Israeli, Jewish lobbies pressuring US to punish Lebanon


Americans for Peace Now (APN) reported that in the wake of the extremely serious incident this week on the Israel-Lebanon border pressure appears to be mounting on Congress to punish Lebanon. It also appears that groundwork is being laid in advance to ensure US support for Israel in the case of another Lebanon war.


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC ) has reportedly circulated a memo arguing that the Lebanese Army is cooperating with Hezbollah, and stating that unless this stops, “Washington must reevaluate its relationship with the Beirut government and the Lebanese Armed Forces–the recipient of significant American military aid.” The memo also states: “The United States should also continue to stand with Israel and prevent unbalanced and unfair criticism of the Jewish state if Israel is forced to take military action to defend itself.” (note that this language is forward-looking – not referring to prevent such criticism in the context of this latest incident, but in the context of future potential Israeli actions).


The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) has reportedly circulated a memo that implicitly bashing the Obama Administration for providing military aid to Lebanon (something that the Bush Administration did as well). The memo also appears to explicitly call for Israel to launch a new war in Lebanon and takes a shot at the Obama Administration in advance for being insufficiently supportive of such an action. The memo notes: “Israel is faced with aggressive enemies who are ratcheting up their attacks, and at some point Israel will have to respond with offense. Today’s firefight with the LAF and the precision bombing of a Hamas bomb maker’s house in Gaza are necessary, but not necessarily sufficient measures to restore equilibrium. And equilibrium is only tentative. The real measure of American support for the security of Israel will be its attitude toward hard decisions the Government of Israel may have to take to protect its people from enemies outside its borders. Today’s response by State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley – ‘The last thing that we want to see is this incident expand into something more significant’ – was weak and disappointing under the circumstances.”

Israeli diplomatic campaign

The Israeli press is reporting that Israel will launch “a diplomatic campaign” to convince the US (and France) to end military assistance to Lebanon.

Israel threatens Lebanon

Lebanese media reported that Israel on Friday demanded the dismissal or trial of the Lebanese army officer who opened fire at Israeli soldiers in Tuesday’s deadly  Lebanon-Israel border clash.

One senior Israeli officer and two Lebanese soldiers and a Lebanese journalist were killed

Israeli sources said Israel has threatened to “choose the appropriate method” in the event its demand was not met.

Israel’s response to any new attack at the northern border “is going to be harsh and unprecedented,” the source warned.


Americans for Peace Now circulated a statement on Aug 3 in which it called on the Obama Administration to act quickly and resolutely to prevent an escalation of tensions and military action on the Israel-Lebanon border and between Israel and Gaza.

“The Obama Administration must not repeat this fateful mistake ( of former president George W. Bush ) . Now is the time for urgent, resolute engagement to prevent an escalation of hostilities on both fronts, bringing to bear the full force of US influence on all parties involved, and pressing US allies in the region and around the world to do the same. ”

US aid to Israel

A Lebanese military analyst who is familiar with the Lebanese and Israeli capabilities told Ya Libnan:  ” Israel gets the most sophisticated and up-to-date offensive weapons that the US has ever manufactured and it is all for free while Lebanon has been getting the most basic weapons that are only suitable for internal security purposes.”

According to a report published in July  Israel has cost the US over $1.6 Trillion  since 1973.

Washington has funneled more than $1 billion toward three missile defense systems under development in Israel, U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman, D-N.J. said last  Tuesday.

Rothman noted that the House subcommittee since 2007 appropriated $750 million for the Arrow and David’s Sling anti-missile systems and $205 million toward Israel’s Iron Dome program in 2010. An appropriations defense subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives on July 27 appropriated $217 million in funding to help develop a joint missile defense system with Israel. He added




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  1. Walid Khouri Avatar
    Walid Khouri

    darabneh w baka, w saba2neh w shtaka

    1. right on walid. i’m with you.

  2. Isr’al won’t do anything.

  3. Fine just stop sending us those Hawker Hunters thank you very much.

  4. these fkrs piss me off, they’re like a spoiled rotten little kid that bitches about any and everything.

  5. karim though i like your post, try to comment without using foul language or else sami from ya libnan will start monitoring your posts before they’re submitted.

    just a piece of advice.

    1. hey sami why don’t you monitor my polls brother. tony a, again why don’t you mind your business. see, you got on my bad side when you referred to me as an animal. if you can’t take it then don’t dish it, brother.

      1. karim please remind me cos i dont remember bro. copy and pasted my statement if you can. thanks and yes i take what i dish out no problems. i’m just telling you thatsami from ya libnan wants to maintain a level of class on this stie which i totally agree with him and you’re not helping with you foul language.

  6. I agree with you Tony A. Lets all use a clean language. Foul language can be very disturbing to the readers, specially ladies.

    Thank God I don’t understand most of the Arabic phonics writing, but I do understand all the English abbreviations.

  7. thank you joanna. i was flagged before so i know what i’m talking about and i promised sami to never use foul language as he kindly stated to me that ya libnan has international readership.

    we all get carried away at times.

