Gemayel to sue Hezbollah website, report


The attorney of Phalange MP Sami Gemayel’s said he intends to file a lawsuit against the Hezbollah website.

A petition posted on a Hezbollah website called for withdrawing the immunity of MP Sami Gemayel and for hanging him in the arena of honor.



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  1. hezbolla is the planet of the apes in all aspects , looks, character,behaviour etc

    1. sami you need to gather the 50,000 memeber that bashir had and and train them well for self dedense you have all the right to do so

  2. don;t waist your time as HA thats all what they know kill kill kill and destroy the country and no one alawad to say he;s opinion but them and there;s always how good is iran and syria to them ,but they are not good enought for the rest of the lebanese

  3. Tarrie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarrie Al Fanarie

    If any member of Gemayel family is harmed. then they will be equivalent acts on our side. we’re not afraid of hezbollah and will be take actions as we fit. Rot in hell hezbollah.

  4. What a shame! Always the message of kill, hang, destroy… Rehmaan w Rahiim

  5. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    Hezbollah- such people loving people-

  6. The killers and the terrorists of hizbolla will not intimisate the free lebaneses. Teoorist is terrorist and killer is always coward. We are waiting for these fanatic terrorists

    1. threating someone else life in the national news or website or a media is considered a felony

      that what the law of all democratic coutries states it should,nt be any different for lebanon

      this people should be arrested immediatley

    2. threating someone else life in the national news or website or a media is considered a felony

      that what the law of all democratic coutries states it should,nt be any different for lebanon

      this people should be arrested immediatley

  7. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance

    Israel is the enemy of lebanon,Sami is proud of his past alliance to Israel,please tell me are you guys that obsessed with HA that the side you support can do no wrong,do none of you think its offensive or wrong to be proud to have an alliance with Israel…OMG all you do is bash HA,fine that is ur right and your opinion,but again this is a website that supports HA that has suggested this not Hassan Nasrallah or any other member of HA,if not mistaken Sayed Hassan showed respect to the trash that helped the SLA,he didnt demand hanging,or execution for assisting the enemy…so please stop the hate and blind remarks,not everything has to be anti HA,wallahi its over board,u guys make me laugh,and not in a funny way…Take care.

    1. Damn it you could not say it better. Thank you for reminding us about the h/a,sla &israel link. Should this be a confirmation that h/a is an agent for israel!!!

      1. Ali Your such an smart fellow. How did you come up with this conclusion?


    2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      The REsistanace we consider still up to date Syrian and iranian gov’t are threat to lebanon. Your alliance with them and your total allegiance to them and their mullahs make you a tripple threat to lebanon. Therefore you’re an enemy yourself then..

      1. George,

        Very briefly,

        Some groups invited Syria into Lebanon, and sought their help. Once they accomplished their mission, they turned against Syria. These same groups allied themselves with Israel and brought a devastating invasion and an occupation that lasted over 20 years. Others allied themselves with Syria and Iran to fight and liberate Lebanon from the Israeli occupation. Those who allied themselves with Israel, can’t accept that they didn’t bet on the right cards, and still

        Insist on being proud of their alliance. While the others consider Israel the ultimate enemy, and are proud of those who had helped them defend and liberate the country.

        I think forgiveness is possible, as long as they put that part of history behind them, and stop asking the rest of Lebanese to be proud of them for what they did

  8. The Lebanese people should sue hzb-alla.

  9. I am not defending HB here but the Phalangists should not be proud of working and getting help from Israel on the anniversary of Sabra and Shatila… it was not an honorable page in the

    Phalangists history when they helped the Israely army kill thousands of innocent people. remember the victims were not just Palastinians but Lebanese too.HB is a religious party and so is the Phalangists, HB controlled by Nesrallah and the Phalange party is owned by the Jamiel family….the truth is I have no respect for any Lebanese party because they’re all hostages to their leaders…. as if those guys have a Grand deed over the party…lets be partial and be fair, non of all these parties care about Lebanon.. HB gets help from Iran, ALmustaqbal from Saudi Arabis, Phalnagists got help from Israel before, Jumbalat got help from Syria and so one. can anyone pick one Lebanese party that does not owe alliance to a foreign country…….NON OF THEM CARE FOR LEBANON….

    1. You have to do what you have to do when the knife on you neck my friend.

      1. Bill, you could not have said it better.

        Jerth, no you dont have to do what you have to do. that’s the most cowardly answer I have ever heard.

        you’re supposedly a good christian who should follow christian values and if you have to die before committing atrocious crimes that have been forced on you, then so be it.

        tell me jerth, if someone held a knife to your throat and told you to rape a 10 yr old, would you do it??

  10. BILL there is always someone have to help you from the outside pick any country in the world thats have trouble and tell me there is no one helping them from outside sabra and shatila was a big mistake but the palestinan forced them to do it ,do you remember damour what happen to the christian there jeye na3me any of them ring the bell the israels didn;t help the phalange or the lebanese forces they only supply them with guns thats all but they didn;t want anyone to win in lebanon they always keep it a balance remember what israel did in the moutain when the lebanese forces where winning on jumblatt the bomb them with there jet lets not try to stick for the palestinain much no one get them in there country and was happy with them they all regret haven them they are the trash same as the syrian

  11. I am not blaming anyone , but I am saying no body is better than the other……….

  12. CHRISTIAN Avatar

    throw a dog a bone and theyll stop barking

    no one fears you just know that, every other home in lebanon has guns too! there is only little you can do… i dare anyof you walk into a christian area theyll burry alive!

    1. the resistance Avatar
      the resistance

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Chrisitan common are you serious,lets be real false statements will get us no where,wheter you like HA or not,to say you can fight them and defeat them if they brought out there major force is laughable at best,you guys really crack me up,IDK what else to say,but to think anyone in lebanon can match with HA right now is not feasable,america and israel couldnt defeat them for christ sakes,but the christians of gmayel and geagea will….Think before making a statement thats so foolish that it makes the dead smile…Take care and thank u for my morning laugh…

      1. The resistance,

        Let me put it this way for you:

        It will be a Divine victory for the Christians and a Divine defeat for HA. Nasrallah himself said that the victory of HA against all odds was not the power of arms as they were no match for the IAF (Israel Assault Forces as I do not believe they should be named IDF). If you turn your weapons against your own kins (i.e. ANY LEBANESE be it an opposing Shia fellow, a Sunni, a Durzi, or a Christian) THIS TIME AROUND I ASSURE YOU A DIVINE DEFEAT.

        Stop taunting each others guys. I repeat myself again and again that SOONER OR LATER NO ONE SECT can rule or dominate Lebanon. Stop dreaming of a sectarian country it NEVER WORKED.

      2. ha never won the only reason the the war because you guys were crying and begging the whole world to help you stop the war and the entire world put pressure on israel to stop and they did put a condition on your ass if you remeber to let the united nation forces in to secure the area or else and you accepted so stop these lies and bullshit that you won

        all what what you did you have brought destruction and miseries to our lebannese shiaa,s brothers you have failed you need to let go and let the army do there job to protect the south and the rest of lebanon because they are the only legal forece

      3. Walid, yeslam timmak, well said.

        Resistance, I didnt like your post as you are taunting this moron “christian”. You should be instead saying that no one should strive (christians or muslims) to turn their guns against their own lebanese compatriots.

  13. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance

    One more thing ya zionest i mean ya christian,it takes alot MOREEE than guns to fight my man..alottt morreeeeeeee,,,most importantly heart…when may 7th happened im just curious where were the christians of geagea and gmayel,that would of been a perfect situation for them to flex there so called muscles,again thank u so much for the laugh,and btw may 7t was everything but HA maybe there boyscouths from what i am told went out for a practice…to funnny christian,u really shouldve been a comedian,you make some statements that really make me laugh…assalam ou alykoum my christan brother…save the thumbs down bs,its a waiste of time,come at me with real facts not a thumbs down,and no answer….none of you in your right mind can ever everrrrrrrrr say that you have a force as of right now to defeat HA,ur only lying and you know it,leave them ALONEEEEE and they will leave you alone,its not politics its common sense,listen to your christian stars like Majida el Roumie and Julia Butros,im just curious arent you guys gonna say they are extreme cause they support HA,ask yourself what makes some one like them that has it all be so pro so called extremests like HA,ill tell you what they got PRIDEEEEEEEEEEE….learn somehting from them and your heart will set you free.

