Hezbollah official killed in clashes in Beirut


Mohammed Fawwaz, Hezbollah’s official in Burj Abi Haidar, ( a Beirut suburb) was killed as the army managed to contain the clashes according to New TV.

According to local reports 2 people were killed in the clashes . The other person was not identified.

The clashes reportedly broke out earlier in the evening on Tuesday between members of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects – Al Ahbash- (also known as Jam’iyyat al- Mashari’ al-Khayriyya al-Islamiyya) and Hezbollah supporters.

There were some reports that Amal Movement was involved, but Amal denied .

Situation in the area continues to be very tense


Another man was killed in the clash. He was identified as Ahmad Jamal  Omairat, from the Al Ahbash. He is reportedly the son of a Beirut Mukhtar .

The fighting has stopped

Many were reportedly wounded. The Red Cross and the Civil Defense are still at the scene of the incident to collect the wounded and to take them to the nearby hospitals for treatment .

Al Ahbash follows the teachings of Abdallah al-Harari, an interpretation of Islam combining elements of Sunni and Shi’a theology with Sufism. It advocates Islamic pluralism and opposition to political activism (its slogan is “the resounding voice of moderation”).

It is not clear why the clash took place between these 2 groups ( Hezbollah and al Ahbash ) specially since they are closely linked

Hezbollah gave Al-Ahbash a 3-hour deadline to hand over the killers of the party’s official

A tripartite meeting is currently taking place between an army official, Hezbollah security chief Hajj Wafiq Safa and an Al-Ahbash official in a bid to pacify the situation.

Defense Minister Elias Murr suspended permits for carrying firearms across all Lebanese areas. It is not clear how much effect such an order will have since Hezbollah is heavily armed and most of these arms are not subject to any permits.

Machine guns and rocket propelled grenades were used, witnesses said. . It was not clear who started the shooting.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah did not mention the incident during a live speech via a video link he was giving at the time of the clash.



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  1. So now do we shut down the country for the loss of h/a’s official!!!

    1. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
      Tarie AL Fanarie

      Let’s have the STL investigate this incident. Who knows this guy was wanted by the STL after all. So now he’s dead so less people to worry about.

  2. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    sunni’s vs. shia’s ?

    I guess no one but the shia in Leb likes the HA?

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      Not so true, leb

  3. Constantin Avatar

    All this political “sweet” and calming talk from the politicians does not really make a difference on the ground, especially when there are arms in the hands of one group of people, and hatred is in the heart and minds of many…

    Oh I forgot those arms are to resist the “ennemy”!!! and not to be used internally against each other…Yeah! Still we should not be against the arms with Hizbullah, we should support the resistance :” bi rmoush yinaynah” as Karami said.

    Many of these skirmishes will continue to happen until all the people are DISARMED.

  4. again weapons need to be banned from any individual, group, or families that start a very flippant skirmish over personal or political reasons.

    this law needs to be in place effective immediately as we gotta take lebanon out of the old wild wild west era and bring it to the civilised one.

    the army needs to confiscate the weapons from the persons involved and should the person need to reclaim it, he/she can hire a lawyer (lots of money), go to court (long time for hearing dates) go to trial and convince a judge why you should get your gun back.

    the law should be worded that if you wanna waste your money on lawyers, 99.9999999% of all times, you aint getting your weapon back.

    1. PROPHET Avatar

      Tony A,

      Rating: Well-loved +8

      That is impresssive,are you on Viagra?lol

      1. prophet habeebi i’m up to +10. i am learing the secret popularity contest. dont mention maria in my posts 🙂

    2. You got thumbed heavily here, boy you must be in pain 🙂 however, your comment doesnt make any sense because you cannot disarm anyone in libon, especially HA. Do you propose that the gay army confiscate everyones weapons except HA? I dont trust the army anymore than i trust HA, look what happened in 08? Gay army stood by and allowed HA to ravage the city, you honestly think anyone is going to give up their weapons????? These idiots are still firing at each other till now, reminds me of the show “When animals attack”

