false witnesses are not tried..

    Well how can the lebanese gov’t try them since they don’t have control of these witnesses. Beside even if they do, hezbollah will use it as an execuse to exonarete itself from the assasinations. Either way hezbollah and syria will win. But one thing for sure the more they intimidate people, is a sure bet the committed the crime. Their time is coming and its time to pay for these ugly crimes.

  3. obviously this guy is a complete douchebag and deserves to hang. As for who killed hariri? I dont think it takes a rocket scientist to know who did it considering the people behind it are all dead.

    if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then its a f(*&ing duck!

  4. He has his right to speak like all others. The question now is how solid is the evidence. Indeed everyone knows that Ghazi Kanaan was brutally murdered by the Syrian regime and did NOT commit suicide. There is no doubt in my mind that Syria & HA orchestrated Rafik’s brutal murder and many other Lebanese MP’s.

    “After the disclosure of their content ‘in time’ Hizbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah and all his allies in Lebanon will not be able to raise their heads,” Siddiq said in an interview published Wednesday by the Kuwaiti newspaper Assyiassa. >>>>> Let’s hope his claim to this solid evidence will indeed be true. If so, buckle up folks….it’s going to be a rough ride for Lebanon!

    1. The question is: why did it take syria so long to put these documents on the table!!! Is h/a and syria playing with the STL to distract and prolong the investigation with the intent that it will go away!!!! Just a typical arab mentality.

      1. Hay Ali.I don`t think your Name Is Ali.I think We All Know That.And We All Know Why.LOL.

      2. LOL.

      3. A typical Israeli expression,Ali,lol

  5. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    This guy should get documents for a good dentist,that grill is in bad shape,not much to say bout this,but for those wondering how sunnie shia strife can ever reach the danger level in lebanon from outside sources that benefit from such strife,Hence Iraq and Afghanistan,well now your seeing it develop and even participating in it,again politics is not rocket science,honestly its as simple as common sense….Good Day

    1. The Resistance – This guy looks like Jack Nickleson in the Shinning Movie. Sorry about your uncle my friend. My prayers with you and your family.

      take care Bro..

  6. Ladies and Gentleman.

    I’ve spent many hours at this site, reading and debating. I met so many wonderful people. I have also met few who are not wonderful at all, yet I respect their rights to express their views, and to throw their insults. Being forgiven person, I will forgive them.

    One of the people that I met recently is the resistance. During our exchange, I discovered that we both came from the same town.

    The biggest surprise was that His Uncle who passed away, not too long ago, was my Doctor as a young child. May god bless his soul. Not only he was my doctor, but He saved me from being speechless. If it was not for him, I would not have been able to speak at all. I owe this wonderful man a lot. I ‘m posting this with out the knowledge of the resistance. I hope he does not mind. I’m doing this for the soul of his wonderful Uncle. May he rest in peace, for he was a great human being and a great doctor.

    1. The resistance first my condolances to you and your uncle family. May God bless his soul and bring peace to his family. Prophet I am touched by your story. You seem to have always amazing things to say Bro. God bless and I am glad he was able to help you in your early days. Have a blessed day.

      1. Thank you Elias,

        Have a wonderful day.

  7. very simple we all watched enough murder movies, what the first thing murderers try to do ,is hide all evidence and traces, secondly is terminate all witnesses and this happened , after Hariri assassination, nor sure who ordered that ( Jamil e Sayyed was in charge)the place of the bob was left to be messed up ,no one sealed it until few weeks and many crucial evidence disappeared , now why Hazi Kenaan was killed , because it might be that he orchestrated the killing but wasn’t in agreement , or he knew what’s happening AT A HIGHER LEVEL THAN HIM, the big mystery is Moghnie, we all know he orchestrated the marines bombing and he’s an expert in big scale assassination, and he was murdered near the headquarter of Syrian Intelligence , it is not a coincidence , already the international court has Mughnie brother in law also is implicated , there is no smoke without fire , very simple Walid El Moualem came to Hariri and threatened him if he doesn’t re elect Lahoud and the recording is with International Court , read UN preliminary investigation, and Hariri disclosed whT HAPPENED TO wALID jOUMBLAT BACK THEN, Moualem told him Voting for Lahoud is the same as Voting for Bashar ,anything else is considered conspiracy against Syria