  14. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance


    Whats my man i really enjoy reading your posts,i have to make this statement we are wasting are time on this site,there are to groups in Lebanon that matter,not 8 azar or 14 azar,not sunnie or shia,or christian or druze,its simple,Pride and non Pride group,when a jew and a son of a holocaust parents,and a professor at a prestigous american university in america states he supports HA,and the ones that dont i cant respect and have no pride,that all alone tells us alot,so many like him that i cant name them all,and we have Lebanese against them,than we really have to ask ourselves what r we doing here,its only a handful if you notice,the same group,i memorized them,lol…anyway brother just wanted to say keep up the good work..have a great day…

  15. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance


    I dont speak this way,but guys like this christian guy really bring the worst out in me,and i tell it how it is,i beleive no one in Lebanon can match up to HA right now,if they could they wouldve tried by now,they had no problem assisting israel during the civil war they would of had no problem helping them now if they new that it would be benenficial to them,

    Now you and I and guys like Mustapha dont see things Eye to Eye but i can talk to you in a debatable format with out crossing lines,but im sorry chrisitan doesnt deserve that respect,if you respect everyone walid you take away from the person that really deserves respect,i learned that a long time ago…

    Thank you for your comment..

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      TO The Resistance I tried twice here to put in a link of prior and partial speeches of Nassrallah and was not allowed here. In one of the videos he described the christians living koursrwan and Jizzeine and Shouf and other areas as made up of Cantounate. He said they don’t belong there and they’re invaders. I have not seen the contents of the speech by Sami G. about being proud of embrassing israel. But when you listen to speeches by Nassrallah like this. Also during that time he talks about Waliat Al Faqih. What do you really expect from the christians? if your outnumbered by christians and also outgunned. And they’re telling you that you don’t belong in lebanon.. Wouldn’t run to Iran to get arms and support? At least the christians didn’t swear allegiance to Israel like you do to Iran? Chiristians didn’t fight israel battles in Beirut when asked too. But you have done in 2006 even though you claim you kicked israel out of lebanon? even more small attacks by hezbollah to antagonize israel and enticing into war with lebnaon. We don’t the see the alliance between you, syria and iran is any different from the old and history of some of the christians alliance with israel. Amal in the beginning were aligning itself with Phalangist. Isn’t it why Libya and Supreme leader of Iran decided it was time for Imam Moussa al Sadr to be removed? Why don’t hezbollah fight for Imam long time ago? or did they not like his prior alliance with christians? Why iran do not push libya to tell them about the imam disappearance? Yet it still up to date keep asking about its 4 diplomats that have appeared over 30 yrs ago? Stop the double standard you and profit and stop trying to be holly because you don’t consider Syria as enemy state. Syria killed lebanon as much as israel. if you can’t see that, then you and prophet and cathy and many others keeping a blind eye. Why don’t make Aoun confess to his secret dealings with israel? why is he afraid about getting Fayez Karam to confess about Aoun dealings with israel. with All spies they caught, what’s up with this one? critcize yourselves before you do to others..I am not here to challange christians vs shiites. Our fate is in the hands of Allah and there no force bigger and mighter than him. Stop being arrogant about America or israel not able to defeat you. The bigger you get the harder you fall.

      1. George NJ

        YES Nasrallah did say in one of his speeches that the Christians came in as invaders to Keserwan and in a sense it is true historically BUT NOT entirely true…

        Let me explain…

        First the Christians of Lebanon (at least the majority of them did not come from ANYWHERE) they were there as Syriac speaking villagers who at the time of the Christian / Maronite spiritual invasion converted by themselves to Christianity (i.e. NOT by the sword as monks never wielded swords). Maronite monks filled the void in the mountains and then spread to Keserwan AFTER the rebellion of the Shia / Druze alliance against the mamluks of Egypt whose army decimated them totally and they retreated to the mountains and then the Bekaa valley after experiencing great losses by the mamluks army.

        At that time keserwan was emptied and the monks who came from Antakya after being expelled by the Jacobites (over a fight about the nature of Jesus) found a refuge in the mountains and hungry souls for the teachings of Christianity.

        So the facts of Nasrallah were true and false at the same time as the Christians were the mountaineers who converted to Christianity and they did not invade.

        Now let’s talk about the analogy here and the paradox. If Nasrallah considers that Keserwan belongs to the Shia after ALL those years then the Zionists claim that Palestine belonged to them is a valid claim.

        That being said I challenge ANY geneticist to come forward and study the make up of our society. I can tell you with confidence that the entire Levant is ONE people and that we are ONE race and that the ONLY thing differentiating between us is HOW we believe in a spiritual ONE GOD who would be ANGRY at the fratricide.

        SO in ONE word NDAEBBO

      2. George,lol

        That was a brazzaely

      3. Walid,

        What about the christians who came from Syria?Was that before or after the rebelion of the Shiia /Druze?

      4. Prophet,

        Here are the events with dates (ROUGHLY):

        300-800 A.D. The Lebanon a province of Byzantium

        800 A.D. Maronite Monks migrate into North Lebanon

        900-1000 A.D. Arabs tame the cost of Lebanon (NOT the mountains)

        1000 A.D. Druze Faith begins

        1100 A.D. Shia migration into Lebanon

        1100-1200 A.D. Crusaders invade Lebanon and Palestine and control Jerusalem

        1200 A.D. Jerusalem back into the hands of Moslem Army

        1300-1400 A.D. Mamluks Rule. Acre Falls and Lebanon controlled by Mamluks

        1300 A.D. Druze / Shia Rebellion against Mamluks. Druze/Shia defeat and retreat

        1500 Maronite / Druze Alliance against Mamluks

        1500 – 1900 Ottoman Rule

        1900 A.D. Revival of Arabism and Arabic by Maronite Monks despite the order by turks to forbid Arabic as a language and script.

        The Christians of Lebanon were natives (mostly) who converted to Christianity Only monks from Syria (Turkey Andalusia) migrated to Lebanon after the massacre at the hands of opposing Christians. There was never a mass migration into Lebanon by Christians.

      5. Walid, nice post!

        George, its true, I have heard this speech but do you know when this speech was dated? HA never made it secret when they first emerged of one of their goals being an islamic republic, however, that goal WAS abandonned.

        now as Walid said, IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN, too many sects in lebanon, too many outside forces that would NEVER allow it. so enough with the scare tactics. Besides, as I have mentionned before, shias have protected christians more than anyone else in the south during the war.

      6. Walid.

        Thank you Walid,

        I just wonder why I got two fingers for asking a question. Not that it makes any difference to me. lol

      7. hahaha poor prophet, dont worry we are all in the same boat here..getting fingers left and right for saying anything lol

    2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      ya resistance,

      do you remember the famous summer 2006, when israel was bombing systematically the hell out of the south and your beloved dahieh, who sheltered the shia masses fleeing the mayhem and the onslaught of the israeli army????????

      did you forget that all the lebanese welcomed the war refugees and most of them were shia????? did you forget they were sheltered in schools convents,mosques, private homes in christian as well as moslem areas?????

      did you forget the majority of the lebanese, christians, sunnis and druze who endured all the hardships and the tremendous losses with you during and after the 2006 ooops war that your sayed started without asking anybody in lebanon his or her opinion,not even your closest ally the nutty general???????

      did you forget those who brought the un resolution 1701 that stopped the mad bombing and the possibility of total destruction in lebanon and gave you the breezer to get out of the bunkers and declare your “divine victory”?????

      shame on you and how dare you come on this site and blatantly threaten any body peacefully

      opposed to hezballah’s plan?????

      by trying to use hezballah’s military might in such a blatent and defient way in your argument, in order to intimidate other lebanese, you automatically lose your argument.

      i concede that hezballah’s weapons are being used so far and cleverly by hezballah to resist and block

      any concessions that might be asked from them at the negtiations table for the sake of reestablishing government authority throughout lebanon.

      but if you or any foolish person

      in hezballah’s leadership

      think they will ever try

      again to use their weapons and their rockets inside lebanon and against other lebanese, well my compatriot this will usher the start of the end of hezballah!!!

    3. YA RESIATANCE, MA TNASHEF REEAAK. George responds to your comments before He reads them.

      I learned to do that too. I respond to his comments as soon as He posts them,

      And read them later. JK THOUGH.LOL

      I know who his devils are, Syria, Iran, and HA.LOL

      He always takes the wrong side of the argument when His opponent takes the right side.

      I love him, even when he brings my blood pressure to a dangerous level.

    4. OK man,

      I agree, people should chill and should never cross the line of civility. There is so much history and so much anger but no vision for the future. God help the next generation if we don’t wake up.

