Hezbollah chief says Iran can donate arms to Lebanon army


Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a live speech via a video link during an Iftar

While he was talking a clash broke out in Burj Abi Haidar, ( a Beirut suburb) during which Mohammed Fawwaz, a Hezbollah’s official was killed . Nasrallah never mentioned the incident during his speech

As expected he talked about , the Resistance, The Special Tribunal for Lebanon, arming the Lebanese army, the spies and the recent protests over power and water outages .


We can face dangers (no matter what they are) through moral support for the Resistance.

The biggest threat we’ve been facing in Lebanon is the Israeli threat.

Israeli [threats], the Zionist project and Tel Aviv’s ambitions on our land, gas, oil and water are the external dangers.

It is our fate that there is an entity founded on [invading others’ lands]. We now have a rich experience, after all these years, in how a small country with limited capabilities can defend its sovereignty and restore its land when facing the strongest army in the Middle East.

We, in Lebanon, have the richest military and political experience. This made-in-Lebanon experience, which has created a balance of fear and deterrence with the enemy.

Following the 2006 July War in Lebanon, the world studied the Resistance’s victory because the experience was [based] on a formula that was not clear during the [past few years], which is the formula of [the unity] of the Resistance, army and people.

This new, unique and special formula has succeeded in Lebanon… and we are concerned about maintaining it, improving its elements, and improving [these elements’] relations with each other.

The Lebanese territory of Ghajar is [recognized as an area that belongs] to Lebanon and all international attempts to convince Israel to withdraw from Ghajar claim that returning the land to Lebanon will weaken the Resistance and Hezbollah. Only the Resistance led Israel out of Lebanon.

Arming the Lebanese army

In Lebanon, what we say does not reflect our convictions . We say that we all agree on empowering the Lebanese army. The issue of arming the army was brought up again after the Adaisseh clashes, which have many connotations. The Adaisseh incident revealed a very important thing, which is that the arms that the [US] gives to the army and the security forces come with a clear condition over their use. The [US] supposes that these arms are not given to the army to fight Israel or to defend itself, but to settle internal issues that the US calls facing terrorism. ( This is a reference to the fact that the US considers Hezbollah a terrorist organization)

The Adaisseh incident revealed this. The controversy over whether to arm the Lebanese army started between the US Congress, Department of Defense and State Department . The Congress requested an investigation to know whether the arms used in the clashes were given by the US.

I think that the US will continue to arm the army. The excuse being used in the Congress is that if Washington want Lebanon to be under control , the Lebanese army must be empowered and armed, because not arming it would place Lebanon in Hezbollah’s hands.

Donations [no matter how many there are] cannot arm the Resistance. The same applies to the Lebanese army, but these donations have a moral [significance], and it is a good step.

All Arab countries say that they love Lebanon … I suggest that the government define the type of weapons (the army needs), and we’d tell the Arab countries: We don’t want money, but we rather want weapons. I suggest that Lebanese delegations go to Arab countries to request arms after the army’s needs are specified .

Arming the army cannot wait for the approval of the 2010 state budget. This a tense and exceptional situation that cannot wait for studies.

I addressed this issue during the 2009 parliamentary elections. If the opposition had won the elections and formed the cabinet, then the countries arming the Lebanese army would have stopped doing so. And when I suggested to resort to our friends in Syria and Iran for armaments , all hell broke loose.

Now, all the political forces are saying that they will accept the army to be armed without conditions, and they have no conditions for Iran. I hope that our brotherly minister will give an official request and Hezbollah will work its hardest to benefit from its friendship with Iran to help arm the Lebanese army. And I am talking about aid, and not buying weapons .

I think Iran, which has helped. Lebanon for 28 years, ever since the 1982 Israeli invasion will not skimp when it comes to any possible help to the Lebanese army. This is something we can do together. This is in reference to the creation of Hezbollah by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 1982 )

Special Tribunal for Lebanon

We addressed the issue of the STL’s false witnesses in the cabinet, and the government appointed Justice Minister [Ibrahim Najjar] to study the issue. That was a good step.

Does the [Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)] have any jurisdiction over the Lebanese judiciary to tell it what [to do]? We must know. I want to ask the government how the [issue of the STL’s] false witnesses should be resolved. I do not want to engage in an argument on the [issue] of the false witnesses, because no matter what is said, [the fact] that the investigation was misled will not change. Someone did mislead the investigation and someone is behind the [false witnesses].

Who is behind the false witnesses? Why do some [people] in Lebanon want to hide them? If you do not want to punish them, do not. But [I ask] for the sake of truth and justice. Who fabricated them and misled the investigation for four years?

The cabinet agreed to study the file. Let us see what [Najjar] will [achieve].

