Order came from the Lebanese army command


Al-Manar television quoted an unnamed Lebanese army source involved in Wednesday night’s meeting between UNIFIL ,Israeli and Lebanese armies as saying that the order to open fire in Tuesday’s border clash had “come directly from the Lebanese army command.”

Two Lebanese soldiers, a journalist and a senior Israeli officer died in Tuesday’s fighting. Israel said the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) opened fire on its troops as they were cutting down trees on the Israeli side of the border, it was reported.

In a related development, Army Commander Jean Kahwaji stressed Thursday that the Lebanese army will not abandon its role of defending the country and deterring the Israeli enemy “through all possible means.”

He said during a ceremony commemorating retired officers: “The enemy’s advanced weapons arsenal will not intimidate the army or sway its will to persevere.”

Addressing the crowd, he added: “Your colleagues deployed in the South have once again affirmed their loyalty to the oath and commitment to duty through their heroic confrontation with the Israeli enemy.”

Furthermore, Kahwaji stressed the need to continue monitoring spy networks “until they are uprooted,” saying that agents will not be dealt with any leniency regardless of which institution they belong to.



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  1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

    I guess that answers the question that say the order came from HA or HA snipers behind the LAF.

    1. As far as I know, the Manar is a television station that belongs to HA, Am I right? I would not believe any station that is owned by a specific party.

      Don’t we have a neutral television station in Lebanon that broadcast the bare truth?

      1. Nope.

        There’s Yalibnan.com though.

      2. Has the army command denied the report?

  2. Mr Kahwaji, I applaud your initiative to address the troops, recognizing the lives sacrificed of the fallen for the country and stressing upon the loyalty and oath they took. I wish that some of our politicians heed your call and serve our country “Lebanon”, instead of syria and iran. And we know who they are!!!!!!

    1. Youssef Avatar

      and those that serve america and the west 🙂

  3. yo george and the rest of you propogandists. where did the orders come from again??

    george bro, lay off the israeli newspapers. you don’t ever read the enemy’s version. i guess you love CNN as well. lol

  4. Do you always believe what you read? If the LAF told you otherwise you would have believed it as well?

    If the Army gave the order to fire then the officer who gave the order should be tried in a military court and shot for treason! But we will never know his name???

    First of all in south of Lebanon there is what they call a UN/LAF joint task force in which none will take actions without the approval of the other. The UN are a peace keeping force not occupiers, requested by an officially elected government hence they do not work without the notification and approval of the LAF and the LAF in turned will have to obey by international regulations as partner with the UN as the army of the hosting country “It is not like it use to be when the LAF where slaves to the Syrian’s and the Israeli occupiers”!

    Giving an order to shout at an enemy combatant, putting the nation civil and military in danger of a retaliation from the south to the north without alerting the LAF center commend and sounding the alarm for the inhabitants to be on alert, ignoring all ramifications of an all out war with Israel over a LANDSCAPING PROBLEM “a tree” is preposterous!

    The LAF where not ready for war and did not even take combat position…..! The LAF falling heroes did not even see it coming and the LAF did not have a tank or an armored car and not even medic in there rank.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      Ghazi my friend you hit it right on target. I don’t know why Cathy is saying that the LAF do not take orders from the UN. Which you didn’t even mention it. I know you mean well and you have best wishes. But people like CATHY and Tony and others who oppose your message are hate to say stuck in Naive mode who thinks that hezbollah are all miss goody too shoes and they’re so kind and generaous organization. They never hurt any lebanese? They never killed hariri, pierre Gemeyal, Francois al Hajj, Gibran Tueni, Walid Eido and attempted to kill Marwan Hamade. All in and all with the coordination and assistance from the Syrian Intelligence. I guess they want to keep a blind eye on what hezbollah did and still doing to lebanon. They forgot the 2006 hezbollah decided to adventure and get many people killed and econmoy ruined. Why because nassrallah ego was to free Samir Quntar. In his eyes Israel was so determined not to release him and his divine victory was really only freeing Samir the barbarian Quntar who smashed a child head with a rock. And as thugs these people celebrated with Gun Fires his release. what kind of civilized society are we to celebrate such killer release. We know israeli do it too. But the war of 2006 was not needed to test the iranian weapons in order to free mostly non-lebanese prisoners. Free the prisoners in Syria mr. Nassrallah. or are you a coward like you uncle Aoun afraid to ask about them..The war between you and syria is imminent and your days of brotherhood will be over within a year..