  16. leborigine Avatar

    Its time for HA to hang their boots and join the LAF, be part of a strong national army and only serve the interests of Lebanon. That way they will earn the respect of the whole nation and remove thugs off the streets. As long as they are armed and act as they wish, Lebanon will remain lawless and everyone will carry weapons for protection due to the lack of trust and corruption in the countries institutions.

    Great post Walid, spot on!

  17. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance


    I like you i have nothing against you,and i think your right on,lets be real and not be fake or diplomatic anymore,our views consider us enemies to you,and your views consider you enemies to us,so finally lets lay out there enough with this falonious respect that we try to fool eachother with,we are enemies of u and u are enemies of us..we are a nation divided not religously but politically,i am man enough to admit that we are a nation at war,can anyone else deny this…

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      I agree ya Resistance for sure.

      happy Eid.

    2. Resistance,

      We are a nation divided because, every one is trying to put is own interest firts instead of lebanon as a nation.

      If you believe in lebanon and if you believe in living in harmony. Your way of thinking will not help.

      We need to build bridge, not entertain our division.

      The only way to that is to show acknowledgement of the fear of the other, and to speak the truth of our fear.

      Because we will never become one.

      Lets not forget the real lebanon is a message of peace to the world.

      You show me resistance in your post that you are not seeking peace put you are nourrishing with a certain disdain division.

      If you want to pledge your allegiance to HA than you are creating a state within a state.

      You should put our nation first before you defend those who wants the shia to rule. No sect should rule in Lebanon only lebanese should rule us.

      Many sect as the right to be fearful of the other.

      Put when we gonna realize that united no one can agress us, we will realize to true destiny of our nation.


  18. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    yes this is true because “you have your Lebanon and i have mine”-Khalil Gibran

  19. CHRISTIAN Avatar

    resistance ya ghashim hahah you speak of pride like you know hahah where were you when the christians fought for their rights? where was HA when the lebanese forces were dominating lebanon? ya haram ayshak em3atarrrr habib ya restance tell me??? haha you called me a zionist call me the shayton if you want i know what iam and we stand for what we are, we arent scared of anyone! JUST to enlighten where there and always there but we dont see a personal gain in runing arund the streets of lebanon like monkeys picking fights burning tyres threatening or destroying peoples homes town or villages seee were more civil as u can seee we like to reach things in a diplomatic way thats if you understand what the means…

    but regaurdless of our differences resistance were both children of god and were both sons of lebanon

    god bless!

  20. Is good to sue HZ but please keep care of your own safety.This is the most important.

  21. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Yes Prophet Christians you might say invited Syria or rather had no choice but to accept Syria into Lebanon. Once you say they accomplished their goals they didn’t want them. If that’s true what why Hafez Al Assad said on TV in with his interview when asked if he recognizes lebanon. He said flat out no. The road to Damascus it goes thru Beirut. That’s what he said.. Besides if the Christians were allied with Syria, why did Syria occupied East Beirut? what their purpose then? i could say same thing then. that the christians used israel and once they accomplish their goals, then decided to disregard them. So is Hezbollah and Iran using Syria to acomplish their goals. Everyone is using everyone and Syria benefitted the most out of everyone for sure. Syria economy thrived on lebanon misery. And its using Iran to arm itself and also getting projects from them. And you will see once Syria see weaknesses in either side, they will drop you like hot Potatoes..

    If you think of phalangists as traitors because they dealt with israel. Why don’t consider you buddy Aoun who also dealt secrets to Mossad and israelis generals? also we consider those lebanese who worked side by side with syrian intelligence as traitors too. Because the latter took lots of lebanese prisoners, tortured them and killed them. its no different from those who tortured hezbollah in Khiam prison. I have to say its equally the same. If hezbollah was fighting israel alone and no other lebanese groups or populations. then i say you’re pure as snow. But your decision of 2006 in the midst of tourism. Occupying beirut for 2 yrs.. and attacking druze and sunnis. Or attacking Christians many times over and over. That definitely remove you from being a pure lebanese organizations. Also raising iranians flags and picture of khameini. Or occupying dahia and many areas in lebanon where police and army can enter only with your permissions. that doesn’t qualify you as pure lebanese organization just because you were born in lebanon. If we all enter beirut and south and many areas occupied by hezbollah. we can say many iranians and foreign elements in your area. Those elements hates the christians. So its ok for you guys to have our enemy on your side too.

    As long you don’t my point, I am never going to see yours. that’s the way its going to be i guess.

  22. I am amazed at some of these opinions and how everything turned into religious war!!!!! some of you guys should be ashamed of your opinions, did we forget what we went through the civil war because people followed their religious emotions and did not use their brains….. war bring miseries and death and destruction and would not spare young or old. we’re supposed to calm things down and talk sense into each other’s. if you consider youself a true Lebanese , there is no christian and no shia or sunni or druze…please lets not put those ideas in our kids minds… hope to see more balanced opinins

  23. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Well said Bill!

  24. they killed the pm hariri and they are trying to get away with it how are you going to bring them to court for talking shit good luck……….

    1. the resistance Avatar
      the resistance

      Jhon your an idiot,a stragight up jack ass,instead of waisting so much time letting HA control your emotions,try taking a punctuation class,and learn how to use periods and commas,lol….

      1. to the resistence

        oh boy ! they say the truth hurts

        i am the only one you called me idiot and you were very angry what,s the matter r have i disclosed your lies to the lebaneese people ,in democracy you are entitled to your opinion without insulting other people i do,t know wher you came from

        you are a big lier you said you are a lawyer where did you pay for your degree or stole it or lied that you have oneobviously you lack education and you said you were born in florida you are a lier because here in the us we arrest terrossists like you

        you need to stop insulting the us and stop lying to the lebaneese shia because we have 1 million shias live in america and 7 million muslims and they live very well and the are very well treated and they own buissiness and homes and cars and they have 2000 mosque and they free to worship there faith and they are well respected and treated equally like all other americans

        so stop lying to the lebaneese people telling them that america hate you


  25. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance

    George and Walid,

    Let me say this to both of you,history is what made us who we are,we were raped and murdered for years by the occupier,with that said in america there was a tragic event called 9/11 that shook this country,3000 americans died,and 10 years later after the death of 3000 americans,arabs and moslems are the most hated group in this country,i ran across an african amercian guy awhile ago and he told me Thank you,and I said for what,he said you guys are the Niggers now,my point……

    If america which is educated and ahead of world time,can not forgive a whole race and religon for the actions of one man that doesnt equivalate .00001 percent of Islam,how can you ask us in the south of Lebanon to forgive and trust a nation like Israel that raped,murdered,and occupied,our people for 18 years,how can you ask us to talk to the americans when they assited these actions for 18 years,and how can you expect us to trust the other half of the Lebanse that partied and danced and never acknowledged our suffering,to them life went on,just like we see whats happening in gaza,we just move on and say thank god its not us,and finally how can we trust any Lebanese institution,whether its goverment or military when for 18 years they never even tried to help us….

    So we helped ourselves and freed our land,we did it on our own,geagea,gmayel,harriri,none of them helped at all,it was our people and our strong will,you guys thought we were crazy and we would never succeed,but we did with the will of god and the faith of our boys,we did it,so again I ask both of you if america is the face of democracy and forgivness,and one attack that left 3000 dead is somehting they can not forgive and let go even 10 years later,than how do you expect half of a nation,that totals less than 2 million to forgive,trust,and move on with there lives after thousands have been occupied,murdered,and raped….

    “They say we glorify death,but they are the ones obsessed with killing”

    Assalam to both of you…

    1. Resistance, you are right in many aspects of your post. BUT I have to say, this mentality of “we did it, no one was there to help us” is not really helping right now. like I say to those syria haters, its in the past. we need to move on.

      although it is factual, this way of thinking will have no consequence but to create strife between shiaas and other lebanese.

      the thing is resistance, many people would back HA if it were to call itself lebanese resistance and welcome people from all faiths.

      this is where the problem lies. so there needs to be a uniting element between HA and the rest of the lebanese as many feel that the shia community has their own govt practically and their own police force, etc. as if they are not part of the same society that other lebanese live in.

      so there needs to be a joint and uniting effort.

      many people from the “other side” praised Nasrallah for his speech when he defended the LAF. we need more of that.