About the evidence that was submitted to the STL. I held a press conference presenting evidence [which implicates Israel in the 2005 assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri] and all hell broke loose. People were saying that [what I presented] was not irrefutable evidence [proving Israel was behind the assassination]. I said beforehand that what I was presenting was not irrefutable evidence, but should change the course of the investigation.

Some [March 14] politicians have said that Hezbollah’s evidence submittal recognizes the STL. No. I will not be dragged into saying what [information I have] and what [data I have] that is related to the STL and the international investigation. The current [situation] implies that I am not concerned about the investigation and the tribunal. I will [speak on the issue] at the right time.

If the Lebanese judiciary wants to cooperate and [work] with us, then hopefully we will [work with it].

In 2006, some [Israeli] agents confessed that they allowed into Lebanon a team of Israeli commandos, who stayed here for a few days and then left. Today I ask, why haven’t these agents been interrogated again to uncover whether the commandos were present in the country [when any explosions or assassinations occurred]. ( For the record no one exactly knows whom the STL has interrogated )

The Lebanese authorities can get such facts. The agents are in their custody, not mine.

( According to Ya Libnan legal advisers there is no such a thing as a false witness before indictments are made . Only the courts during the trial can determine whether a witness is for real or false. At this stage no body knows who will be indicted, despite the fact that Nasrallah has revealed that some members of the party will be indicted. Such information is not coming from STL …such information is most probably assumptions or extrapolations coming from Hezbollah members that were interrogated by the Investigators. The trials will start after the indictments are made . There are 12 judges , 4 of them are Lebanese )


We currently assume that Lebanon is waging a daily security war on Israeli spies. In my last speech , I said that there are more than 100 spies, and the official ministries said that there more than 15o. It is correct to assume that we are waging a serious security war with Israel. Judicial follow up is necessary, and rulings must be issued and implemented.

Implementing [these rulings] will stop or [greatly] affect many Israeli collaborators’ actions. Many started spying after 2005 or 2006. There are many who have been collaborating for years, while many were recently recruited and many have yet to be recruited. What will deter people is not revenge, but punishments.

I call for immediate justice. An [Israeli collaborator] will do harm to himself and it is not his family’s fault. It is the collaborator’s fault only, and his family and political party or institution should not be looked at in a negative way. ( This was understood to be in reference to Hezbollah ally Free patriotic Movement . A Senior FPM official retired Lebanese army officer Fayez Karam was arrested on charges of spying for Israel .)

If spies and collaborators are found in the army, does that mean the whole army is a spy?

I am not trying to brag about Hezbollah, but the party has an internal structure and a popular base. We do not have files on those who are in our popular base – our supporters and followers – and there might be infiltrators among them. But in the internal structure of Hezbollah, we have files on each of our members. [We fought] daily with the Israelis, who wanted to know where we had storages and camps, what our intentions were, what our tactics were. And for that reason, Hezbollah, for 28 years had a branch called ‘fighting espionage’ to combat infiltration in the party. This is the strongest apparatus.

-When I say that Hezbollah has not been infiltrated up until now, I am not showing off. I base my statement on facts. We are preparing for a future press conference to discuss the issue . (According Lebanese media the Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces informed Hezbollah last July of the names of three senior party members suspected of collaborating with Israel).

The Resistance is secure, and if it were not, then it would not have been victorious in the 2006 July War.

Protests over Water and electricity outages

As for the electricity and water issues, there is a [serious] problem in Lebanon. [In the beginning the country had electricity issues] and we are now [informed] that the country may also suffer water problems. This is a real problem, and it is not new. Neither the current minister can be held responsible for it nor the former… We do not want to challenge [anyone’s] responsibilities. ( Both ministers are members of the Free Patriotic Movement which is closely allied with Hezbollah)

There is an electricity problem in the country, which worsened due to the serious climate issue. This is a problem for stable countries that [dedicate] huge budgets for energy [sources].

I read some statements that [some power-cut] protests are political. According to what I know, no March 8 or March 14 political parties stand behind these protests.

It was also said that some protests are a rehearsal by some political parties to overthrow the government. These statements are a reference to us, and they are nonsense. All of us in the cabinet have taken a decision to cooperate in order to face people’s crises.

There was a time when [March 8] wanted to [overthrow] the cabinet. It can now [overthrow] it in the parliament. It does not need the street. (According to observers , in his calculations Nasrallah must be counting on the vote MP Jumblatt’s Democratic gathering block )

We do not hide behind [people’s sufferings]. We have the courage to express out political [stances]. If anyone in the cabinet feels that they can no longer be a part of this cabinet, we will inform Prime Minister [Saad Hariri] of that.

