Aoun compares himself to Jesus


Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun compared himself to Jesus Christ saying “Even Jesus had treacherous followers”.

Aoun was commenting on the arrest of FPM official retired Brigadier General Fayez Karam who was arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel.

Aoun called on FPM supporters to remain uninfluenced by the arrest of Karam, , stating that the incident would not affect internal trust within the party.

Karam who was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of collaborating with Israel has reportedly admitted that he has been spying for Israel and that he has met several Israeli officials during his trips to Europe.

Karam and General Michel Aoun went into exile in France following the defeat by the Syrian army in 1990 and both returned to lebanon following the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon in 2005

Turning to the issue of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) Aoun said that no one could accuse Hezbollah of the 2005 murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as there is currently no proof.

Al safir newspaper reported recently that STL will indict Hezbollah members starting September in the assassination of former PM Hariri, which caused turmoil among Lebanese leaders and Hezbollah MPs who, in turn, accused the STL of being an Israeli project aiming to cause internal strife.

“The safety of four million Lebanese is much more important than justice,” said the FPM leader.



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  1. Tarie Al Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al Fanarie

    Yes Aoun you’re the pope of the Middle East and now you’re Jesus Christ. So what are you going to be next? i guess none left since you already reached the status of all mighty. Sorry Mr. Aoun you ain’t Jesus Christ and all you have Goats not sheeps surrounding you get it ya sharmout Souria…

    I hear that Mr. Karam was being implicated because syria want to drive Aoun away from hezbollah. Eventually Syria will succeed since Iran will busy fighting sanctions and dealing with issues at home and worrying about the war with the west and israel. Please do not insult us and compare yourself to Jesus. There is not one inch in your body or soul that resemble the God allmighty. You have a year before you and hezbollah will go at it for sure. Either way and no matter what happens it will be nice not see your ulgy face on the face of this earth anymore.

    1. Tarie you are funny dude, I am with you.

    2. Wrong bozo. He meant that could happen to anyone if it happens to Jesus.

      Your ja3ja3 guy is next to be arrested inshallah. Your guy should be arrested for being an idiot, not to mention he is a murderer.

      1. Walid Khouri Avatar
        Walid Khouri

        R and Aoun lost their minds. Whether you consider Jesus as the SON OF GOD, or for Islam a revered prophet (wa nafakhna fiihi min ruuhhina) it is blasphemy to compare oneself to Jesus.

        Why doesn’t he compare himself to Mohammed who also had MANY treacherous followers. Death threats will start coming in by the hordes if he dares but he wouldn’t because he knows better than crossing that red line but it is OK to blaspheme against Jesus.

        and R, Geagea as many others did many wrong things. If you have been following the news EVERYONE HAD A PARDON from ALL war atrocities. If you condemn Geagea you MUST condemn all the other warlords, from Berri, to Nasrallah (for the fratricide they committed amongst the Shia) to Jumblatt for massacring the Christians of the Shouf in cold blood (although most were not LF supporters) to Aoun who dragged the army into an impossible war and left them hanging alone after he tucked his tail an ran.

        One more thing, and THAT GOES TO ALL OF YOU READERS, if you R and others do not reveal your full names when you post I consider you cowards.

        At least Tarie gave his full name but you R have balls the size of peanuts.

      2. To be honest, I’d love to say alot and put my full name there, but I’m a little scared shitless after that Facebook incident and the arrests!

    3. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Tarie Buddy I totally agree with you. this Guy Aoun is turning out to be a real clown. More than 8 people now suspected of being spies for israel and who knows how many more?