      1. Cathy welcome back I agree with you 100%…

      2. the resistance Avatar
        the resistance


        Nice to hear from you,well said and i even agree with you,but here lies the problem with that,when we were occupied and being subdued to torture and rape,it was the Shia that freed us,no one else,if everyone wants a united resitance than should it have not been united when we were suffering and being attacked,but now that we got the power it would be to easy to allow any joe shmo to join the resistance,cause how can the resistance trust anyone now,that didnt have its back when they really needed there help,thats my view,for example how can the resistance trust the army right now,when all the spies are coming from an elite commander or generals postition,all im saying is the time is not right to merge into the army or make a unified resistance,if its not broke why fix it,what they are doing seems to be working effectivly correct? so your not gonna make all the people happy all the time,but you will make some of the people happy some of the time,and sometimes that some is more important than all…

      3. Resistance, I agreed with you in my first post that what you said is factual, no one helped the shias back then, true you succeeded in kicking israel out of Lebanon and the majority of lebanese backed HA at that point. but how can we say to other lebanese that they are livig in the past and its time to turn the page and have shias still feel animosity towards other lebanese because of the past?

        Beleive me I understand why HA does many of the things it does and if you have read my posts, you would know that I even defend many of their actions because unfortunatley we are infiltrated with israeli spies and I see it as them defending themselves as the population of the south would be the first to suffer in case of an israeli invasion or assault.

        However, my point was to say that instead of isolating itself, HA AND all othe other sides need to do a joint effort to prove that we are all one and that the resistance is lebanese before being islamic and that our goal is one and that is to defend our land and that if the south suffers then ALL lebanon is there to support and defend it…

        btw, to your point, I dont support integration into the army at this point in time either, but definitley eventually in the future.

      4. Did anybody else notice that Cathy does not call anyone habibi since I tried to have her call only me habibi?

      5. Cathy has lots of love to share.

      6. Prophet we can agree on politics but when it comes to sharing Cathy’s habibi name I will fight with everything I’ve got. Zanbak 3ala janbak 😀

      7. Hey you dirty minded .lol

        I ONLY had brazzarly love in mind,lol.

      8. moustapha Avatar

        LOOOL! yivda7areeshak walid!

    2. to the resistance

      the american people are very forgiven and the do,nt hate arabas and muslims in general they judge each person by his own action and personalty because the constitution state equal rights freedom and justice for all regardless of race or origin or religion now of course after 911 people panick because they did not know who and why we were attacks and the prsident explained to them that was only a small group called alqueda that attack america then people understand and they only hate alqueda because they are the guilty in democracy we only punish the guilty

      now as far your suffering and pain am sure all lebaneese were feeling the pain with you and they were sorry for you but they were helpless to move because they too have suffered for 30 years wether in the north or the east or the west or the south with you

      so they were helpless and crippled with there own suffering and overwelmed with probelm and barried with financial debts so it was tragic for all lebaneese its time to heel and learn from the past and work to have a united state of lebanon democratic that live by and obey the rule of law one united army and one state so lebanon could become a strong sovreign state and properous and civilized where the entire world look up to it and respect it

      and learn from the democracy from the rest of civilized world which should be justice and freedom for all lebaneese regardless of religion or county or a city or aplace

  26. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Cathy it was old speech as you said it. But the message changed tone but the methodoly is still there. If they HA want to bring the issue with phalangist dealings with israel. again there is no difference between seeking help from israel or syria. whoever involved in killing innocent lebanese are guilty of it no matter what party or sect. Nassrallah people still acts as if lebanon is theirs and nobody else’s. they attack you and burn tires and invade the streets and no one dares to stop them. Can the army enters their area or investigate anything there without HA permissions? is this a resistance or state within a state? Just because the message on the surface looks changed. It doesn’t mean the messenger changed either..You keep believing what you like but Iran is the main influence and so is Syria. The President of Iran coming in October to dump money into Suleiman hands. And to tell him fight with hezbollah to the end. Nothing wrong with it, as long as Lebanon is not being pushed to fight Iran battle with israel. Maybe the message is old, but the messenger goals to implement has not changed..Laugh all you like but you will cry later..

    1. the resistance Avatar
      the resistance

      George ,

      So its ok for geagea to change his tone from the past but not the Sayed,i can easily take your post and replace the name from nasrallah to geagea and we would have the same argument..Peace

      1. the resistance Avatar
        the resistance


        Have we invaded u,have we done anything to u,if im not mistaken the sayed was praised by the supporters of geagea after the war,cause Ain Nabel was destroyed and the sayed ordered they rebuild there areas first before the shia,cut the guy some slack,educate your self about him than you will see why the likes of Majida el Roumie and Julia Butros are admirers of the Sayed….

      2. Resistance, dont argue too much with George, he’s an ardent ouwwetti.

        I think he cant even fathom why many christians respect Nasrallah (as you mentionned, majida el roumi, julia boutros etc) they spread fear tactics, which I HATE.

        you know what’s funny is that speech he was talking about, I actually came across it on a website called lebanese in israel. you should see the non-sense articles on there. How suha bechara is a criminal who we disguised as a hero. lol

        you need to debate with christians like me & Walis, etc who will see good and bad on both sides and just leave george in his fantasy world.

        btw, george, I dont mean to insult you or anything but for me, when followers of a party claim that Allah is ouwwet, they are no better than the so called “extremists” from HA that they despise so much.

  27. the resistance Avatar
    the resistance


    Thank you for your respect,i have read your posts and you are neutral,and you give me hope that we will one day achieve TRUE unity…Peace to you and your family

  28. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    The resistance I am not here to make enemies with you even though it seems heading that way. You want to discuss the past we can refer to many mistakes on all sides. Let’s talk present then or at least go back since 2006. You say did we attack you. How many times the gangs came from Dahia and do hit and run attacks on christians areas in beirut? What about the sit-in beirut for 2 yrs that shut down the country economy? what about everytime somebody says or critcizes nassrallah his followers attack east beirut. If you attack sunnis and druze in 2008? what make us think we would be safer? who killed Pierre Gemeyal? Gibran Tueni? you don’t call these attacks against us? How many incidents you hear some guys on cycles came and attacked christians with knives. Or came to initimidate christians and hurled insults at christ.. Stop playing nice guys. There is nothing nice about HA. You say Geagae also changed his message. Well he’s following it with his peacefull acts. Has he attacked anyone since after the civil war or at least he came out of jail? or any christians militia attacked anyone period. You want talk past, then we’re all guitly. Otherwise there is saying “What have you done for me lately”. Why aren’t you attacking Aoun for defending Fayes Karam? is he afraid about ISF digging old info on Aoun? why so many people caught spying without fair trials? Why do you have so many iranians in Lebanon who are hiding in their offices in Dahia and the South? what are you real intentions for Lebanon? Why don’t you asks syria to demacrate the borders with Lebanon? why don’t ask Syria to sign over the farms over to Lebanon instead of just verbally saying so?

    And Cathy Julia Butros is SSNP and those scums sold Lebanon for their stupid ideoly they don’t even follow. They’re bunch of terrorists who are hired and paid by the Syrian regimes. Even when christians were fighting for their existance they went against them. They fought with muslim extremists against Christians. SSNP killed so many Lebanese simply because they were successfull and they were loosers.. Assad Hardan is a killer and was responsible and involved in may killing of leaders in lebanon including Hariri. I would love to ease drop on meetings between Nassrallah and his party leaders to really blow their intentions. Why don’t they have Christians commanders in HA if they do really respect and love the christians? those who love are blind followers and being drunk with their deceitful messages. There is nothing good come out of HA. They’re no different from Al Qaada. At least the latter openly tells us they’re our enemies. HA is the enemy within. They’re no different then the israelis, the syrians and many extremits groups in lebanon. I don’t care what your try to say or do. They’ll never fight for lebanon because they love it. the fight because they want to accomplish their goals of total dominations and anyone stop them will be eliminated. To them israel is the only power that can stop them. That’s why their focus on it more than internal. But internally they will crush anyone who opposes them. And how can we live in democracy and peace with these monsters surrounding us and killing us slowly and methodically.

    1. George you lost me at :”Julia Butros is SSNP ” really george? that is the best you can come up with? so majida roumi is also SSNP and haifa wehbe who dresses like a w*** also wants islamic republic in lebanon. Geezzzzzzz

      1. The Resistance Avatar
        The Resistance

        George ,

        That was weak bro, is Fares Karam SSNP,is george gallaway SSNP,is norman Finkelistien SSNP,common my man,HA is just like Al qaeda at this point the conversation between us is over,not even the americans say AL qaeada and HA are the same,but a fellow lebanese does,wow well Sayed Hassan the ones you sacrificed your son for appreciate it,and the others will remain ignorant,george i must ask,do u have proof hezb killed gebran,or pierre,lolll…who killed rashad karami,was it hezb,how killed rene muwawad,HA?,who killed Tony Franjieh HA? the list goes on and on and on….i guess youve created your own tribunal and charged HA,hmmmmmmm that sounds familiar,it must be the same tribunal that you and your likes are supporting now….to funny,you make proving you wrong to easy,and make no mistake about it,im not politically correct,we are ENEMEIS,you support the zionism we dont…bottom line…it is what it is…..