  8. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    First of all thank you Prophet for your kind words may god bless you and your family inshallah,it is such a small world I swear,it really shows us how Lebanese can be from differnt worlds and after one blog feel like we found your long lost brother or sister,after I posted my email,prophet contacted me,and after discussions we find out that my uncle allah yerhamo was his doctor,what are the chances,I mean wow,Prophet your a good man with good intentions,you have a good heart and you are pure my man,you want peace but not at the sale of your pride,you want unity which you would buy at any price,once again Thank you so much for those kind words about my uncle they really touched me and brought back memories,just so you know he had a sack filling with water by his brain,and we called him the day before his operation and he was in good spirits,he was a relgious man and helped all the poor for free and dedicated his life to Islam,so he was not scared,there was a 50 percent chance he would not make it,and the next day during the operation he had a stroke and died,none the less he was a good man,im sure you all got alot of good stories about your families,I didnt mean to talk about this,i hope I didnt bore any one,I know its politics,but just wanted to share that with you,


    Thank you so much as well for your kind words,may god bless you and your family inshallah,Your a good man Elias as well,peace to you my friend…

    1. The resistance,

      Now I am really mad with you. I mean honestly what was your uncle (Allah yerhamo) thinking getting prophet to talk. The guy JUST does not shut up!

      Kiddingly! Good to have you back. Yesterday we thought we were gonna lose you on this site. 😀


      I happily take the blame for this, and thank you for the kind words.

      William Ross Wallace Said: “Every man dies, Not every one lives”


      You envy my big mouth? I’ll shut up for awhile. Lol


      2. OK let us see if I can push your buttons to get you to speak politics. 😛 LOL

        I think I would like to trade Bent Jbeil for the Shebaa Farms… LOL OK 3…2..1.

        and here comes the attack…

      3. lol walid .

      4. Walid,

        Shebaa Farms is as important to me as any town in Akkar or the mountains. Bint jebil is very important ,but much more than jezzine, or Tripoli.

        I don’t think this was politics, was it?lol

      5. walid

        Bint jebil is very important ,but NOT more than jezzine, or Tripoli.

  9. moustapha Avatar

    The Resistance,

    Allah yij3alo beit bi janneh inshallah, ou yira7amo bira7imto. Ina lil lah wa ina ilayhi raji3oon.

    3anjad RESISTANCE! walid is not lying about losing you on this site. I commented many times addressing you hoping you dont leave.

    Peace to you dear brother.

  10. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Hey Walid,

    LOL..George got the best of me yesterday bro,i was a lil shook up but i honestly enjoy the debating here,i wish the other side can at least be respectful like you,even though we see poltics from a different view,it doenst mean we have different eyes,so i like our debates and you make them respectable,thats all we can ask for,there is nothing we can change in the big picture that is for the big boys,but the least we can do is try to understand where we come from..and what gives us our fears and our security….Peace Walid

  11. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    How are you buddy,I noticed what you said and greatly appreciated that,it was very thoughtful,i got frustrated and whether people here like the Sayed or not,I cant handle that kind of talk about anyone let alone the man that freed our land from the Zionest,and what george was calling him was not appropirate,again that is my opinion and i am someone of respect,i started becoming disrespectful and even said geagea looks like a dog,and i take that back,that is not my style,so once it got the best of me i kinda decided maybe i should go back as an observer,and nothing more…

    Again brother thank you for your condolonces and prayers,may allah bless your family inshallah…

  12. moustapha Avatar

    Please forgive me resistance if I offend you, and I honestly do not intend it as such.. but there aren’t many out there who are supporters of Hizballah that you can reason with.