No one is targeting the cabinet or Energy Minister [Gebran Bassil]. The issue now is that there is a problem in the country that we need to resolve. The cabinet approved of a plan that needs four years to be implemented. Taking a decision is not enough. The cost of exceptional measures is less than the economic, psychological and socials costs the country is tolerating. I join those calling on the cabinet to form a commission or hold an exceptional session to discuss with [Bassil new means] to [resolve the issue].

[We are worried] about what is going on in the street because we are afraid of intelligence [services] that might [trigger] clashes between the people, security forces and the Lebanese army. This will harm us all, especially the Resistance.

The first request to the cabinet is for it to meet and discuss suggestions. We all [should work] to [create an] emergency fund and an [advanced payment] to temporarily resolve the issue.

I call on people to be patient and calm and to not be dragged into [fights] in the street because it is useless. I fear that someone [will use] these spontaneous protest to drag the country into what it cannot handle.

I call on the cabinet to study and discuss a plan to build a peaceful nuclear plant to generate electricity in Lebanon. The water issue does not need a strategy, and we can resolve this issue in two sessions because we are heading toward a serious problem.

Power is needed to protect Lebanon. The golden formula to protects Lebanon is the one of the [unity] of the Resistance, army and people.

( According to observers Hezbollah and Amal neighborhoods refuse to pay for electricity and water . Bill collectors in Hezbollah and Amal strongholds have reportedly been subjected to attacks and many were killed or wounded.)



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  1. Here you go iran moving in.

  2. PROPHET Avatar


    I doubt you even read the story.

    1. PROPHET,

      Title say: Hzzzb Ala chief say iran can donate arms to Lebanon Army. That is enough.

  3. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    What a hypocrity as if Iran would arm the LAF for nothing to give it back. Here is part of an article that was published recently which clearly states that Iran is telling Syria, Hezbollah and hamas and the leaders of AL Qods Brigade what they need to do in case Iran is attacked. yes some will say what’s wrong with training them. Well nothing wrong, but the only reasons the Top Iran Guards meeting in Syria to tell them what to do not just only training them.

    Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief Gen. Mohamed Ali Jafari, who rarely leaves his country, paid a secret visit to Damascus a few hours before Tehran launched its first nuclear reactor at Bushehr Saturday, Aug. 21. With him were top Al Qods Brigades commanders in Lebanon, Iraq and the Palestinian territories. The group stayed only long enough to confer with Syrian president Bashar Assad and his military and intelligence chiefs on three topics:

    1. The roles Syria and Hizballah will play in a potential Iranian military reprisal to a possible American or Israeli strike on its nuclear sites.

    2. The probable repercussions of an Iranian decision to use Hizballah or pro-Iranian groups as proxies for a pre-emptive strike – or strikes – against Israel.

    3. How Syria can help discourage the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia from their willingness to support a US or Israel attack on Iran with bases, intelligence assets and other means.

    The importance and urgency of this discussion is attested to by the IRGC’s supreme commander having made his trip outside Iran for many years. However Iran may run into a different response if it makes goods on its threats of aggression and the flurry of war preparations they are orchestrating around Israel’s borders.

  4. How about arms for power generators and water supplies. If this does not make you immortal, how about helping the displaced and the sufferers from the deluge in Pakistan. Isn’t a good will gesture to help others in need and show diversity, instead of inciting hatred and promoting war. Lebanon has enough arms and do not need more, specially in h/a’s hands.

    Hassoun, you should go to a mosque and pray for peace not war. No more morons like you and the idea of sadr coming to Lebanon makes me sick, we have enough in our jungle.

  5. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    He’s lying when he said hezbollah have not been infiltrated. Its not true because hezbollah were told about few HA officials were caught spying for israel. His ego is so big its going to hurt him a lot when he falls down. this is guy is nothing but a liar and a big traitor to lebanon. He’s taking the whole shiites sects with him in order to appease iran rulers. When Qassem, Moussavi, Raad and many high HA officials say we will not sit idly by if Iran is attacked? where is this generosity comes from? So you’re willing to sacrifice again lebanon for the sake of the issues between Iran and israel? why lebanon has to suffer because you get paid and fully equip your organization and the whole lebanon population have to suffer because of your inept decision. Especially that moneky decicion you were forced to make in 2006? Israel may not been fully prepared then for your type of war. But this time around they are and they will not let you off the hook this time like they did in 2006. Stop your aggressions and your constant intimidations and bullying before it destroys not just your organization but whole lebanon. this time lebanon electricity and water will be rationed forever if we stage another war. Give your thugs to the STL, back the up LAF faithfully as you claim and live peacefully among the lebanese. Otherwise your next round it might bring you short victory, but in the end will be lucky if anyone will survive. Stop your childish and stupid behavior and think of Lebanon first. Not iran, not syria, and nobody else but lebanon.

