5 family members killed in a Traffic accident


Five family members were killed in a traffic accident in Damour village near al-Jisr beach resort on the highway that links Beirut to south Lebanon

National News Agency said the family’s four-wheeler overturned after one of its tires ruptured, killing all five of them.

The victims were identified as : Raghibeh Ismail, 56, her son Hazem Jahjah, 38, his wife Rana Atwi, 31, and their one year-old and three-year-old children.

The accident occurred on the same highway on which six people were killed and 20 others injured last Tuesday in a traffic accident involving several trucks and other vehicles in Jiyeh , south of Beirut.



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  1. Absolutely, my dog has been hurt too by a motorcycle (Yamaha).

    This tragedy can happen to anyone of us. The responsibility falls on the Minstry of Public works and the current government.

  2. i dont think its the highway, more like the driver not getting proper maintainence.

  3. What a trajic accident… I think everyone is responsible, the public roads are not safe in Lebanon and not built per the latest specifications, the cars are not maintained properly, the drivers drive like maniacs like there is no tomorrow,, and for some unfortunate ones there is no tomorrow.

    we see this every single day and it seems like no one learns a lesson. as smart as we Lebanese think we are, we tend to forget very quickly and go on making the same mistake all over again.we have no patience, we have no respect to danger and we are not good planners. we do things first then we realize that it was a mistake…

    I feel so bad for every victim dies in a car accident, in a fight that turns into shooting and bombing over some time little argument that develops into a an all out war between religins if those two were from different religions.

    God save this country from its own people, it takes miracles to do it….

    1. sami estefan Avatar
      sami estefan

      It’s the speed and lack of wearing seat belts that kill people. People drive like manyaks on that highway. I don’t know what is the big hurry to get home … to watch TV!

      1. Hazem's Friend Avatar
        Hazem’s Friend

        No my friend it is not the speed, one of his tires just went off its place and thats what caused the issue. May he and his family rest in peace

  4. it has nothin to do with seat belts it has to do with our bad roads and stupid spoilt drivers that the government issue driver license for a baby in his mothers stomach , its uncountable faults and it will never b fixed cuz we have no good stable ppl with senses , and thats how innocent ppl die for totally a silly mistake that they can fix in a blink of an eye

  5. Ministry of public work + speed + useless police,plus the uncivilized driving , I was there this summer and two young girls died at red light.Out of control, you need big penalties like US,Canada and Europe, we rank on the top list of the most uncivilized drivers in the world.NO sidewalk for people , no one respect the people who walk on the street,hopeless case this nation before and after the war.

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