    Most of the people I have interacted with have always had the opinion that “we are superior, we are the best, and we are in power now, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

    Where as you came out with this really intellectual perspective and a very calm tone in giving and taking. And wallah if all the Hizballah supporters are like you then trust me, there will be a huge change in peoples point of view towards hizballah.

    Your approach is the one i want to have last in my mind about a resistance for the country and not “watch what you say or else another may event will occur.”

    So I urge you to stay on this site but not as an observer but as a contributor, because there is much that I need to learn from the opposing point of view and if we give and take inshallah we can build on common grounds.

    Peace brother.

    1. Mustapah,

      There is no one suprior to another. We’re all human.

      Anyone who claims this supriority is an naive,arrogant person.

      I ‘ve encouterd few of them myslef.I always remind them to be as humble as the people they are supposed to follow.

      I Tuly think that these people represent a tiny minority

      1. Come on Prophet you think we’re going to buy that you don’t think you’re superior than us. You always come with poetic justice writing. You come out with these fance, chemency quotes from everywhere. Just come out and be honest allright. I mean are you sure you’re not an SSNP member. I have know these guys to be good talker/writer. Just kidding man.

        have a great evening..

      2. Elias,

        I admit that I read more than I can understand sometimes. LOL

        Walid offered me a free lesson on the SSNP (after I openly asked what the SSNP stood for). Not as smart as you thought, right? LOL

        A quote explains as much as a page. I usually collect quotes that read, here and there. They come handy when the brain freezes, and stops responding. Now you know all my weaknesses, and my secrets. Lol

        You can blame the resistance’s uncle for my big mouth too, lol

        Enjoy your evening buddy.

      3. moustapha Avatar

        I pray and hope you are right bro.

        And with regards to what you tell them.. preach oh prophet preach!

  13. welccome back bro, mustapha

    1. moustapha Avatar

      INta habibi.. NO homo LOL!

      How are you khaye? hope all is well.

      1. I’m great habibi how are you?

        Did you get to read my stroy with the resistance uncle?

      2. moustapha Avatar

        I did and it was mind boggling! Sub7an Allah shou hal dinyeh. Kif kilshi maktub.

        It really is amazing! how small this world is.

        It would have been nice to have you both meet at an earlier time in which the mar7um was still among us. Ina lil lah wa ina ilayhi raji3oon. Allah yir7amo

      3. Mustapha,


        I hope I can meet one day. He seems to be a good guy. He thinks highly of you too.

        Only walid was mad because He says:Because of the good work TR’s uncle did, I NEVER SHUT UP.

        So i promised walid I won’t talk politics today, ,LOL

      4. moustapha Avatar

        LOL!! WALID is something i tell you! He always comes out with these funny sarcastic comments, but he tricks you cause in his head lies an unlimited amount of knowledge mashallah 3aleh.

        Besss la2 you are the PROPHET! and SPEAK YOU SHALL. TOMORROW PLEASE COME TWO TIMES more rigorous then today HAHAHAHAHA!

      5. I tip my hat for walid’s knowledge.

        I’ll be more energetic

        Good night buddy.

      6. moustapha Avatar

        Uw inta min ahl il khair khayeh The Prophet.