      1. george i never said HA were goody too shoes bro. you keep missing my point.

        i’m saying they’re all criminals so HA is no different. everybody treats HA like its an outsider regime living in lebanon.

        all i’m saying george and i’ve been saying it since the beginning is that HA is lebanese and if gaegae and aoun and gemayel think that HA is a terrorist organisation, look in the mirror.

        they all need to sit down and figure out whats best for lebanon cos again i tell you this STL is a waste of time cos as a lebanese i don’t care about the political in lebanon, i care about the social.

        i will explain – i hinestly dont care who killed hariri (MHRIP) my friend. i care about 24/24 electricity, the raising of wages for teachers and laborers and everybody else, better schools, better medical equipments, more advertisements that encourage skiing in the winter and on and on……

        i could care less about the political but if ANYONE asks my opinion (i’ll offer it anyway lol), i say they all stop acting like a bunch of virgins, bury the past, sit down and hammer out how to strengthen the IDP, separate church and state, dismantle the camps and absorb HA into the army.

        i dont give a rats a55 about the political clout and i wish all lebanese will tell the gov’t listen, dont involve us people with your fights, we just want clean drinking water and 24/24 electricity to start.

        one of you guys gets shot, you deal with it cos i want more money in my pocket.

        do you understand how i stand on your accusation george??

        you’ve read myposts here for nearly a year and all you read is love they neighbor and let’s all live together. HA is lebanese and i have said many times that had the army and the gov’t done its job pre 82, HA would not exist.

        it just disgusts me when i see lebanese officers serving tea to israelis. i just want to go up to these people and beat the living crap out of them cos they could have prevented people being killed and bridges being bombed and my house being riddled with bullets during the war.

        but like i say, i’ve moved on and i’m welcoming the new image of embassies opening in each others country.

        i’m welcoming HA being absorbed into the army.

        i’m welcoming unity. got it?

    2. Berytus Avatar

      Ghazi, you raise an interesting point. Maybe putting a trial for that officer was the last thing they wanted. After what had happened that day, the army didn’t wanna further make itself look weak by putting a trial based on the risks (despite the fact that it is actually weak). So I think they were lucky that things didn’t get any worse, and they were able to use the incident to try and glorify the fact that they had finally stood up to the israeli army since decades. Probably part of their propaganda to make the army look strong finaly. Because tbh, we havven’t seen that in the army much over the past few decades, except in the Nahr el Bared crisis.

      What do you think?

    3. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

      ghazi, you are my man,you are absolutely right, 3 lebanese human beings lost their lives for a road side bush cropping misunderstanding that happened to be not in lebanese territories according to the unifil.

      and to confirm it was a misunderstanding the israelis went back later on to continue their bush cropping as usual without any objections from the laf and under the supervision of the unifil.

      allah yerham yalli mettou. any body bear a resposibility for this tragedy???????????????as usual, probably not!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. yo VOT, according to the unifil they didn’t see israel crossing the blue line when they kidnapped the shepherd eother.

        i’m only quotng that article from a month ago. i guess you cant see the consistency that israel and unifil are all in the same.

        if th idiots think israel is on israeli land, why then was that gate not done up proprely.

        if you think that israel wasnt trying to bate HA then you are very naiive. Israel is itching to draw HA into a war but HA like i have said in many posts for a year now that it will not draw first fire again as it learnt its mistake.

        i totally agree with ghazi that what a shame on our planet to see people’s lives thrown away like toilet paper by high comanders and people in high places that just shoot orders to please their egos.

        so hizbolllah is damned if they do anything and damned if they don’t.

        i hate the fact that i have taken hizbollah’s side but being that i have been a minority all my life as a durzi, i have always sided with many under dogs whom ever they may be and whatever color or religion they may be in whatever field whterh its basketball, football, soccer, hockey, the homeless, the poor, the abused or whatever. i am always on the powerLESS side.

        HA might have arms but its powerless without lebanon. slowly but surely as it is absorbed into the army will it truly become a powerFUL force as it will have LEBANON on its side.

