Shiite cleric: Israel preparing for new Lebanon offensive


Grand Shiite Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, Lebanon’s highest Shiite authority warned on Friday that Israel was preparing for a new offensive against Lebanon.

“Repeated Israeli attacks on Lebanon and daily violations of Resolution 1701 as well as spy penetration … all this is serious indication that the Zionist enemy is preparing for a new aggression against Lebanon and its people,” Qabalan said in his Friday sermon.

He said Tuesday’s deadly border clash between Israeli and Lebanese troops also underlines Israel’s “bad intents.”

“The practical response to Israel’s provocations and harassment is to improve our domestic coherence by putting our differences aside and adopting the ‘army-resistance-people’ equation,” Qabalan told worshipers.

He was echoing the statement made by Hezbollah chief during Tuesday speech in which he said:

“The LAF protects the Resistance, just as the Resistance protects the LAF, and the Lebanese people protects the LAF and the Resistance. This is the formula.”



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  1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    I wander why during the battle with Fatah Al Islam how come HA did not support the Army? they even criticized it when it was trying to enter the camp and flush these gorillas and Godzillas out.

    HA criticized Fatal AL islam for attacking the army but hardly went all out on them as they should have. That’s the least they can do.

    After all Fatah Al Islam cut the necks of LAF soldiers and Nassrallah stood idly by and said nothing. But its okay for him to take over beirut and kill people so he can control the communication network? HA send arms and its members to fight against Sunnis in trippoli. I am a big supporter of the LAF but i was very upset the gov’t did not let them protect the streets of Beirut from HA thugs in 2008? HA should been gratefull to the LAF for not interfering with its mop-up operations. I just wandering if this latest incident in the South is not part of their instigation to bring lebanon and israel closer to war.Ali Saidi, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s

    It’s official. Lebanon, along with Palestine and Iraq, is part of Iran’s front line in the war against all arrogant movements and enemies of religion and religiosity that have united to confront Iran’s Islamic establishment. So said Ali Saidi, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s representative to the Revolutionary Guards, to the FARS news agency on Thursday.

    His words come at a time when the region’s power struggle centers on Lebanon. Last week’s mini-summit involving the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon – and later Qatar – sought to defuse tensions created by Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah over the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. It was a clear signal to the Hezbollah leadership that any moves to destabilize the country would not be tolerated. Nasrallah responded in the only way he knows how: with violence, threats and bluster.

    I wander if people like Tony Ali, CATHY and louay and others still believe that HA is not part of Iran Front after reading this.

    Its Okay Nassrallah is going to come on Monday and confuse people with his so called fabricated evidence. I heard he’s going to say that Charbel Qazzi gave israelis passwd to the communication network and the israelis changed the communications and on and on. As if israelis do not have hackers to access the network. Well since HA were in charge of the network are they that stupid not to watch it that much since they’re catching so many spies? i heard several HA officials were spying for israel too. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

    Nassrallah is the master of deceits and lies.

    the last few weeks HA and its allies been saying they see no war this year. Then suddenly they ignite the South for short while using their own surrogates in the army. Its sad that 2 soldiers killed to divert attentions from the STL and trying to send messages that they care about the LAF. trying to show they want unity with the army. But where were they the army was getting slaughtered by Gorillas of fatah al islam? tell me I am all ears?

  2. Dir honorable Grand Shiite Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan.

    With all due respect to your title and divine personality. Would you please tell us where did you get your military expertise? Was it during your theological studies or that came after?

    And while you are at it Devine sir, do you see any possibility of Syria invading as well?

    Thank you

  3. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    Well said Omar! I wander if Sfeir said something, then HA sends their christians allies criticizing Sfeir for interfering in politics. But the Sheiks of HA can say anything they want. Omar please ask him if there will be rain in Lebanon next winter. Oh wait it always rain in the winter in Lebanon what am i talking about. Duhhhhh

  4. Constantin Avatar

    Ignorants like this guy take advantage of their religious position to predict and forecast and speculate about politics, economics, war, peace, social affairs, and international politics, etc…. They become experts in all fields of modern life, and the worse thing of all there are hundreds of thousands who are listening!!!!

    This said, I do not doubt that he is good hearted man though, however, he should not venture in fields he has no clue about.

  5. h/a is being represented by one idiot (with all due respect to the cleric) to another. Religious figures should stay out of politics and practice their devotion to God and not incite hatred, spread unfounded rumors and kill others characters. Their is no divinity in politics. What part of NO you do not understand. I am very angry and h/a should stop today and join the civilized world and coexist with others.

  6. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Tarie, Omar and Constantin you said it all

    thumb up I stand for your comments

    for the first time on yalibanan finally we all agree

  7. I feel that people like za3za3 and ones full of hatred like you who are doing the most damage. You cannot handle it that someone must be different then you. They all must like a certain way of life, and have same values like you so they can be approved by people like you and bush (remember him?) becasue you are more worthy humans then “them” .. thos damned “other” evil guys.

    So what color or symbol are you simple Joe?

    I myself always liked Purple, colors of the phoneicians


  8. nasrallah this time is trying to hide the LA so they can get it to its not enought for him the underground thing about it if israel wnted the war they have the execuse you kill a high rank officer for them hey we go the will have the war but they didn;t and to come out and tell us all this crap thats what HA and iran want war and death and nothing else

    and by the R you always starte any comment by saying i feet that people lik za3za3 do u have a problem with him pet did he kick you ass before or something

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