Geagea calls on March 8 to join him in building an effective state


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said on Friday during LF students’ graduation ceremony in Maarab that the majority March 14 alliance will remain committed to the truth, stressing that the Special Tribunal for Lebanon will continue to be around until justice is done.

“We will remain committed to the full truth and the International Tribunal will be around until justice is done,” Geagea said .

“No one has the right to speak about false witnesses before an indictment is issued,” Geagea warned, stressing that the credibility of the witnesses is determined by the judges during the trial of the indicted party.

Geagea called on the March 8 alliance to join the drive to build an effective Lebanese State .

“I appeal to the other (political) team to join the drive to build an effective Lebanese State, not like the one we have now ” he said



3 responses to “Geagea calls on March 8 to join him in building an effective state”

  1. AGREE!!! A DIFFERENT NATIONAL PACT THAN THE CURRENT ‘ALI BABA THIEVES AND CO”/. A state with an army that is not in the cities but on the border controlling the arms coming to various Palestinian camps and hezbollah,and other groups, an army that will defend the constitution and protect the Lebanese citizen, a state that the religious leader are banned from talking politics , a state that everyone who collaborate with outside country will be put in jail dspite what the country is , Syria ,Iran, Israel, you are considered a traitor of you execute the orders of foreign state, a state that ban any political party that calls for the destruction of the constitution or deny the Lebanese entity. A trial of all politicians without sentencing to show the public how responsible they were for the destruction of the country,killing of the innocent and conspiring against the Flag , and ban them forever from running the elections.

  2. we tell our lebaneese brothers the shiites we are concern about your safety so please use your logic we know you are intelligent people and demand that the lebaneese army be the only protector of your areas because they are the only legal force of the state that that you can trust to provide you a safe and resposible protection unlike the militias that claimed they protected you instead they have brought a destruction to your homes, bridges. schools. and the tragic loss of innocent lebannees civilian so we ask you again so please do,nt let that sad event happened to you again and choose the lebaneese army as a sole force in your area that would be the only way you will garantee your safety and security for a better future for you and for all lebaneese

  3. let me be more clear i am telling the ha that they have failed with their war to protect the south they need to let go and let the laf do there job and ask our shiaas,s brother to stop supporting ha because they pledge their support behind the lebaneese army

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