      2. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        yo toni a

        if you want to know about the borders between israel and lebanon look in google earth maps on the internet. it is free for everyone to see, you can zoom in on the village of adeisseh. you can see the existing international border barbed wire fence and the blue line(drawn on the map in yellow) as delineated in the year 2000 by the unifil and approved with reservations by both lebanon and israel.

        if you look at the google map you will see the blue line and the border fence do not coincide in a lot of places.in some places the blue line goes south of the existing fence border in others the blue line goes north of the current fence border.

        near the adeisseh village the blue line goes north of the existing fence border.

  5. Ghazi, my friend, you are right when you said the army does not order without the approval of the UN peacekeeping force.

    The UNIFL’s account of events was that when the israelis were thought to be on lebanese territory (disputed area), the UNIFL AND the LAF fired WARNING shots, NOT directly aimed at the soldiers and issued verbal warnings. but as usual, the IDF responded disproportionatley and fired directly back, which is when the order came to fire back as self-defense.

    the only fishy thing here is why are there israeli accounts that the UNIFL was advised and had approved of this routine “gardening” but hadn’t notified the LAF.

    1. vot, you dont get my point. israel was disrespectful bro. if unifil and laf fired warning shots, why couldnt israel have withdrawn and asked for a meeting and done it all according to rules.

      bro, we’re lebanese man. i hate fighting with you or with george but you guys seem to side with everybody else but lebanon.

      tarie said he doesnt care if israel wipes out HA. well thats just as mad as iran and HA saying they wanna wipe out israel. they’re noth unrealistic options and they both lead to obliteration of many lives.

      have you not figured from my posts for a year now that i’m a pacifist? i would think that you would respect that and so would george but you guys dont like anybody.

      i talk peace i get minuses. i talk kill aoun, i get plusses. really strange.

      1. VOICE OF TRUTH Avatar

        ya toni a, i am trying to keep this exchange away from personal attacks. in all my posts i never attacked any body personally, first. i reciprocate when you and r start attacking me in person without addressing any of the questions i was raising.

        believe me, i am not interested in fighting with you as long as you dont revert first to personal attacks.

        i dont agree with you, you dont agree with me on a lot of things and we probably have some common point of views.

        but that doesnt mean if i see things differently from the way you look at it that i am your ennemy and a liar and i cease to be a lebanese and you have the right to attack me.

        you are accusing me for not siding with lebanon; when i ask a question about why the 3 poor lebanese got killed for no valid reasons in the edaisseh accident you think this is a fair accusation?????????????

  6. Also, you might think that the LAF acted irresponsibly putting lebanon at danger, although I disagree, but the point we were trying to make is that HA was not involved in this.

    1. George Haddad N.J Avatar
      George Haddad N.J

      CATHY how many times israelis took sheppards and their sheeps and LAF didn’t do a damn thing about it. Now you want to create a big fight over a tree? This was planned by HA and their sympathsizers in the army. Its so obvious you can seem to see it. Its like you guys agreeing with Nassrallah Speech where he justified may 2008 event. Or cover up for their careless actions during 2006 war? Tony keep saying forget it. But the careless acts keep continuing. Must we follow these idiots blindly? Every time he comes on TV its like he has PMS and want to attack everyone. Well you people wake up and stop agreeing with this pyscho and mentally deranged person? Why am I not harsh with israelis as Tony asked? because before i fight them i have to clean my house first. If i have enemy within, that’s more urgent than the enemy without. Israel has reached out to Lebanon on many occassions to make peace. I bet you anything that they would give up all the disputed area back to Lebanon and that includes the farms in question. We have enemy within why bite more than you can chew?

      1. Leb-Syrian Avatar

        “CATHY how many times israelis took sheppards and their sheeps and LAF didn’t do a damn thing about it. Now you want to create a big fight over a tree? ”

        That statement, which is in your own words, should be enough for the LAF to tell Israel enough is enough, and its time for Lebanon to do a damn thing about it. You should support the LAF, not the IDF. Get out of bed with Israel. You fight your outside enemies first, so they intervene and turn you against your own people, but they have apparently succeeded with you and many others.

      2. Leb-Syrian Avatar


        so they *dont* intervene..