      Good luck with that solution ya Aflatone inta

      1. is better to spend the money on having electricity 24 hours and don’t have the army-name one station in the Lebanese history that the army played a major savior role.didn’t protect us from Israel,Syria,PLO , and now hopeless against the terror of street guys,motorcycles guys, and the gangs of Berri and Nasrallah and other factions .In 2008 the gangs went to the future Tv and burn it while the army watching on the entrance of the building ,actually some army personnel facilitated Hizbollah gangs entrance

      2. hi maria and prophet. i just got off work as usual and i will respond accordingly.

        first off maria habeebti you need to learn to read honey.

        no one is saying disarm HA cos that will happen automatically via the absorption into the army.

        i’m talking about isolated incidents like those families in the wedding and the idiots that shot at the guy who won the election.

        you go there cos theres already a cause to go and contain the issue. so by being there, you take their weapons. thats doing things by the law.

        now lets say these guys are connected, well, it will start to put a certain pressure if their parties will have to keep sticking their necks out to use their “wastas” with the judges or whatever so maybe, that will in turn make the parties put pressure on their insecure followers that cant formulate an opinion or win an argument intelligently without the use of their gun, to stop acting like idiots.

        its actually a good deterrent that will meet resistance at first just like in the 80s in south carolina when the state first imposed the seat belt rule, we all rebelled and voiced outrage like idiots that it was infringing on our civil liberties.

        well, 20 years later, i’m so glad i’ve been wearing my seat belt all these years cos a couple of occasions, i could have been gone.

        same concept applies here. we gotta get out of the wild wild west ideology and as long as we keep the unity slogan going on, soon enough when HA gets absorbed into the army, the lebanese commoners will have to disarm anyway cos our army will be so powerful that it wont need help from its people but will in actuality protect it like it should.

        it aint rocket science and if you think gaegae aint talking behind closed doors to get this done, you’re naiive.

        this law needs to be implemented immediately and the LAF needs to start confiscating weapons cos no party would want to stick their necks out for some beligerent monkeys that cant keep their guns in their holsters.

        much love and peace to all as i look forward to being in lebanon in exactly 11 days for one full month.

      3. GIBS58….you are absolutely right, this army has proven to be more useless and impotant than a castrated man. Im surprised the army didnt serve HA tea while they were on a rampage. Leb army should ask for those giant coffee kettles that they use to wear on their backs and serve coffee while bending over.

        Tony you are right, HA will join the army because they need people to serve them coffee and 7adroolin arageel as they fight.

  5. Lebster Avatar

    Guns should not be in the possession of emotional hotheads, they tend to hurt the innocent. Let me guess how many enemy combatants were killed in this skirmish by the resistance?


    I’m starting to see gang related behavioral symptoms from certain groups.

  6. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    I am impressed with DM Murr for suspending the weapons licence since none of these people carried licence for these weapons anyway. What a joke these orders are? Is there a licence for Scud missiles from iran? get a life Murr and you’re becoming a joke..Now i am sure this incident will make israel happy. Can we blame israel for it anyway?

    1. tarie you have to see Murr’s action as a positive step to halt what is already a problem bro.

      media is our worst enemy. whoever writes these articles loves controversy obviously cos they lways lean toward the negative.

      by halting further issuance of licenses, we are stopping more idiots from possessing these weapons.

      now that we are containing the problem, we start focussing on implementing laws that will reduce weapons possessions like they did in california by offering weapons for cash which proved to be somewhat successful given the amount of gang memmbers out there.

      i personally think that every action to start containing any problem is a good action.

      have a good day man.

