Lebanese, Foreigners offer to support Lebanon army


The presidential office said in a statement that it has been receiving scores of calls from Lebanon and foreign countries praising the initiative of President Michel Suleiman to arm the military. .

The statement said the callers have expressed readiness to contribute to the arming of the military and equip it when the cabinet adopts such a decision and announces a donation mechanism.

Suleiman discussed the issue with State Minister Adnan Kassar, the statement said.



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  1. That is a great idea!!! If also donation mechanism is established I am sure that all Lebanese people living abroad will contribute to the army.

    We just have to trust that the party collecting the money is actually going to turn over them over to the army.

    There are lots of patriotic Lebanese in Canada, North & South America, Australic, Europe, etc. whom are capable of giving and would love to support their army.

    1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      how about h/a pitching in with few of their 40,000 rockets; hey, they could even strike a deal with the lebanese army for the remainder part of their arsenal w yertahou w rayyhouna.

      and since the weapons are already in the country, installed and operational, they could save the leb gov a bundle on shipping fees???????????;

      a food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i will ne more than happy to add the lebanese army to my list of donations as i donate to quite a few charities every month.

    what th gevernment needs to do is start establishing different doantion categories, ie if you wanna donate to the army, to schools, to the poor, to the hungry, to the building of soe bridge or that heritage site.

    i absolutely support this idea.

    i guess fan-airie and ASI werent some of those callers huh??

  3. WE have a foreign minister right called Mr. Shami maybe he can start traveling overseas and collecting from expat. first to his party second to resistance and then left overs to the army by the way he went to Tehran without cabinet approaval to convince the regime to donate to the Army First!

  4. wilypagan Avatar

    I wouldn’t contribute any money to equip the Lebanese army until Hizbollah has been disarmed. Can’t you see that Suleiman, Hariri, Jumblatt and Aoun are all afraid of Hizbollah? Why else would they allow those who murdered their own countrymen in 2008 continue to carry weapons within Lebanese sovereign borders? If the Lebanese army can’t do the job, then let Israel come back in and take out Hizbollah. The longer the wait for this, the more of Lebanon will be destroyed.

    1. For the Lebanese Army to take out HA, Israelis, or any invader they have to be well equipped – and they are really not. If you look at their innocents faces standing by the check points fully dressed in the heat, carrying the cheapes and oldest arms, your heart will go out for them. They are doing what they can to the best of their abilities and capabilities.

      Donation to the army is just a start – you have to have a starting point and hope that good things will follow. If you have your intentions and your heart in the right place, God will be on your side.

      We do not want to kill anyone, we do not want to shed anymore blood, we just want to have an army strong enough to defend our dignity.

      During my visit to Lebanon last month I wished to get out of my car at the check points and give each and every one of them a big sincere hug. I would love to donate for them if there is a guaranteed way that they will receive my donation.

    2. Sandman Avatar

      Hey Wiley, how would you like it if Israel came to your country and destroyed it then killed 1200 of your civilians and claimed it was there to destroy HA.

      No foreign country has any right in internal Lebanese politics. This is an issue for the Lebanese to resolve diplomatically.

      We don’t need your cowboy attitude, we’ve seen what it did to Iraq.

      1. If you let Israel in to attack h/a, the main reason that they are not at war with Lebanon now, what guarantee do you think Lebanon has that they will not continue to keep Lebanon as their own???

        Disarming h/a to the Lebanese army or some sort of assimilation with the laf is the only way. Everyone needs to understand that Israel wants Lebanon for their own and the only way to keep that from happening is to keep Lebanon strong.

        H/a needs to go but in a way that it will not let’s down lebanons defense.

  5. wilypagan HA disarming means absorption into the army and who do you think is gonna get the weapons – the LAF bro. so i’m all for the disarming for sure cos it all helps lebanon in the end.

    gotta go to work. see y’all soon.

    1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

      Tony I am all for disarming as well, then Israel can shut their traps about Hezbollah. I wonder what they will use as an excuse then to terrorize Lebanon?

  6. joanna you sound like a very nice lebanese lady god bless you and u should give them a big huge they would loved it as for the donation keep your money my dear sister as it will end up in someones pocket and not the army we know lebanon well

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