  14. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    I have a policy never to get offended from someone who is educated and well spoken even if we disagree in context but not in vision,some on here are very mentally brainwashed,and as Imam Ali pbuh said and I quote “A fool’s mind is at the mercy of his tongue and a wise man’s tongue is under the control of his mind.” I beleive you should always be in control and I ask you not to look at the followers of HA and there emotions that may seem a bit harsh and irrational,but look at the leader of HA,the sayed and through out the last few years till today we got all the politicians attacking him personally and some very cold,and have you ever heard him attack anyone by name or insult by name,he is always in complete control when it comes to inner poltics,i can pull a hundered speeches where he has preached peace and love among eachother,where he has cadered to the sunnie side many times to show that there is no strife,where he has built the homes of the christians of geagea in ain nabel aftere the war,where he has close ties to the christan and druze arenas and sects….where he has freed samir qantar who is a druze from prison cuz he promised his mother he would,where he condemed 9/11 and bin laden cause islam does not support the killing of innocent men women and children,where he has started the fund to rebuild the synagogue in the south of lebanon,where he has said as long as im alive there will never be any lebanese in israleie prison,where he pardoned the lebanese that assisted the SLA in 2000,where he was very close to rafik harriri and stated on occasion that rafic harriri allah yerhamo is a father a brother and a friend all in one,and without him i have lost the closest to my family and the closest to my heart,that is the sayed that we know,that is the sayed that singers,polticians,religous,non religous,christian,muslim,etc all respect,you see to be respected by many different religons and cultures you must have done something right in your life,yes he has made mistakes for he is not perfect,yes many in the line of power make mistakes,only the great ones and the true ones,never make them again,if 2006 never happened than dont u think there wouldve beeen a war today after the tree incident,dont u think if HA didnt fight the war of 2006 that they wouldve attacked after the tree incident and all hell wouldve broke loose..

    But they know the people dont want war,and they want peace,so they remembered what happened during that war not for there sakes,but for the peoples sake and let the army handle it while they were at the armies disposal,thats an example of not making the same mistake,as he said he regretted the loss of life and damage and didnt expect that reaction,again he is not perfect no one is,but I remember being in germany and a guy asked me where i was from,and i told him lebanon,not south or north,just lebanon,he was from denmark,he said may god bless your sayed for he is risen your heads high above the world,I told him explain,and he said they are the movie 300,they are the underdog,that everyone was watching and cheering for,and they fought like warriors and men,and never surrendered and never retreated…..and at that moment he said we were all Lebanese and we were all victorious….

    I understand that now,its like living in america and cheering for the underdog soccer team to win,and when it wins,you feel like you were part of that team,

    and i will leave you with one more thing Imam Ali said pbuh in reference to the sayed, and i quote ” A man hypocritically started praising Imam Ali, though he had no faith in him and Imam Ali hearing these praises from him said “I am less than what you tell about me but more than what you think about me”.

    Assalam Mustapha

  15. moustapha Avatar

    The Resistance,

    I understand what you are saying with regards to disrespecting and hateful approaches towards the leader of Hizballah.

    We all have the right to choose our representatives and if we are to criticize each other we must learn how to address each other with full respect at least for the sake of self respect.. at least. And that includes addressing and criticizing each others leaders.

    Brother, you said that I shouldn’t look at the actions of the HA supporters but look at the leader himself. What is the definition of a leader, and what is the role of a leader. That answers why HA is judged not just by what its head leader says but also in the people under him who represent his word in parliament, government and religiously. The Leader of HIzballah is nothing without his followers and all takes place through them. So there is a direct link between the followers and leadership, the order and application.

    The biggest issue is that threats are constantly made, and it is done due to the fact the Hizballah is the only one with weapons and whatever they want to go will go their way and if not we are always reminded about decapitations that will take place, and bodies found in the back of car trunks.

    why does hizballah completely support syria which isolated our brothers in the south and completely used them during the 18 years of control over Lebanon. And why does hizballah blame the government of Lebanon for those 18 years when everyone knows that nothing went unless syraia willed it to be that way.

    What was the 2 year sit-in for and why did the followers do that to beirut?

    Who is samir qantar and what is his background? did he truely kill a child in israel?

    Why would hizballah take control of the communications of Lebanon with out the governments consent, attack the capital to stop the government from stopping it.

    Since Hizballah was in control and has a vast communications network not to mention their advanced undercover tactics and secret service expertise. How come they didn’t know about the assassination that would take place?