    2. agree with you ,total joke, hello Mr Murr, I know you are a good person but Licence for 400000 rocket and rpg and whatever.When you arm and you are in trouble you are going to use it , as simple as it is. Regarding the army we have,mm,let’s see, didn’t protect Lebanese not from Israel, not from Syria, not the PLO , not all the Zaaran in every quarter , makes me wonder why we need an army really !!! if it is always is in danger of splitting .My opinion was always to create the strongest police force ,bigger than the army to take care of internal security and disarm all Lebanese citizens as the police in Lebanon amazingly didn’t split during the civil war, just what needed is high salaries and control of the corruption and bribes.Or maybe we need an internal Cedar revolution against all the politicians that have blood on their hand , let’s ship them with their families to exile forever, and have an election and elect people who have no blood on their hands , and decree a law no one even far related to feudal families in a way or other can run for election for a minimum of 30 years.Let’s do it as there is no hope with those bastards that are planning to take us to war again, let’s ship them out once,all with no exception at all!!!!!!!!

  7. lebster long time no talk. i beg to differ with the term gang related. these are people who have lost confidence in their abilities to convince others with their minds cos these poor people have probably never left lebanon and that war mentality is still in their blood.

    the government has been promoting ad campaigns re unity and we’re all lebanese and the need to keep that up.

    these campaigns are great and they are touching a number of people and need to continue.

    what the government needs to do is invest in good lebanese productions that will show the societal concerns of our country.

    i would love to be a part of such a project as i feel that it would touch many people and allow a debate to occur via this outlet cos the movie will obviously bring up many issues re HA absorption, separation of church and state, weapons possesion, interreligious love (cos many mixed couples go to cyprus to get married which i find ridiculous) and a coupl of other love stories as well.

    these people like here in canada need to perform public services when convicted and by doing so, they come to terms with their actions.

    my option would be to go talk to high school and elementary kids as to why the possession of weapons is a bad idea cos look at what might have happened to me (the person charged) i might have been killed and or imprisoned.

    i could have just walked away from the other people or talked calmly about my concerns.

    just an idea but i dont think these guys are gangstas.

  8. And throughout the deadly exchange of fire amongst residential areas, Hassan Nasrallah was (somewhat calmly for a change) delivering his speech and advising the government on some many issues including following the Iranian example of setting up nuclear power plants and swiftly executing all the spies. I think Hassouna should have asked first and foremost the swift execution of all those who deemed it fit to take to the streets not only firing automatic weapons, but rockets as well. Let us hope that insult will not be added to injury when Hizbollah will decided to hold a commemoration for their newly found martyr/thug.


    1. yeah sure , nuclear reactor in Lebanon with arms in hand!! what a stupid guy, Chernobyl happened without a bomb, could you imagine a nuclear plant in Lebanon HIT WITH a rocket , who;s going to protect the Nuclear plant in Lebanon? another issue were the heavy cooling radiating water is going to be disposed ? countries like Canada ,US, France ,Russia all experienced leaks to the lakes .Not only Israel will not allow , the whole world starting with the Arab world will never allow us to build such thing.Look at Kuwait they terrorized with fear as they’re 80 km away from the Iranian nuclear plant ,as any hit on it will cause another Chernobyl in the area. Just browse and check the internet how many Ukrainian are diagnosed with cancer on daily basis,

  9. what gets me marillion is this swift execution. isnt anybody interested in knowing what info these spies sold or what public figures they lead to their execution if any?

    really illogical things not computing at all.

    1. Marillionlb Avatar

      Dead men can’t talk my friend. NO ONE can claim to be “clean” in Lebanon, not even oir divine protector Hassouna. There is always much more than we “the people” know. Even during the war you would have been amazed as to whom was sitting with whom at a poker table and at times amunition was excchanged for crates of jhonny walker and bags of white powder amongst conflicting parties.l’habille ne fait pas le moine, as the French saying goes.

  10. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    Just unbelievable that this stuff happens in the modern world. Where were these people raised? Its not like Beirut is a day3a!

  11. One feels great sorrow to see this happening!How long will armed groups continue to exist and continue to endanger people s lives?!!