      2. If Julia, Majida and Haifa are SSNP I am going to join as well… What’s up with that SSNP? You guys are hogging all the beauties. Hands off Rima (Faqih)! I am warning you… lol

      3. Stupid

        Though ,I’ve been accused on this site of being a memeber of SSNP.Can anyone explain to me what ssnp stand for, So I CAN DEFEND MYSELF?LOL

        You can laugh as much as you want. I REALLY DON’T KNOW.LOL

      4. Are you serious prophet?

        Would you like a lesson in SSNP?

      5. No thanks Walid. I never had loyalty to any party. I NEVER WILL EITHER.

        I might share some political views here and there , but never a party loyal . There isn’t one good enough for me. lol

        My only party is “The Prophet”. NOW YOU KNOW I WILL NEVER PROPPEBLY LIVE IN LEBANON.

      6. I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT THE SSNP. I just could not think of them when Maria accused me of being a SSNP.LOL

      7. OK Guys let me tell you a joke that my 11 years old boy told me yesterday “ta ntaerre el jaw”…

        So he asked me why can’t you make a Homsi Snowman?

        and I said why?

        He said because you have to hollow out its head…

        LOL 😀

      8. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Cathy Julia Butros is 1000% SSNP. I know that for a fact for sure..

        I am not sure about Al Roumi. So i am not going to answer this one. But you’re not SSNP and you say you’re not a supporter of HA. Yet you seem to fight everyone who attacks them. So what does that make you then? I have known people who do not belong to any party and they hated the phalangist just simply they had personal issues with some members.

      9. George, I dont attack everyone that says something about HA. I attack when you dont back up your statements by facts and base them on pure emotion.

        that is being objective. When you my friend george, cannot see any good in the opposite party, then you are being objective and your opinion really doesnt constitute a good basis for a debate.

        calling prophet a nazi?? I mean, I swear, I think you might be the one who started the lebanese in israel website.

      10. Correction: “you are NOT being objective”

      11. Welcome back Cathy,

        He called me a NAZI , because I asked him realistic questions that, He either can’t or won’t answer.

        I won’t call him names. I know that , when he’s angry He says things that he regrets later.

        I Will forgive him because I find it easier to forgive others of being wrong than for being right.

        And I still love him, and love to annoy the hell out of him sometimes, lol

    2. George,

      You need to deal with this anger and paranoia of yours. It’s becoming annoying to debate you when you always repeat yourself in different voices. No matter what I or others write you in response, You keep repeating same , or similar accusations and claims ,that you can provide any support for. Recycling same claims won’t come true become true, UNLESS you provide evidence.

      You tell me who killed Pierre Gemyel? What evidence do you have to accuse anyone?

      All news stories indicate that Gemayel was gunned down by Fateh Al Islam. I’m not accusing them either.

      There is no evidence as to who killed Twinee and the others, and you know that.

      I’m so surprised and disappointed that you consider the incidents that took place between kids from Aldahia and AynAl Rumani as attacks , or even political at all.

      By considering this area or that as a Christian or Muslim or anything, is a prove that all of your claims that you want a Lebanon that is democratic, non secular are becoming less credible. As for your objectivity, It‘s nonexistent lately.

      I won’t rebuttal any of your other false claims you make. I know you’ll answer me without reading them.

      And I’m sorry to start thinking that your whole credibility is becoming questionable.

      I’ll probably debate your politics less and less. It will do no good to argue if you’re in the wrong, and if you’re right, you don’t need to. So I DON’T NEED TO.

      I will however, always joke with you and annoy the hell out of you. Lol

      1. Correction:Second sentence should have read as follow:

        No matter what I , or others write you in response,You keep repeating same , or similar accusations and claims ,that you NOT can provide any support for. Recycling same claims won’t MAKE THEM true, UNLESS you provide evidence.

      2. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Prophet my anger is directed at lebanese and non-lebanese who do not care about Lebanon first no matter what sect/religion they belong too. If someone is fighting for their survival because they fear someone is after them. I can understand that. But my anger is at HA and Syria and Iran. who keep pushing us into war with israel. We don’t want to fight with israel anymore. Don’t you get it? tell nassrallah and his gangs go fight at Buscher Nuclear plants not South Lebanon. We don’t want any more wars. If the farms belong to Lebanon, then ask Syria to hand over signed documents to the UN stating its Lebanese. Ask Syria to gives part of Bekaa. ask Syria to stop arming those PLO gangs and stop shoving Al Qaada down our necks. Ask HA to fight these groups for they as dangerous as israel. Once HA becomes truly lebanese then i am with them. Until then i hope they burn in hell.

      3. George,

        What makes you qualified to determine who care about Lebanon and who does not?

        Can you understand that People in Lebanon, and especially in the south, had to resort to self defense when they decided to fight Israeli occupation and aggression?

        Is it hard f or you to remember that it was Israel who invaded us?

        Is it hard for you to recognize, and admit that some Lebanese invited and helped the Israelis against their own people? And now they want us to be proud of them.

        Is it hard for you to remember and admit that we were invited twice before the creation of HA?

        Is it hard for you to recognize that Israel has been the aggressor ever since it was created?

        What guarantees can you give me that if I live in my border town, I won’t have to fear Israel?

        Don’t tell me the UN or the international community; they have never been on our side, or even neutral.

        I want to live in peace like everyone else in this country, but I also want assurance that I WILL BE DEFENDED.

        I f you want me to believe that the state of Lebanon and the Lebanese army would defend me. Then I want to make sure that this stats and its army are build, strong enough to do the job.


        Do you want me to trust those who are proud of their history with Israel to build me a state and an army strong enough to defend me against Israel?

  29. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Breaking News: Noam Chomsky and Seymore Hersh are now the heads of the SSNP cause they support HA…lollll to funny i make myself laugh 😉

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      No Resistance these are good jews who are also naive. I do not mind people like them at all. But there is always leftist and rightist in every country. we were talking about Julia Butros not these guys..

      Laugh all you like my friend. You guys were crying out in 2006 until UN 1701 saved your azz..

      1. The Resistance Avatar
        The Resistance

        Saniora was crying not us habibi,on the last day of the war before the cease fire,we brought down 2 helicopters,blew up 35 merkava tanks,and killed 21 SOLDIERS,yes SOLDIERS,we went after military not civilian like your isralie allies did all this to show israle if you want we can keep fighting much longer,and if ur a man than in the next war join ur zionest brothers and come on to battle field and see how we cry when we fight you sorry ass coward,people like you are a shame to the lebanese…a god dam shame

    2. George,

      I share your opinion… We dont want to fight, we are seeking peace. I agree with you 100%…


      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        Thanks Marc! you’re my hero..

      2. This debate btw lebanese brother, is sending the wrong message.

        We have to find way to share the same goal.

        Our unique goal should be to preserve lebanon to fall into the trap of a civil strife.

        George, is my brother, resistance althought I disagree with you on every level.

        I will go to the south and defend our territory against Isreal or any other.

        I will do that by joining the army not HA.

        So please, understand that you are calling George a Zionist I can call you an Islamist.

        This will never end so try to understand unity is the only way to solve our difference.

        I will never submit to HA mentality that wants to impose.

        So the assessment of George calling them a inner enemy is just because they are not willing to share their knowledge with the rest of us.

        This is not a botherly attitude by rather one working against one unique goal which is Lebanon first.


  30. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    George ,

    Serious question,if HA and Israel go to war be honest who are you standing behind,,just be honest..

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      The Resistance there is nothing would please but to see HA and israel and syria and iran and all the extremists evoparate off the face of the earth. To me an enemy is an enemy whether its within or on the outside. That should answer your question..

  31. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Sorry Haifa is HA all the way,and so is Rima,but will be more than happy to bring you as i said before at least in ur debates u bring up respectable points,so i truly respect your point of view,but george is wayyy to extreme for me to sorry..

  32. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    lol Prophet

    Syrian Social Nationalist Party

    1. Thank you Bro,lol

      Me SSNP?LOL

      I can’t stop laughing, MY EMPLOYYES THINK I’M CRAZY NOW,LOL


  33. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Poor answer,give me the truth,if they fight again,you will be cheering for one side or the other,please tell me who,there will be one winner and one loser,who will that winner and loser be,and who will you be happy with at the end of the result,and dont say both,thats weak….