  6. I read the story and was very impressed by the change of tone in the message compared to previous speeches. Nasrallah appeared to care about the good of the country and seemed to abide and commit to the state institutions, That is until……..

    He mentioned the peaceful nuclear plant to generate energy. I find no problem getting arms from anyone to support the army and make the country stronger. This whole thing about nuclear power plants, however, makes it clear that Iran may be behind the proposal, playing with our country as a pawn in the midst of it’s war games with the US and Israel.

    So the answer is No Thanks!

    We know these games by now! Let’s figure out how to generate power from water plants or like most other countries do it.

  7. The fool is a puppet reciting what he was told to say today. You noticed he is unaware of the killing in his area. In other word, since he is in hiding it takes him may be few day to get the info, hence the delay in reacting. I will add that some characters and traits are innate and some are acquired which he lacks as a “leader”. I feel terrible for his followers and believers, like it was said earlier by another Ya-libnani, they will follow him blindfolded to death. h/a is infiltrated and see no rosy picture for them. That is one of the reason they are trying in different ways to provoke, instigate and incite friction so they can prevail.

  8. I hate it when cowards won’t face the music. I love those thumbs down!!!

  9. By your own admittance, thanks for your ignorance.

  10. Bwavo, can you do this again.

  11. OK, you win and as a prize you get to go blow yourself up and go see your 72 virgins.

  12. Even when I am nice to you give a thumb down, how about if I told you that I love you, as an alternative to 72 virgins!!!

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      1. walid you got -3 for a simple lol post. i got you back up to -2 man.

        hilarious this rating crap.

  13. With different alternatives, your IQ is still -2 on an average, so since you write and comment under two names, I take it your IQ is a solid -1. Good going h/a needs more individuals JUST like you. I am done for the night and do not expect an answer, save it till tomorrow. I have been fasting all day and time to go and enjoy a meal. I hope you have the same.

  14. Lebster Avatar

    Since when Nasrallah is the spokesman of Iran in Lebanon??? Is he still Lebanese? What do we have in common as Lebanese with the Persians??? Customs? Democracy? Fashion?? 2nd Language?

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      Lebster where you see problems I see opportunities: I am starting a new school. Xerxes U. Its motto: “Learn Farsi NOW!!!”

      I can see the money rolling… LOL 😀

      1. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        Lesson number one:

        Start saying “Khoda Hafez” instead of Allah ma3ak. Khoda (Allah in Farsi) and the origin of the English word God.

      2. walid i have no idea why people dont see your sense of humor? i like when i’m told to relax and the ratings for you really show who need to relax.

        dude, i gave you thumbs up bro. i got your back.

  15. Lebstter Avatar

    Lesson #2 Walid 🙂

    The origin of the work kerkhana

    Kir = male genetalia

    Khaneh = house of

    Hence Kir-Khaneh 😉

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      LOL OK!!!

      Lesson number 3:


      Kos = female genitalia

      sher = poetry

      kos-e-sher in farsi is equivalent to bull$hit

      1. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa walid that was the best one yet. i think we need to be able to give mmore than one thumbs up.

        dude i wish you were coming to lebanon at the same time. we would definitely have some laughs.

        oh well, maybe next time brother we can show lebanese how durzi maronite and whatever marias religion is can actually get along. actually my friend alain here is catholic and we’re best friends.

      2. Lebster Avatar

        Good one Walid 🙂

  16. lebster i gave you thumbs up too my man. people who tell me to relax need to chill and differentiate between whats serious and whats a joke but then, i agree with that documentary, “searching for humor in the middle east” lol

    at least i get angry over very sensitive issues. you people are always angry.

    i love you walid and lebster no worries guys lol

  17. i find it really stupid to think that lebanese people will think that if iran donates weapons to lebanon, lebanon will all of a sudden start speaking farsi.

    theres such a paranoia among lebanese that its baffling.

    like many other posts have said, many shia do not want iranian style regime in lebanon so whats to be scared of.

    your parnois stems from your lack of confidence in our leaders.

    well when i see hariri, president suleiman and MPs like fatfat at the helm, i can relax in knowing that iran will hve no big influence in lebanon.

    hell, they planted trees here, i dont see women walking in veils and the ayatollah walking in beirut.

    you all have to differentiate with irans influence on a small group and its attempt to influence a whole nation. big difference.

  18. well if the lebanese goverment want to get arms from iran they will talk a country to another they don;t need a middle man to take on there behave of course thats if your farsi is much better then your arabic and you;ll try to translate for the gov but i don;t thing they required your help you can stay in your cave

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