Hariri calls for less talk and more action


During an Iftar in honor of Beiruti families, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri called for less talk and more action and vowed to never abandon his allies that stood by him all this time .

Hariri hailed his father, former PM Rafik Hariri who rebuilt Beirut after the civil war ended.

“We will continue in his footsteps and will never abandon our commitment to the historic role of the Capital,” Hariri said

“We will serve Beirut and its people, from our position as representatives of the Capital in the Parliament, our position as head of the Future Movement as well as the son of Rafik Hariri,” he told guests in Qoreitem.

“Words will not cancel the truth, and whatever these campaigns and the words of threat increase they will not be able to stop the path of justice,” Hariri stressed.

His comment about threats may be in reference to Wiam Wahhab’s statement on August 15 when he attacked the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and said ” people supporting sedition in Lebanon will be later found inside car trunks.”

“Today, we are facing big challenges … Don’t you think that the Lebanese citizen is suffering the most from the electricity problem? This means that the solution would be by talking to each other and not by burning tires. There are several issues that should be tackled and this government is the government of the people’s priorities. These priorities are electricity, water, roads, traffic congestion, medication, agriculture, and others.

He called for less talk and more action “in order to achieve success.”

Hariri paid tribute to slain Bashir Gemayel on the day that marked his election as president of the republic and saluted Solange Gemayel ( Gemayel’s widow ) who attended the iftar. aririHariri said ” we will always remain loyal to our allies who stood with us during all this period, especially the Phalange Party which witnessed the martyrdom of many of its members, particularly Pierre Amin Gemayel who was a brother and a friend to me,” Hariri concluded.



7 responses to “Hariri calls for less talk and more action”

  1. well said.

  2. Bravo! He must stand by his allies and those who are true Lebanese not just for the honor of his father but also, his country! United we stand…divided we fall! Let’s never forget those who were slain by those cowards/scum!

  3. Congratulations PM Harriri on those wise words, every day he is becoming a wise statesman and he his thinking so modern that I wish the younger generation of Lebanese politician will follow his thinking, the world is moving forward and let us not get stuck in the past, otherwise we will be left behind almost in the dark ages.

  4. Allah Yi7meek ya Saad

  5. Constantin Avatar

    Yes Allah Yihmee, lots of hatred and evil around him.

  6. This man along with march 14 represent what lebanon can become, a place where dialogue is more valued than arm.

    When word are the true weapon in a well balance democratie, anything is possible.

    Because where you have reason you have a solution…

  7. Yes,Mr.Hariri,threats,attacks and warnings will ¨not cancel truth nor stop the path of justice¨!!All should be concerned with justice and truth!It s only by dialogue,mutual understanding ,tolerance and respect on the part of all the different groups that a solution might be reached!This is the only way that such a diverse society can exist and be kept safe from fear and danger!Yes,the government should be concerned with the welfare of its people and their security!

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