  34. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Ya Resistance Saniora was acting when he was crying. He was laughing behind doors and happy to see israel leveling your doorsteps.

    Yes you did a lot of damage to the israelis no one can deny that. But also israel have wiped out the third of your forces and you’re happy to see the bombing stops. You’re lucky those 2000 dollars per month Somalis were good fighters. they found many of them fighting with you. You can be arrogant all you like about fighting israel. Israel i have to admit was not prepared. But their plans made you humble even though you don’t want to admit it. Israel is going to make you lick your chops next time around. We will see you and your bodies in hell inshallh soon.

  35. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Thank you George,I am an attorney,i knew sooner or later you would answer my question bout who u want to win the war the next time,assalam ou aliekoum George,may allah grant you peace in your heart….Take care my brother.

  36. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Prophet your question is fair but what qualified HA to declare war in 2006 on israel by attacking its troops? what qualified HA to attack West BEirut in 2008 and also do sit-in for 2 yrs. do you call these acts as helping Lebanon causes? what purposes did they serve? What qualified you to tell me the israel is our only enemy but not syria. Just because syria govt say nice things in public and destroy us privately. that don’t them our friends..

    1. George,

      Of all the wars Israel launched against us, you choose to talk about the 2006 war.

      In 2006 HA did not declare war on Israel. For the hundredth time, Israel declared a war that was planned already. HA’s abduction was just the excuse. Israeli officials as well as American officials have publicly admitted that Israel had already planned to attack Lebanon, and it was a matter of time before they executed their plan. Nassralla himself said later on that, If He thought the abduction of the 2 soldiers would have caused a war, He would not have done it.

      I don’t believe abductions of Israeli soldier or citizen justifies any war.

      How many times has Israel abducted Lebanese from across the border? Do you think we should declare war because of that?

      Do you consider their abduction of Lebanese citizen is a declaration of war?

      What about all the continuous airspace violations? Do you consider that a declaration of war?

      What would happen is we Lebanon sent a spying plane over Israel’s airspace? Wouldn’t the whole world jump the gun?

      The 2 years sit- in, was a form of protest and demonstration. It was harsh and long, I know. But it was never illegal.

      Why would you take one event and highlight it, when the whole political atmosphere was poisoned for five years?

      Is it fair to be selective?

      Are you willing to examine every party’s actions the way you examine March 8th’s?

      I never thought the sit- in was supposed to last that long, but there was nothing illegal about it. What were illegal is the Seniora government, and its decisions.

      The same goes for the may 2008. Are willing to examine the seniors government‘s intention when they decided to cut off HA military communications, while his Government had approved of the resistance?

      I always thought it was a big mistake, until we all discovered how the Israelis invaded our communications services. Thinking about it now, I can understand why they did what they did, but still disagree with them.

      Btw, the Seniora Government never put out a dollar toward the rebuilding and recovery of 2006damage in the south. Is this a government you want me to trust? Hell no.

      Show me a government and an army, trustworthy, capable of truly defend me, and I’ll give you anything you want.

      You never responded to my fear of those who had worked with the Israelis? Those fears are real, and have been around before the creation of HA.

  37. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    One more thing, I have never heard bout one somalie fighter,lol anything to discredit the boot that stands on your families head…lol u make me laugh george,george the zionest..thats your new name,we have george gallaway thats british,and george the zionest thats

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      yes resistance! you never heard either about who attacked west beirut either in 2008? or attacking peaceful al ahbash during iftar either.. deny all you like they have found many dead with somalis and iranian id’s. Oh wait they must be israeli spies lol.

      1. The Resistance Avatar
        The Resistance

        Show me proof….please show me proof..So the hezb has sunnie fighters in its group,oh i guess there goes ur argument bout it being a shia org only,hahahahahhahhahaha

  38. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    George the Zionest,

    What gives the goverment the right to destroy the communications network that freed the land of lebanon,you make it sound like all these actions didnt come with pre actions,wow.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      yes if it did free us why were stupid to take over 4 yrs before you arrested so many of them. besides i like to hear those testimonies of these so called spies. or where they arrested because mostly belong to LF. this is political nature nothing to do with spies man. you guys have wild imaginations..I am proud lebanese unlike you who’s proud to be iranians first then lebanese next..

      1. George, its absolutley insane and scary how much in denial you are about the caught spies.

        I mean even one of aoun’s was an israeli spy, some of HA were caught as spies…inno what is this delusion that they are after the LF and they “wrongly” accused them of being spies??

        anjad you need help.

  39. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    So the resistance doesnt want any lebanese to fight with them for lack of trust,but they trust somalies that way 50 pounds in the big war,,wow at what point will animals stop…by the way u ever notice geageas face looks like a dog,im serious put long ears on that ugly mug of his and he looks like a dopherman pincher,smallah

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Ya resistance you’re jealous because Gegea looks like a lot better than Nassrallah. All you HA and Iranians look alike. every time i look at their president i see someone who’s look dead zombie..At least geagae is more descent than your criminals Nassrallah. Masshallah aliah he screams all the times as if he got a corcksrew up his butt.

      1. The Resistance Avatar
        The Resistance

        Lol..does julia butros and Majida el roumeh,fares karam,assi halaneh,and haifa look like zombies to you,if u saw me you would be rather shocked to my appearance as most are when they hear my knowledge and views for an american born lebanese,lets put it this way i get asked to model wherever i go,and im not saying that to brag,im saying that to get tht image out of ur head that most people who support freedom look like caveman and are not educated,look george i dont want to fight,and to be honest marc is right its all a waiste of time,i may have crossed the line,and so did you,so lets call it even and move on…Good Day

      2. wlek ya resistance, bisharafak, shou baddak fi….

        iza he says something like all you HA and iranians look alike, inno what more can you say to a person like that???

        by the way George, I do modelling…I can send you pictures if you want to see and then tell me that I look iranian or dress like an iranian….Kiss ikhtak shou innak mitkhallaf bi hal 3a2lieh!!

        Haifa wehbe mish 3ajbetak? walla Rima Fakih? some of my shia friends are the most open minded, outgoing, loving people I have EVER met in my life.

        seriously george, I suggest you stop visiting lebanon and find yourself a home, hum hum excuse me, I mean steal a palestinian home in israel and call it your own because that is truly where you belong.

      3. wowoo Cathy Cursed,lol

        I’d love to se those picture Cathy,lol

      4. wowowo .Cathy you cursed?lol

  40. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Whatttttt,commonnn Georgy,

    Its your allies gmayel who are proud of there isralie alliance,and you are questioning the spies,its your leaders first cousin saad haddad that is in the isralei gov,that is the first cousin to geagea,and you want to question the spies,commmmmonn

  41. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    I appreciate your answer,its your view and I respect it,at least you are saying u will fight with us,btw once a war happens,and we start fighting when you stand next to an other brother from the south,your not gonna say are you HA or are you army,your gonna know hes LEBANESE when u look in his eyes,peace to you Marc I appreciate your approach..

    1. Resistance,

      Precisely, how can you expect us to fight with our lebanese brother from the south, when Ha will ask what is your background.

      The only way that with can fight together is by being part of the same family, which is our lebanese army…

      Peace to you and all the south!!

      1. Mrac,

        It’s unfortunate that we live in a country that requires its citizens’ faith and sect to declared on its official ID Card. It’s unfortunate, that when our young men apply to the army, they ask them what religion the are , since there is quota.

        It’s unfortunate that A Lebanese is usually asked what sec or faith he belongs to, when applying for a job. A government job, or private job.

        It’s unfortunate that some of our fellow Lebanese aided the same enemy you, say you’d like the chance to fight against. It’s unfortunate, that they didn’t come to the defense of the south 60 years ago…

        It’s so unfortunate that we lost trust in each other years ago, Years before the creation of HA.

        That being said, We can still have a dialogue to discuss our future ,with out trying to SCORE PINTS ON EACH OTHER.

        At the end of the day, we are all Lebanese . We have no choice, but to find solutions to our problems, and fears. We tried fighting each other for 20 years, we all lost. And we would all loose if we do it again.