      1. The guy need seriously a good adviser that is capable to shut his f .. mouth sometimes. Christ chose his disciples they didn’t chose him ,he knew what Judas is going to do,and for Peter he told him you will deny me,this is God Mr. Aoun the holy of holy ( don’t care who else believe or not that’s my belief our christian faith) .Secondly Aoun is no better than Fayez Karam he’s a traitor to his followers, after promising to kick Syria out in 1990 he became the shoe shiner of Bashar Assad, there is no difference between an agent for the syrians and for israelis, just look at the syrian agents how many political figures they assassinate,Hariri,Tueini,Joumblat, Gemayels,hasan Khaled,Sobhi el saleh , the Gidfather Assad has 2 Mafia soldiers working full time , Nasrallah and Aoum=n , and now Joumblat re -applied for his lost position (Walid the mother of all cowards).

      2. walid i love you man. you speak me lingo. i dont care who i’m argiung with on this site. i bet if i see you in the streets and we actually see each others’ faces and laugh at this crap, we’ll go have a drink and laugh it off cos, we all want whats best for lebanon in the long run.

        some wanna kill along the way and i speak for myself, good dialog with all the parties and for them to stop acting like kids storming out of buildings and hammer out whats needed and stick to it, we’ll be a strong lebanon in the long run.

        we need to ALL get along.

  2. ummm yes you’re right jesus had jewish treacherous followers but in this case, fayez karam was serving the israelis. theres no comparison.

    one got killed by the jews and one is serving the israelis. if karam got ratted out by his followers, then maybe that should give you a sign that not everybody wants to serve tea to the israelis.

    ask george haddad, he’s got a pot boiling for them as we speak. lol 🙂



    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Tony how did you know I am having Tea with Ehud Barack? Guess you’re a spy too huh? Well what difference does it make drinking/serving Tea with Syrian Muhkabarat or Israeli army? Or even hezbollah? they’re all the enemies of LEbanon. At least that’s the way i see it. Just because those hezbollal leaders were some and not all born in Lebanon as I keep finding out. That doesn’t make them true Lebanese. Most of these guys like Fadallah who spent big portion of his life and his family came from Iraq. Same with Nassrallah he spent quite a bit in Iran and Many more. these people have lots of Iraninan influences and background. Just think about it Tony if Iran gov’t kills its own people or Israel kills iranian people what difference does it make here. To the iranian people they’re both their enemies. But I guess you’re going to Lebanon and wanting to make sure nobody stops you at the airport and accuse you of being an American/jewis spy. Its okay i do understand what you trying to do lol. Have fun anyway!

      1. lol george. i had no idea some of these are not lebanese born. as i told you i’ve been gone for 30 years and have been back for the past 4 years. as i also told you i hate all parties. i side with no one bro.

        i could care less who killed who. all i care about is that all parties get along. is that too hard for Karim to understand? maybe i can say it sloooooooowwwwwllllyyyy for your childish mind to comprehend.

        most of you are attacking me personally instead of debating as opposed to george who actually debates the issues.

        so far, sri lanka tells me what he thinks of me, karim says i dont make sense even though i speak tolerance and unity, VOT makes fun of my name which shows huge maturity, so now i smoke crack.

        well, arent we having fun yet?

        all i care is that we unite. how is that hard to understand?

    2. tony A, go back to smoking crack, nothing you say makes any sense.

      1. Chuck Lanka Avatar
        Chuck Lanka

        Thanks Karim, you are right about Tony Ali

        Tony is pro Palestinian claiming himself as true Lebanese

        so what ever you say his mind and heart still palestine


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….. sorry I cant even find words to describe this story!!!! Laughing my fu##ing ass off!

  5. Yup, you won’t do war for a tree.

    1. Now, UNIFIL value through what has been viewed ?

  6. Aoun is right about being someone from those days but its more like judas. I cant wait for this senile scumlord to die so that i may visit his resting spot and desectrate it! tfuuuuuu a heyk alam, i cant believe their are morons who follow this douchebag

    1. maria thats my whole point. i dont understand blind allegiance to a certain thought process. its so ridgid and non progressive.

      i dont understand how people can just follow aoun or gaegae or jumblatt. following them all makes it more alive and encompassing to the interests of lebanon.

      when all these parties start seeing that the lebanese people dot care about their affairs and are demanding internal fixes that are good for the country, they will actually do something about it.

      who am i kidding? i’m probably gonna get some history lesson.

