One faked & one real kidnapping in Lebanon


According to local reports the Internal Security Forces’ (ISF) Information Branch found Iman Hassan Qobeissy in a hotel in the South Lebanon town of Jezzine by tracking a phone call she made, after faking her abduction.

Qobeissy’s father claimed on Tuesday that his daughter and her children, Hadi and Yara Ghandour, were kidnapped by unidentified individuals in South Lebanon.

Qobeissy was reportedly detained for questioning

Real kidnapping

Two Polish tourists who were kidnapped were rescued by the army in eastern Lebanon, and the pair is safe, Poland’s consul to Beirut said on Wednesday.

“It was a normal accident which can happen anywhere,” Lech Faszcza told Agence France Presse.

He said the Lebanese military could not identify precisely where the pair had been abducted Tuesday night but ruled out any political motivation.

“The two tourists said they were not careful when they were driving, lost their way and had no map, no GPS and so on… and they were not too scared, frankly,” he said.

The tourists, both in their early 30s, were frequent travelers and on their first visit to Lebanon on vacation, Faszcza said.

The Poles were freed by the army shortly after being kidnapped Tuesday by two members of the influential Jaafar clan in the eastern Bekaa Valley town of Baalbek.

When the abductors failed to stop their car at a checkpoint, soldiers opened fire, killing one of the kidnappers, identified as Rashid Reda Jaafar in an army communiqué. The other abductor had fled and was being sought.

The army confirmed that the tourists were temporarily taken to an army barracks in the Bekaa before being released.