One faked & one real kidnapping in Lebanon


According to local reports the Internal Security Forces’ (ISF) Information Branch found Iman Hassan Qobeissy in a hotel in the South Lebanon town of Jezzine by tracking a phone call she made, after faking her abduction.

Qobeissy’s father claimed on Tuesday that his daughter and her children, Hadi and Yara Ghandour, were kidnapped by unidentified individuals in South Lebanon.

Qobeissy was reportedly detained for questioning

Real kidnapping

Two Polish tourists who were kidnapped were rescued by the army in eastern Lebanon, and the pair is safe, Poland’s consul to Beirut said on Wednesday.

“It was a normal accident which can happen anywhere,” Lech Faszcza told Agence France Presse.

He said the Lebanese military could not identify precisely where the pair had been abducted Tuesday night but ruled out any political motivation.

“The two tourists said they were not careful when they were driving, lost their way and had no map, no GPS and so on… and they were not too scared, frankly,” he said.

The tourists, both in their early 30s, were frequent travelers and on their first visit to Lebanon on vacation, Faszcza said.

The Poles were freed by the army shortly after being kidnapped Tuesday by two members of the influential Jaafar clan in the eastern Bekaa Valley town of Baalbek.

When the abductors failed to stop their car at a checkpoint, soldiers opened fire, killing one of the kidnappers, identified as Rashid Reda Jaafar in an army communiqué. The other abductor had fled and was being sought.

The army confirmed that the tourists were temporarily taken to an army barracks in the Bekaa before being released.



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  1. Constantin Avatar

    This is a novelty now: kidnapping tourists! What a great way to contribute to the economy, to the tourism industry and the security atmosphere in general. The eastern Bekaa area is a no man’s land….Clans and tribes control their respective areas and the rule of law is quasi inexitent.

    I was planning to re-visit Baalbeck and visit the Aassi river and the Hermel later this month…I guess I have to reconsider or go with a clan of my own.

    I am happy one of the kidnappers received a punishment more than he deserves and hope that the other will be caught and punished with several years in jail.

  2. This is the same family (Jaafar) who was in the news more than once this past year for even shooting at the army during security raids and another time in armed clashes against another local clan. Why hasn’t the army cleaned that troubled area and got rid of the WELL known trouble makers amazes me. Yep, keep on asking for the death penalty to be inflicted on spies and leave the local thugs roam free. Another example of Lebanese views on justice !

  3. I think this was a drug deal that went bad. Either they wanted the scam the two with the money, or the competition blew the whistle.

  4. Hey guys, we’re recruiting now. The Lebanese Website Liberation Army (LWLA) is now recruiting.

    Over 18 years of age,males females or others,lol

    Lebanese citizen

    No affiliation with any Lebanese political party.

    Don’t tell us your sect or religion, we could careless.

    1. This is a great idea. Lebanon needs another armed group.

  5. this is where disarming should begin. i’ve said this before and i’ll keep saying till someone hears me in the government.

    anybody caught using weapons in a crime, must and without expolanation have their weapons confiscated and that person tagged as being banned from owning weapons for life.

    this law will be applicable to civilians or groups alike.

    tht incident inthe parking lot, those people’s weapons should be confiscated and these people baneed from using them whether they’re affiliated or not.

    the law should be equal to all citizens and political groups are also lebanese citizens after all.

  6. well the jafaar family is well knowning for drugs and they are in good relation with HA and the syrian both

    1. george haddad N.J Avatar
      george haddad N.J

      They facilitate the drugs for both so therefore they’re almost untouchables. Both Syria and Hezb provides cover for them. When they killed 3 soldiers few yrs ago. They ran to syria then turkey. then back to Syria. Syria should hand them over but they never did. We deal with gangs in all levels here.

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