    Why didnt they present the proof that Israel is behind the killing from the beginning?

    I have so many questions. And i have major reservations with regards to Hizballah, it leadership and its followers because of all these events that have taken place and are taking place.

    But i have said it before and i will say it again. I would never side with enemy against my brother no matter what. Yet being hurt by my brother hurt more then being hurt by the enemy.

    Also, I admit that it feels good to hear the Sayyed intimidate the occupiers. hehe.. you can’t help but have a smile at the end of each sentence when he says. You hit Beirut we hit TelAviv. You hit…

    I appreciate the quotes from Sayidna Ali(Karama Allahu wajhahu)and I wish we can be 0.000001% the man he was. I dint quite understand the relevance of the last hadith in reference to the sayed.

    Jazaka Allahu khair dear brother.

    Wa 3alaykum Asalam wa ra7matu’lahu wa baraktahu.

  16. Prophet you don’t have to ask Walid what SSNP stands for. Just look it up. I just did and it says Shasta Senior Nutrition Porgram.

    There you go, you don’t have to ask anyone anymore lol.

  17. LOL.

    I just told you ;I’m not as smart as you think,lol

  18. Elias,

    Now I remember. Someone was on an insulting spree because I disagreed with him, and the SSNP accusation as among few other pleasant insults throwing my way. I got mad at myself because I thought there was a curse/word/expression I hadn’t known, So I Posted a small comment asking if someone can explain the SSNP to me. It turned out to be what it is. Isn’t that funny?lol

  19. THE RESISTANCE god rest your uncle sole in peace and hope he will be in better place as prophet say he was a good and not only a good man lebanese too and god will never forget the good people

  20. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Assalam brother,

    I really understand your concerns and feel for your worries,I will start with Syria and HA,again its just common sense,how can HA ever attack the nation that allows weapons to come into it,how can it bite the hand that fed it when the rest of its own people never helped them,if you think about it,thats really the simple logistics of politics,again the past is the past,geagea and jumblatt murdered 100 thousand plus and they let things go,many situations,america used to aid saddam to fight iran,than they took saddam out,politics has no burier and limits,

    I disagree that people are always represented by theire leader,or follow as he suits, a leader guides his members and speakers under a constituion of that organazation,if he has millions of followers you can not ask him to be responsible for all there actions or in what name they do a crime or an action in…that is not fair,a leader is one man,if the sayed abused his power you guys would all know,there was a man who is an oppostion to the sayed and he said that i will say this we should be greatful that the sayed has that power cause shiek naim kassam is much more aggresive and not as patient as the sayed,so you really need to evaluate the power of HA and ask yourself are they really maxing out there ability against its enemies forign or domestic,

    And finally I will again point out to learing from mistakes,if May 7 never happend we would be at war right now,what happeend in bourg abi haidar resulted in an immediate cease fire cause old wounds of may 7 and the reprussions of what can happen are already in our heads,so the leaders which neither side wants a sunnie shia war since no one will win,quickly put out the fire and moved on,but if may 7 never happened i believe it would be really bad right now,the same example i gave you about the tree incident,so i do honestly feel that lessons slowly but surely are being learned..

    I hope you have a great day Moustapha and I will catch up with u later..Assalam Brother.

    1. Resistance,

      Your a reasonable man, let me ask a simple question.

      What if Isreal attack Iran, because of it nuclear programme would HA respond back.

      And if so they would drag lebanon in another war, that would kill many innocent lebanese espacially in the south.

      You see my point… Why not root for one army.


      1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
        Tarie Al Fanarie

        Marc several hezbollah leaders have indicated they will not sit idly by if Iran was attacked. Of course the resistance and prophet and cathy will deny such things said. Or they will twist things to make HA looks good. Why bother beat a dead horse. hezbollah is run by mules who cares about pushing forward with their agenda’s not matter how many get and will get hurt. They have aboslute obediance to Iran and several Iranians leaders have said flat out we have many fronts. That front is Iraq, Afghanistans, Gaza and South Lebanon. what more proof do you want that these guys will not attack israel if asked by Iran.

