19 tourists killed in hot air balloon accident in Egypt

The terror lasted less than two minutes: Smoke poured from a hot air balloon carrying sightseers on a sunrise flight over the ancient city of Luxor, it burst in a flash of flame and then plummeted about 1,000 feet to earth. A farmer watched helplessly as tourists trying to escape the blazing gondola leaped to […]

Lebanon army promises expats, tourists safe Xmas

The Lebanese army on Sunday urged  foreigners and Lebanese expatriates to visit Lebanon this Christmas season, promising  that it will ensure their safety . “ The army reassures  tourists  that they will enjoy full care and attention, the army and all other security forces apparatuses will ensure their safety,”

Bassil : expect more power blackouts in Lebanon

Lebanon Energy Minister Gebran Bassil said Wednesday evening that power blackouts “could reach 15 hours per day.” “If we do not execute any of the measures, amend the flaws… and [lift the freeze on] funds which [the energy] sector needs then we might [witness a worse situation],” the minister told MTV. He added that the […]