Shiite cleric: Israel preparing for new Lebanon offensive


Grand Shiite Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, Lebanon’s highest Shiite authority warned on Friday that Israel was preparing for a new offensive against Lebanon.

“Repeated Israeli attacks on Lebanon and daily violations of Resolution 1701 as well as spy penetration … all this is serious indication that the Zionist enemy is preparing for a new aggression against Lebanon and its people,” Qabalan said in his Friday sermon.

He said Tuesday’s deadly border clash between Israeli and Lebanese troops also underlines Israel’s “bad intents.”

“The practical response to Israel’s provocations and harassment is to improve our domestic coherence by putting our differences aside and adopting the ‘army-resistance-people’ equation,” Qabalan told worshipers.

He was echoing the statement made by Hezbollah chief during Tuesday speech in which he said:

“The LAF protects the Resistance, just as the Resistance protects the LAF, and the Lebanese people protects the LAF and the Resistance. This is the formula.”