        Enough said! lets pray to save Lebanon from these monsters..

    2. moustapha Avatar

      Wa 3alaykum Asalam KHayeh resistance,

      I understand loyalty, and its irrefutable importance between bonds. But the point I was trying to make is exactly that. Hizballah and all its supporters make the claim that how do we bite the hand that fed us when our own government didn’t even help or look at us. So what I was trying to say is that.. that same hand that fed, and provided weapons to Hizballah was the same one isolating and secluding the people of the south oppressing everyone in Lebanon and thus creating a void between Lebanon and the South. So why don’t Hizballah and its followers blame Syria and not the rest of the Lebanese and the Lebanese government for those 18 years of artificial support. Its just like Zionists are doing to our Palestinian brothers they are fighting to give up making settlements and when they make postponement not even stop just postpone the settlement constructions they say you see how Just we are and how fair(M***F***R.. the land isn’t even theirs ou 3ambi rab7uwon jmeeleh wlad il kalb). Same thing ino Syria was providing Weapons tayib why was it controlling our government, economy, secret services, not fighting from its own land and owning or our politicians and isolating the south and marginalizing all the southerners as just to appease to its word not to mention the rest of the Lebanese?

      With regards to blame everything on the Leader.. The thing is if it is one event i understand, if it is two i understand but if it is many events in which the leader makes press conferences and supports his followers work then it mean that he is giving the order. The leader also must have a word and in somehow control the will of the people since it is a gien from the people. So the followers of hizballah would and will do anything that the Leader says. If that wasn’t the case the leader will be replaced because that is what the people want.. they want someone they can trust to lead the way. So my point being made is the Leader is to blame since he is Leading his people. Look at history, when people condemn WW2 they only focus on not the GERMANS but specifically Hitler.. why? Also in time of progress and praise you find other examples that relate to giving it to a specific leader. So for example a 2 year sit-in can’t possibly be blamed on the people. If the Sayyed told every single person who followed him to get off the streets of Beirut would they pretend they don’t hear him? And if there wasn’t political weight behind them don’t you think the government could have done something to stop this 2 year act of aggression?

      You made a comment that shows that Hizballah has its domestic enemies. Who are they? and what makes them not be that enemy? Don’t you think this mentality that compatriots are enemies creates a distrust between Lebanese? especially when the party that is the only militarized party feels this way, how will the other parties feel?

      Why does it have to be that if it wasn’t for May 7 a civil war would take place? I don’t see the logic in that statement. Don’t you think that if Hizballah’s approach of threatening to cut hands off to whoever touches a network which is for the government a show of anti-coexistence and dominance?.. and instead of discussing the situation and not forcing itself upon the rest of the Lebanese, don’t you think the comm network wouldn’t have been touched and there would have been a compromise and understanding made?

      With Regards to the Burj Abihaida Incident. Don’t you think Burj Abi haidar incident took place because armed people that are affiliated to parties/militia in Lebanon that are untouchable by anyone in Lebanon and are given power by external forces(Syria mainly, Iran) acted arrogantly and irresponsibly(that word doesn’t do justice to the act’s depiction) cause they think they have power and are untouchable? And the weirdest part is that they are on the same TEAM.. really BAFFLING!!!?!?

      Dear Brother, I had asked you many questions yet i don’t feel like received an answer to them. Please, I humbly ask you to address them.

      I hope this message posts and doesn’t go through moderation for hours.

      Peace to you my brother. Salamat


      2. moustapha Avatar

        HAHAHAHA.. we had a laugh Walid and I this morning about your fasting. Im glad thats over! Kifak khayeh inshallah kilo tamem.

        I actually wrote quite a few questions towards the resistance. Hope you can add your incite on the subject.