  8. Israel, USA: roo7o wa inteko

    1. Jabel, not sure what your statment says, but I can tell that the last word is not a good one. If so, I hope you get caught and banned.

  9. Constantin Avatar

    Although I back our army and am 100% with Lebanon in this, I have to admit that the Israelis VALUE every single individual in their country. The security and the protection of each individual is their primary concern. In the stupid incident of this week where the Lebanese army opened fire first because of the stupid tree on the border, the Lebanese order did not take into account the loss of Lifes, at least from the Lebanese side (which by the way is always much more than the Israeli side). The Israelis are mad now because they lost just one life, and I appreciate a country that values its citizens so much. We in Lebanon, we have hundreds of Lebanese in Syrian jails where nobody is asking about them, hundreds in exile in Israel nobody is asking about them, 2 soldiers and a reporter lost their lives because of a stupid decision to fire on the ennemy and in few days they will be forgotten.

    Oh when are we going to grow up and give peace a chance, count to 10 before before cursing, insulting, firing, killing, injuring, etc…

    If the soldier who gave the order to fire, dealt with the UNIFIL instead of firing he would have saved 3 Lebanese lives and the sorrow for 3 Lebanese families, if he just gave peace and calm a chance and counted to 10 before pushing the trigger…..

    Was this tree worth the lives lost? We tend, many times in Lebanon, to give importance to some things that do not really matter and forget the things that really matter and affect us….

    Wake up people!

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri


      It is a matter of sovereignty. If they touch one grain of sand from our holly land it is our will, our duty, and a message to the ENTIRE world that we will retaliate.

      Before you know it they will have the shaft up your @55 and out of your nose and you will be saying “khayy baraziq” a la Syrien, losing the Golan Heights and doing nothing about it or the cowards of Iran fighting from a distance by proxy via our people in the South of Lebanon.

      Besides, the LAF fired warning shots, in the air above their heads to tell them back off, there was no need for them to shell with vengeance. They killed 3 of ours and they lost one. They owe us two. Two of their soldiers should commit suicide or we will do it for them. That last comment is for you as you are insinuating that Lebanese people do not value life. Say that to the mothers and wives and kids of our fallen martyrs.

      I am no fan of HA hijacking the resistance for the Shiites alone as if other sects are incapable of doing so but I am 100% behind Nasrallah’s statement: “The LAF protects the Resistance, just as the Resistance protects the LAF…” and I would like to add that ALL The Lebanese expats will protect the LAF as well. Firing at the LAF from anyone (are you listening Syria?) is NOT permissible because they are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters.

      1. if i could give you 10 thumbs up walid i would.

      2. Anti-Zio Avatar

        100 thumbs up walid, well put!

    2. You miss the point. Israel cares about itself and its existence. If were up to them..they would kill or drive off every lebanese ib lebanon. Wake up and give survival a chance because that’s what the tree is about. Fire back today or tomorrow they will reach out and cut our necks. Ask your local palestinian if you don’t believe me.

      1. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        Hey BO or Body Odor,

        Before you threaten from behind your keyboard, go look at your army on youtube how they tucked their tail and backed down in retreat and in shame in 2006. Your so called mighty IDF soldiers were crying like babies. Lebanon is NOT Palestine and the Lebanese people are not your average fat Arabs. Read the history. Every invader including your army left the sacred Lebanese soil in shame and in defeat. You are like a transplanted organ, foreign to the land and you are being rejected. It is just a matter of time before you and your stupid plagiarized religious mythical books will fade in the dust of time. Since the beginning of time you have been nothing but a cancer. You invented a God and made him your own. You bullshitted people and hijacked the holocaust and made it your own. You invented a nation that never existed and raped and pillaged and stole the lands and resources of other nations. You claimed that God gave you the land as if He is a real estate agent. Wake up and join the human race like Noam Chomsky did rather than being racist zionists elitists.

  10. constantin even though israel says that, dont believe that cos the elitist zionists – the founder of israel and others could have prevented the holocasut but didnt and theres many articles on this so i’m not talking from my head.

    they allowed for the deaths of many jews cos they knew that they will eventually control the media and bombard the holocaust to westerners like they did for the past 60 years.

    if they valued the life of the israeli kidnapped soldier by hamas, why havent they negotiated his release yet. starving the gazans will only delay his release dont you think? so please dont listen to their crap.

  11. Tony Smith Avatar
    Tony Smith

    You see how every Israeli and jew jumped on the Israeli wagon to punish Lebanon…

    Why can’t we Lebanese do the same or is it only a dream ?

    They are united and we are devided..

    1. Sandman Avatar

      Tony, thank you for speaking my mind. Our problem remains that we are divided. The president has said we are strong only thru unity.

      While we do not have the control over mainstream media and powerful Washington lobbies and the US congress, we can still do something to strengthen Lebanon besides arguing and bickering.

      We can all speak with one voice for a change. Our division encourages the Israelis not only to attack Lebanon but to turm the Lebanese on each other.

      It is amazing how naive our people are even in the age of information to Israeli plans and schemes and sinister tactics.

      No one is going to protect Lebanon except the Lebanese, dont wait on the US or France to do it. They are more concerned for the Israelis that their own people.

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