  42. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    Can you blame them for this,look at all the spies bro,look they are all army and military,during the war they were serving tea to the isralies,can u honestly blame them for being paranoid…Thank u

  43. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Prophet and resistance arguing with you is no use. You guys are stubborn headed just like your master Nassrallah. I will comments here now and then. But I will refuse to respond to any comments you have toward me. you have one sided opinion and obviously you’re not open to changes or democracy in lebanon. All you are here to promote HA agenda’s and I am sure you will be happy to see waliat al faqih implemented. we talk about julia butros and you bring some jewish guy who supports ha. so what if he does, there are iranians who are against iranians. there are syrian oppositions that are the govt. your arguments do not make any sense. so i think your brains are so little if you have any to understand and comprehend what you’re even saying. You belong to the zoo with nassrallah and bashar and that fagot khameini..

    1. George, I have no master.

    2. Is is becuse you have to answers to my questions?

      1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
        George Haddad N.J

        I don’t respond to dictated questions. its no use. when you lebanon run by state within a state. There is no use to talking to Nazis. They decide already our fate and the same with you. so no use talking to you. why bother respond to someone who wants to dictate our lives and tell us what to do and where to go. everytime we oppose them they accuse us of being spies. you have taken over a beautiful country and made it a heaven for terrorists. you, syria and iran. so if israel helps us get rid of them, then we turn around and fight israel if it wants to do the same with us. very simple but you can’t see it that way.

      2. George,

        NOW I’M NAZI?LOL


        You want to dictate your views to me, yet you won’t consider anything I say.

        You expect me to answer all of your questions, and yet you consider my Questions dictated. That is not fair. That is not the way a debate unfolds.


  44. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    George as extreme as u may think we are being,is not fair for us to think the same thing about u..

  45. George, I STILL LOVE YOU BRO.

    1. Prophet what’s the heck is going on. I leave you for couple of days and here you are again fighting with G.H. i read some of the posts and I can’t believe what is he saying. I think he’s due for some good ol whippin..Lol.

      just don’t loose your energy with him. same with you my bro the Resistance. You guys are sincere and good people and you both mean well.

      take care and God bless.

      1. Welcome back Elias,and good having you back.

        As For George, I still love him even he after He called a NAZI.

        Enjoy your day buddy.

  46. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    If a syrian ever messed with you,and I was there wallahi I would have your back before i can count to 1,same goes for an iranian,you dont know me….but youve judged and tried me,and not even tried to ever understand one time why we feel the way we do,…

    1. Real men don’t cry! and you brought tears to my eyes ya Resistance


      Resistance sounds sincere you should kiss and make up… 😀

  47. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    On the quran,on my grandmothers grave,im the least religous person u will meet,im not a bad guy by any means,but im not religous im not gonna be a phony about it,but im so political,i would marry a girl that has my political views and not my religous views,than marry a girl that has my religous views and not my politcal views,on my mothers life that is the dead honest truth,that is who I am…

    1. resistence you are alier you have lied before yo are lying now you will lie in the future

  48. Brothers,

    Lets keep this debate civilize… We all belong to our nation. We will fight any one who wants to destroy us. The only way is unity.

    So please guys try to understand. Althought we have difference to say the least.

    We can only build on what is positive in our Country.

    The positive is that we belong to different sect. So this can actually be a + not a -.

    The day will make the effort to see each other as a person. Will be the beginning of real peace .

    Unity should be our strenght. Iran Syria and ISreal wants the opposite.

    Any one who receive fund or help from any of these countries is de facto showing allegiance to all except our poor Nation.

    Peace to you all!!

    1. The Resistance Avatar
      The Resistance

      Marc ,

      well said,excepet the funding part,there is nothing wrong with help,most nations in the world get it,we shall not be any different,but the rest i agree with.

  49. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Im not trying to justify my self,im just giving u an idea of my thought process,and how it is not religously motivated.

    1. Resistance,

      Point well take…


  50. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Today the people are scared of Iran cause of a leader named Hitler,and his actions has scared the jews that on any given day with irans policy that they may not be safe,fine than is it fair for me to say that with what israel has done in the past,including occupation,rape and murder,that the people of the south shall never trust israel or there current leaders,due to the descisons of past leaders against are people,is it fair for me to take an isralie argument used against iran,and be the lebanese people and use the same argument agianst israel….is it fair for me to say that,

    if it is than we had the SLA and spies,so is it fair now to say that if I am HA that i will have to count to 10 before i agree at any migration or intergration of the group with other sects or army,when they assisted the enemy and still are,where if we bring in one wrong person everything we have done in 20 years could go down the drain,is that fair,just trying to expand your minds to a much larger picture,much larger than all of us could ever imagine,we are debaters at best,who want peace,but not all peace seeking people are surrounded by peace seeking people,and that dates back to the roman empire…

  51. Min Win Inta Ya Resistance?

  52. LOOOL @ GEORGE: “noam chomsky and seymour hersh and norman finklestein” are “naive” jews HAHAHAHAHA I cant stop laughing!!!

    George, do you even know the credentials of these people???

    im sure you cant even come close.

  53. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Thanks Elias,were Lebanese and were debating ofcourse it can turn ugly,but i honestly dont like upsetting anyone that is lebanese,but my emotions get the best of me…


    I am from Bint Jbiel

    1. Have no fear Eli is here. we’re all together no matter what. We must stop attacking each other and promote peace between us. we’ve had enough wars between us and Israel is feeding on these inner wars between us. we should care about lebanon and nobody else. Again i know you and Prophet judging from your writing are good people and I consider brothers even though i never met you. I have to admit I hate it when i see lebanese fighting. But I must be naive to think there would not be any fights. anyway hope your Eid Al Fitr was good and you should send me some desert lol.

    2. You must be kidding resistance,lol

      I’m from bint

  54. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    But i was born in Miami Florida,i forgot to add that part,,,

  55. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Cathy woo so many attacks on me. Is that time of the month already? you beginning to sound like Nassrallah, he always has his period non-stop. chill out you jewish lover..


    2. George,

      Come on man that is VERY LOW not to mention chauvinistic towards all women.

  56. Tony Smith Avatar

    Hezbollah is like a virus that cannot be treated..

    You burn it…

  57. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance


    LMAOOOOOOOOOO seriously i was beggining to say i cant believe i waisted my whole day at the beach typing away,and than finally it was worth it,i would love to see your modeling pictures on the other hand to lighten up the mood in this place,where are you from Cathy? and relax boys i can see a war bout to break out,im just asking for educational purposes 😉

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Ya resistance you just a perverted person just like Khomenini.

  58. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    Oh Mummy Cathy he called me a Nazi. what am I going to do? omg but its okay i can call him zionist.. what’s the difference nazi, zionist and Hezbollah they’re all alike. all consipiring for the destructions of Lebanon..

    1. LOL George, wow aren’t YOUR masters gonna be upset with you that you compared zionists to nazis??

      tsk tsk tsk, the monthly cheques wont be coming in anymore! 😉

    2. George you have proven here to be a low life and a scum. Why don’t you pack your bags and go to israel or something. Leave this site for people with intelligence. Apparently you don’t have any. you’re such a looser and cannot debate one on one without insulting someone. Get lost buddy and hope we don’t you here anymore.

  59. The Resistance Avatar
    The Resistance

    Any way guys this site stresses me out,for anyone that wants to contact me for interesting debates,please email at me this is my personal email, this is to much…I hope you all have a wonderful day,i honestly hope i didnt offend any one,and if I did i didnt mean it,and George seriously did you call her a jewish lover,im sorry guys that is the final straw,i just debated all day with a guy that called a girl that defends are people in the south a jewish lover….Good day ya all…i am officially out,hope to hear from some of you on a personel level..Take care…

  60. moustapha Avatar

    Hello Dear brothers.

    WOW! what a huge cluster these comments became =(

    There are fears and distrust from all sides. But George.. we need to get one thing straight. We have always lived with each other and for each other before Israel and inshallah it will be that way when Israel isn’t.

    I do not trust Hizzy nor do I trust Iran cause to me you might say Im to into conspiracy theories bess I say they are one in the same with the Izzy. These are all games as part of a bigger picture and the people, “us,” we are paying the price. Thats the only thing about the Hizzy which is my brothers in Lebanon Support it regardless and when shit hits the fan they are on the ground being bombarded not the Hizzy management its us Lebanese paying blood.

    At the same time you find these same brothers I see these same brothers that support Hizzy take over streets and intimidate and and and.. This is where I see where the anger takes over some peoples hearts like George because IT IS HARD TO TASTES it from the ENEMY but destructive to taste it from a Brother.