      3. I will mustapha, tomorrow YA kheyi. Did you read my comment to Mark? It touched on few of your question.

      4. moustapha Avatar

        Absolutely.. the thing is i got the same repsonse from Resistance. That the Southerners feel insecure with puting faith in our institutions and so they need a gurantee before they give up their arms. And that they are loyal to Syria because they are the only ones that fed them and so how do you bight the hand that feeds you.

        So i was trying to make the point that there was no government then to be blamed. We were under hegemony and so what happened to the southerns was a result from the Syrian regime isolating the southerners and oppressing the rest of the country with their “walls that had ears”

        and so i posted a bunch of questions.

  21. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Thank you very much that was very kind of you,may god bless you and your family…

  22. No Tarie, I won’t deny that. If the scenario of Israel attacking Iran- NOT A LIKELY ONE THOUGH-becomes a reality, I agree that everything is possible, because Lebanon would be next.

    I truly think, the day Israel attacks Iran, it would have already attacked Lebanon, to eliminate the possibility of fighting at two fronts.

    I think the attack on us would come first, and then (to Israel’s surprise) Iran and Syria would be dragged into a wider war against Israel.

    Do you think Israel would attack Iran on its own, and without the help , or approval of the usa? I don’t think so.

    This whole possibility is becoming more remote, unless the usa decides to attack Iran , or allow Israel to throw the first punch, and later get involved in the name of defending Israel.

    The usa is not in a Position to sell such a war to the American public, unless it looked like the usa had to get involved to protect a friend (ISRAEL).

    The usa is not likely to approve such an attack at his time or anytime soon. There is a peace process sponsored by the Obama administration at this time.

    The American economy can not afford an oil price increase by 2 to 3 folds (as predicted).

    This administration can not afford another unpredictable war while fighting 2 other wars.

    Nor can this administration live with the scary predictions, that their allies in the golf become unstable, if a war with Iran drags.

    The biggest and most influential Arab state, Saudi Arabi and Egypt are in a transmission of power transfer. The Saudi king is in his late 80’s, so is his brother –the king In line -. Eygpt is about to have a new president. This process is not guarantee to keep Egypt stable yet. A new president needs time to solidify his power after the long presidency of Mubarak.

    Unless you have a stable leadership in both countries, any war would undermine the stability of both nations.

    Israel is not capable of conducting a successful attack on Iran on its own, not militarily, and not logistically, unless they take a big gamble. We know they are arrogant, but they are not stupid. They know that if the attack does not succeed for one reason or another, the whole situation become unpredictable. So it’s too risky for Israel .

    For any war to take place against Iran, More conditions have to be in place. Such as Iran attacking Israel, or another American ally in the golf, or somehow this country ends up ruled by another Bush, or another unforeseen condition that would prompt the usa to go to war.

    1. Ya prophet,

      Here we go at it again =). Very good assessment, but all due respect irrelevant.

      Why,because the sole possibility of having a potential war because of Iran;

      Give me the conviction to re-enforce our institution, our army and give the decision of going to war in the hand of one democratically elected gov.

      The goverment should be in charge not Ha .

      I know you agree…You see the risk increase when HA is in control. The risk of killing innocent lebanese life decrease subtancially when our nation is unified.

      Peace to the south and Lebanon

      1. Marc,

        I will be very honest and genuine in my assessment of the followers of the south.

        I may not tell you what you want to hear, but I’ll tell you things as I see them.

        In an ideal world, the government should be in charge of defending the nation.

        I support the idea of, one day HA fighters and arms, are integrated into our defense institutions. I look forward to the day our Institutions are in charge of every aspect of our life, as it should be. But not yet.

        If you are asking me to solidify the institutions as an excuse to get rid of the resistance weapons, I’d say, first that you want to score a point, and that the resistance and its followers never had much faith in the institutions of our state.

        For years these institutions didn’t come to their defense.