  12. I was only 11 or 12 years old when Lebanon was seeking independence from France.

    France had poster alloer the country showing a Senegaly soldier pointing his rifle with fixed bayonnet on it at a Lebanese on the ground and the caption was


    It is truer today than back in 1943

  13. Once again that weapon is used on the neighbors….. I have not heard of one bullet shot towards the enemy ever since the cease fire… but again, who do these people beleive is their enemy????? the only party that should have weapons is the ARMY no one else… to all those who defend that resistance, here it is….again and it’ll not stop, there always will be fights and excuses to use that weapon on neighbors and use it as political pressure…..the irony is that both of these groups are religious and both believe that they’re fighting for GOD… so, what God will win at the end the Sunni God or the Shia God…. what kind of future they’re mapping for their kids and grand kids…. good luck for both……I wish they wise up one day and see the light……

  14. A government within a government. They want the security to hand over the killer to Hezbollah on what basis, are they the justice department or the judicial system in Lebanon?


  15. you see toni A thats prove what i always said my friend HA will never give his arms up and he will never join the lebanese army they are a militia and they always be so how can you truse a militia to control a country,well but we will know what they will say later they will catch the spy who did all the shooting

    1. joey habeebi, HA will eventually dosarm. matk my words. nobody thought the IRA will ever do it and they did it.

      HA is seeing the benefits of relinquishing its arms privately cos then it can pursue political status.

      just dont listen to nasrallahs whole speech blindly. theres always one sentence in there that tells me they are willing to cooperate cos they have to listen to huge dynasties like saudi, turkey, US and lebanon itself. they’re not as powerful as people think.

      thats why i have been saying over and over again, their intention is never to take over lebanon, they just want a slice of the action thats all.

  16. Only in our country Lebanon you could hear such bizarre things, what I meant is listening to the radios yesterday the new was saying the clashed yesterday between the AL Ahbash that support Syria ( Hizb Mouali la Souria ) and Hizbollah a Pro Iranian party . Do you hear in Syria the existence of party the support Lebanon (mouali la libnan) ,let’s count Kataeb some said in the past belong to France , USA, Syria and Israel, same el Kouwet ,al Ahrar belong to England , and hizb El Kawmi workin exclusiverly to Syrian interest, al Moustakbal for Saudi Arabia and Hizb el Takadoumi god knows once for the soviet other for Syria and sometimes Palestinians or Lebanese, depends how Joumblat family feels at the time .

    Are we so tribal?, , and weak and hopeless that we need to be mercenaries for the outside world. all the time.

    We need a good revolution and put all the leaders or mercenaries leader of the above parties and ship them to the countries that they are paid by

  17. prophet Avatar

    You’re damn right; we’re the most tribal society. We wear a custom called Civility, We Speak Racism called common living; we shoot at each other, and called it friendly fire. We Love each other to death, Literally.

    1. i loved your paradoxical post prophet. i’m not worthy, i’m not worthy…..

  18. MARIA with all respect to you i don;t thing our army are gays they are tought enought to face HA or anyone else but dear you have to understand lebanon is like waves each part have the time and you can not get in between them the army have there family and kids to worry about as if they fight with HA they will defenatly retaliated by killing there family

  19. tony A I hope you are right and HA WILL join on day the LF but sorry bro i realy can;t see it happen because the do what they been told by there masters they don;t have a free will

  20. htere masters will be told by other bigger masters that UNITY is key to lebanon’s survival ya Joey.

    mark my words bro. it aint rocket science.

    dont look at everything as black and white in politics, theres always gray.

    this UNITY is not just good for lebanon bro, its good for the survival of the dynasties habeebi.

    this is all part of nostradamus’ predictions that there will be 7 years of peace in the world and then all hell will break loose from the anti-christ in the middle east.

    to me, the only anti-christ is israel.

  21. i have to agree with you on this one israel is anti humain never mind anti-christ only god strikes britain hard for sreating such a monster

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