    I have a question. During those 18 years when my brothers in the South had to fend for themselves, who was in power, who controlled our government and who had checkpoints in ever mile, and who was it that had its army and secrete intelligence controlling the whole country. Which entity was referred to when they would say the walls had ears for them and you shouldn’t hint an opposition towards them? Brother Resistance wasn’t it the same government Hizballah was blindly supporting because they get their arms through it? Wasn’t it Assad families gov that controlled Lebanon.

    Why don’t you blame them Resistance, why didn’t the Syrian gov assist you guys since they controlled our army they controlled our politicians, since they controlled every single Lebanese person maneuvering. Its not fair that you blame us who were oppressed and rendered dis functional in our own areas and had subjugated the south to isolation to blame us and the gov for not helping. Where do you see what i am saying as wrong?

    And with regards to Seniora crying lets take it back a step. To be fair wasn’t it Hariri who stood up for the Hizzy in those 18 years looking to legitimize it as a lebanese entity and not a random militia? Did your communities not gain from Hariri and his crew with schools and education and jobs? and its not like you were special every one in Lebanon tasted this treatment NO exceptions. So when you say Seniora was crying, I don’t see what is wrong with a Leader who has put his whose whole life and effort into stabilizing and reinforcing the economy of a torn down country through out the years and when in a position to become PM in order to fill the void of his assassinated friends and have everything built destroyed in a matter of days while seeing 1300 people from our side die as apposed to 100 soldiers.. would you as leader not shed a tear for your country men and country? Is there shame in showing ra7ma did not the prophet and his followers including and first and foremost Sayidna Ali radiyallahu 3ano shed tears for the sake of each other in joy and saddness,a nd show ra7ma?

    Please… Allah sub7anahu wa ta3ala in the Quran in suwrat Umran tells Us “to come to common terms.” please lets strive for that and not incite hatred between each other.


  61. moustapha Avatar

    KISSSSSS ME AGAIN!!! all my comments go into moderation. Its sooooo freakin annoying!!


    1. moustapha Avatar

      Prophet and Elias! How are you my dearest brothers! wallah inshallah dayman peace baynatna. Shta2na la tony A hahaha..

      Prophet shul hal poem hayda.. Nice..~! a true playa HAHAHA..

      1. Thank you Mustapha,

        Mahsoobak Shaaer,lol

        I miss tony too, he never goves me the finger,lol

        Btw, Resistance turned out to be a jnubi from bint jbeil too,lol

        BTW, Geogre brought out the worse out of everyone

      2. moustapha Avatar

        I really hope Resistance doesnt stop posting online. We need a balance and we need to find solutions.

        People might say what are you going to change. I say a lot! do we not have families, friends? do we not or wont we have children. We are a huge affect on our country because we can stir what we want to happen or not if we will it to be that way. So i have hope that inshallah we someday will will it to be that way.

      3. Moustapha I hope your Eid was happy occasion bro. Its good to see you here again posting. Hope you and the family doing well.

        take care!

      4. moustapha Avatar

        Habibi Elias. Hamdillah it was a great occasion. I had to work on Eid bess had a great time during the weekend. Especially since its the first year spending it with my significant other here in CA.

        And soub7an Allah the internet is a blessing bro.. being far from fam.. one click away and we can all see each other.

        Always hamdillah =) How are you khayeh.. Are you in california also? where do you stay at?

        I really appreciate you asking and Allah yi7milak ahlak ileh rabook 3a hal tirbayil allileh bit la2iya hal 2iyam.

        Peace to you dear brother.

      5. You are right Mustapha.

        Some times, in the heat of discussions, we loose our track, and say things that we don’t really believe in. Yet we say them in response to provocations and insults.

        Being a southerner from a border town, I experienced many fearful moments since my early childhood. I find it very hard to believe that many of my fellow Lebanese can never understand this fear. They don’t show any sensitivity either.

        They don’t understand that most people in the south only support HA because of this fear. Most people in the south are very moderate politically. They all want to live in peace. They have suffered more than they can afford to. People have concerns about the future of their kids. They too want a good education and electricity, and water. They too want a good economy. They probably have more fear than others, or at least they think they do.

        They have never had a government or an army that really cared or defended them. It’s the lack of trust that makes most shiia, religious or not, support HA politically. It is not an ideological support at all.

        All these accusations that they love Iran are false. They know that our beloved prophet Muhammad was Arabic, not Persian. They know that Our Quran is in Arabic, not in Persian. They know that the Imams they fallow are the grand son of our Arabic prophet. Every one of them is aware of the historic animosity between Arabs and Persians. Every one knows that Iranians pray in our Arabic language.

        I always wonder why people through these accusations. Is it possible for those , who spent 1400 years following the sons of our prophets’ beloved daughter, Hassan and Hussein, to abandon their beliefs and be loyal to Persia?

        All this fear of the HA and the Shiia power are over rated for political and domestic reasons. It’s being used as a scare tactic.

        The common fear that all Lebanese share, SHOULD be recognized by all parties. Once we all admit that we have concerns and fear, once we all recognize that the other side has fears, Once we understand each others fears, then and only then we can have a dialogue that would lead us to

      6. moustapha Avatar

        I am totaly with you on your last sentence bro. Yisalm timak.

        Yet the issue with every one accusing the Shiaa of Lebanon to be 100% devoted to Iran is clear and simple.

        Their uncontested and chosen representatives are the Hizzy. And the Hizzy leadership openly states its devotion to Iran, just as Iranian officials make open statements about anyone hits us Hizballah will be the first to respond. Many many times we’ve heard this.. as if creating the justification which ironically the Israeli’s dont need but play it by the book.

        And due to the fact that Syria ISOLATED the whole south.. Iran was able to not only provide weapons but gain sympathy by saying we provided aid when not even your Lebanese brothers were able to.

        I really don’t buy the wilayat il fiqih subject to be implemented but the intimidation via weapons to stir political agendas is definitely 3aynak bint 3aynak.

        What is your take on Hizballah’s relationship with Iran? What is your take on the 18 year isolation of the Shiaa and the ruling Lebanese government which was on the leech and driven by the Syrian regime? What is your take on what makes the shiaa fear the other sects Sunni,Druze, Maronites, Orthodox etc..?

        I really hope i havent offended you khayeh. And if I have I apologize and please point it out to me.


  63. George, I have a poem for you to read: A poem by Paul Gord

    Forgiveness is the mightiest sword


    Of those you hate

    Will The time will come when we will leave this world, and the injustice and

    the pain and the sin will fall away from us, and only the spark of the

    spirit will remain–returning to God who created it.

    You must never lose Faith

    You must never lose Heart

    God will restore your trust

    And I know you’re afraid

    I’m as scared as you are

    But willing to be brave

    Brave enough for love.

    be your highest rewardon.

    1. Nice Poem Prophet! You’re a good man i don’t what Haifa Wehbe said about

    2. By Paul Gordon

      1. Ya moustapha,

        Your words express logic and common sense thank you for elevating this debate…

        Peace Khayeh!

      2. Ya moustapha,

        Your words express logic and common sense thank you for elevating this debate…

        Peace Khayeh!

      3. Ya moustapha,

        Your words express logic and common sense thank you for elevating this debate…

        Peace Khayeh!

      4. moustapha Avatar

        Habibi Marc, Peace to u khayeh always.

        Prophet my southern bro, didn’t get a response from you? le matha? =)

      5. moustapha Avatar

        Habibi Marc, Peace to u khayeh always.

        Prophet my southern bro, didn’t get a response from you? le matha? =)

  64. moustapha Avatar


    I would like to say that I respect you because you are sincere for your convictions and I can tell you love Lebanon.

    I enjoy reading your posts even though I don’t support many of your opinions but you are respectful, intellectual and understanding.

    And besides your a southern brother! hahaha.. Prophet is also from bint il Jbeil. =)

    Peace to you bro.

  65. resistance ya man if you where winning this much during the war why did you stop don;t tell me becouse sanyoura was crying thats effect you so much you stop the war ,plus you did say that you not ready to join the lf how told you the lf want you anyway you are resistance and you don;t trust no one but yourself you the one who force israel in 2000 to withdraw from lebanon and you are the one who;s gonna make here came back for you .you say there was a lot of spy in the lf are you sure there was none with HA so you thing nasralla telling us lies he dosen;t lie does he,so one of you is liying in here? go push you drama film somewhere else 30 years of war is enought and yet some small mind like yours making divisin shia christain and muslim if you thing you gonna chase isareal with them rockets thing again buy the way why is nasralla under ground ? i thought he belive in god and when your time is up u can hide from your destiney so lets keep him there safe ha will be good idea it does shaw from your talk that HA arms is against the lebanese and no one else

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