  7. Oz_Scorpio Avatar

    If Aoun should be comparing himself to a Biblical person it should be JUDAS!!!

  8. What a pathetic individual….a legend in his own mind. What is even more mind-boggling is those who follow him. Oh boy!

  9. hehehehe .. I love it how 3oun gets on your nerves.

    Nothing you can do about him or HA except being loud mouths.

    Now you will also assune that I am a tayyar guy. That’s how simple minded and stupid you are 🙂

    1. not sure who youre talking to you ya R but if aoun is someone you can raise your head up and be proud of then you must be mentally retarded as him. everything that comes out of his mouth is no different than his ass and congratulations for being there to consume his words. inchalla bit’dal takol kh@rr@ la tishba3

      yeeeee ya R(en francias) bon appetit, massi7h shwerbak minil kh@rr@

  10. Lebster Avatar

    Mr Aoun, Jesus died for worldly sins and many Lebanese died for your sins. How does than make you like Jesus again?????

    1. Walid Khouri Avatar
      Walid Khouri

      may be we should crucify Aoun… lol

      1. I second that motion and my brother Haidar get the biggest laugh ever. I can’t wait

    2. oh my god i like that i like it sooooooo much keep it rolling man

  11. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    Everyone that thinks that because we do not support Hezbollah, we automatically love Israel needs to stop with the same tactic thats used all over the Middle East- Hezbollah is corruption and thugs and Terrorist that spew hateful and brainwashed Propaganda-

    Just because people have common sense and logic doesn’t make them Israeli supporters.

  12. Fadi Abboud Avatar
    Fadi Abboud

    and it doesn’t matter that they are Lebanese They are still thugs and terrorist

  13. BLASPHEMY at large. He is going nuts. I think he should retire today and turn himself a mental hospital for the severe cases for treatment.

    1. it runs in the family, his brother was admitted to deir el salib few times, worst is his followers they need therapy , but lately his party is funded by Hizballah, hizb el Kawmi and Syria, Aoun going to down in history as the main cause for the Christian to lose Lebanon.Some good sources say he converted secretly to be Shiite

  14. Berytus Avatar

    Aoun, u failure, it is JUSTICE that will save the 4 million people.

  15. hussein bazzi Avatar
    hussein bazzi

    to the so called free and democratic people of this paper who thrive on always telling the truth and your robust reporting how come you havent mentioned sayyed hassan nasrallahs speech that he has evidence implicating isreal in harris murder why i will tell why cause your nothing but a bunch of rats

  16. If there is no justice there will be no safety ,no security or peace!

  17. every time aoun comes on he bring new stuff with him i wonder does he wear an orange underwear today or brown

  18. michael Avatar

    This failed general is simply the most damaging personality in lebanon recent history. He failed when he waged two wars one on the syrian and the other on the lebanese forces. He lost both because he waged wars by instinct without analyzing the opponents or the environment around him. This failed general failed simply because he is not the leader that looked forward and analyzed the situation before taking decisions. For him war is the first option and that’s why he lost his wars in short period of time. What happened next? He ran away to the french embassy leaving his brave soldiers being massacred and enjailed by the syrians. Many of these brave soldiers we never heard of since this coward left to france. He came back, joined 14 march then left because in one of the meeting he didn’t get all what he wanted. Again, this failed general has failed in the political game. Suddenly he became one of the fiercest admirer of the iranian puppet, Nasralla James Bond. It is sure that if he had been given all what he wanted from 14 march, he would be now one of the biggest enemies of Nasralla James Bond. This old spoiled man and the failed general is becoming a failed politician and a living memory of bad times and bad leaders in the history of lebanon.

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