        They have been abandoned. Don’t ask those who had to defend themselves, to give up their weapons , after all the bad experiences they had with the enemy and with their own institutions. Give them institutions they can trust and relay on.

        They truly feel that, many times, many of our leaders were allied with Israel, and there is no guarantee to them that it won’t happen again. They had to rely on their own to defend and liberate what was occupied. They need to trust the system, and the system needs to show that it’s serious about defending and protecting them.

        If your asking with the intention to realize the fear of those suffered he most, and to listen to their concerns, then We can debate this issue as objectively as you want.

        We need to build political institutions that are strong enough. We need to build an army that is well equipped. We need to create a national identity with the minimum consensus on who our enemy is, and who our friend is.

        That would create enough trust in our Government and our institutions.

        Our government’s performance during the 2006 war, and in the aftermath, was not encouraging to build trust in political institutions. It was a lost opportunity for the government to build the kind of trust I’m talking about.

        Our institutions have not been capable of defending the nation. Not our Army, not our political institutions. I tip my hate to our army and the scarifies it has made .But we all know, that the army does not make the political decision to defend the country, it’s the political institutions that do.

        Let’s build the institutions that are trusted and supported by all Lebanese.

        Let’s build and support an army that is capable of truly defending the country.

        Let’s build the national consensus on as , many issues as we can, so we have more trust in each other and in our institutions.

        Peace to you buddy and to all of Lebanon

    2. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie Al Fanarie

      Yes I agree with most of you said. Except not many countries ever prepared for war well anyway. Having said that, however Iran is looking to sabotage this peace process. Israel is overanxious to knock down iran nuclear facilities. If we have some problems with the border however instigated by our side, then israel will use that to strike at Lebanon. Many rumors saying that Iran president is wanting to arm the LAF in order to speed up the war race between Lebanon and israel. But i do agree with your assesements.

      1. Tarie,

        I’m glad we can exchange opinions instead of insults,lol

        I Don’t think that this peace process needs any sabotage from Iran or any one else, This process is sabotaged by Israel and the conditions it set on Palestinians. I, for once, don’t support this process any more. This process will fail. The bases of the process are the seeds for its failure. No one needs to do anything against this s process, it’s doomed to fail.

        I will support a process where it guarantees to the Palestinians a state on the west bank(all of the west bank).A state that does not like a piece of Swiss cheese, with no settlements .A state , viable enough for Palestinians to absorb all the Palestinian refugees who are in Lebanon. I don’t think this process will accomplish any of the above. The danger of the failure of this process, could set one of the unseen conditions ( mentioned in my earlier post) that could set the whole region in an other violent cycle. Netanyahu’s main concern is making the west bank more Jewish every day. The more settlements He builds, the less land there will be left for Palestinians to absorb Palestinian refugees.

        The peace process died in1994 after Rabin was killed. Israel is not ready for peace. Israel wants to make sure that all of her neighbors are weak so that it can impose a solutions that suits its dreams .

        Israel has yet to learn from its mistakes. Building settlements to crate facts on the ground isn’t the way for peace.

      2. Tarie,

        I didn’t want to address the rumors, since they are just rumors. You know Lebanon is full of conspiracy theories. Especially ,when it comes to Iran or HA, or STL. It’s part of the political game ,and the mistrust that Lebanese have of each other

      3. BTW , Lebanon does not dare take advanced arms from Iran, So don’t worry much about that. Our government and our army understand the regional and international game well. Iran is just putting them on the spot.

      4. Prophet,

        your last post show that we can come together and build our nation…

        We should build consensus, by first put our gun aside…

        Sometime, Im getting the feeling that you think, if Ha put is arm in the service of our Army. The other side will destroy them.

        Our relationship should be built on trust.I agree with you 100%.

        Put tell me what we can do to reassure the south so we can build peace…?

        Peace !!

  23. Hey marc,lol

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