      3. George.

        In addition to what you and Ghazi had mentioned, On May 7th 2008 our beloved Lebanese Army LAF did not take action to defend Lebanon’s citizens form HuzbAllah element invading and killing and maiming Lebanese citizens, elements of HA carrying Iranian and Syrian weapons meant to fight Israel! The LAF did not even make an effort to stop this unfair and unbalanced aggression! A provocation initiated by HA lake of tolerance in there Weliyat Alfaqih where all order in that organization comes from the top and no where else.

        By its action on May 7th 2008 HA drove at gunpoint an entire … at least the political face of a religious sect “the Druse” to support HA! If the LAF back then had done its sworn duty the freedom of choice in that sect “The Druse” would have survived unafraid HA gunpoint.

        Further more, the Lebanese Syrian boarder is and has been the unprotected Lebanese “garden” where the sheeat farmers have to suffer lost of life and property to the Syrian aggression in addition to losing there harvested crops to smuggled Syrian produces undercutting the Lebanese products, all of this with a huge LAF disregard to the armed Palestinians outside of the refugee camps.

        We have suffered enough of the Syrians, the Iranians and the Israelis and we would like to see the LAF strong and resilient on all fronts! However and unfortunately, years of Syrian occupation and control over the LAF turned it into a copy of the country, infiltrated by HA and all kind of pro Syrian elements!

      4. Chuck Lanka Avatar
        Chuck Lanka

        I don’t know guys how. Ould waste time responding to Cathy and the morran LebSyrian posts. They are blind with one mind focus. They can’t see it from different angles.

        If HA wasn’t involved they would be running out to find out what happened etc…. But is well planne. Cathy,How funny you think Mr Kahwagi will stand at the podium to tell the audience it was planned by HA, of course he want even if is true. Listen to Berri speech resistance and resistance they all trying to brainswash Lebanese which they succeeded with you Cathy and Tony Ali

  7. cathy you don;t fire a warning shot in sensitive situation like this the israelis where there with a tank they should contacted the headquarter before firing even warning shot i don;t thing you ever been in the army there is a lot of rules and step you have to take before firing

    1. Chuck Lanka Avatar
      Chuck Lanka


      how the laf should support ha in 2008 in a war that no one was prepared or aware of except ha were preparing for it for many years. The 2008 was to weaken our laf and enforce ha power on the ground which led to sneak any weapon required, full communication system with Iran and Syria monitoring our network, controlling airports entries which led them to be where they are today. Enough speculating and giving credit to ha for destroying our economy, freedom and thank god for all lebs abroad boosting lebanese economy bcos they never give up on Lebanon. I don’t care about any politician in Lebanon they all are seeking for power and leadership for what and for who? I belive in democratic free society and definetely Iran and Syria can take us there except Europe and hhe west and this is what I want and I believe. Guys, you mostly are abroad and am sure none of u is living in Iran and Syria why? Am sure all of u are in more developed countries with the west mindset and mentality. So wake up and think of maximizing the use of our talents for better Lebanon. How come all Lebanese abroad are well established because we get heart, dignity, pride we never give up and we always look for the best so why isn’t the case in Lebanon? Why?

  8. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Alex, Israel possess with the most sophisticated military tech and intel, do you believe there are up to test who will get involved by firing couple bullets. Israel has no interest as Lebanon does to be in war at the highest economy scale of summer holidays like Lebanon too. Just say god bless us all where are we heading end of September.

    When hizballah decides to launch its war against Israel for many reason they will find a way to invoke war. All waiting for the nuclear summit next month with Iran then roles and scenario will change. Hariri assassination is going to become main case for hizballah is still under cooking and let’s Hear Nasrallah speech next Monday. It’s too complicated more than anyone assumption.

  9. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Guys and especially Tony Ali, if wouldn’t be Lebanese forces N their allies in Lebanon we would have not been here since 75. You should not ignore the fact by looking at small details rather than seeing the whole picture. you should pray the mercy on every martyr soul In defending your families and your land. Aoun was born only yesterday.

    They are calling geagea the murderer what about jumblatt who chopped and masacred 100 of Christians families in the shouf. Do you think Lebanese will forget never it would take 3 generations to remove this hidden hate between Lebanese that’s why Lebanon can’t be ruled by many. And definetely I won’t be ruled by hezballah

  10. chuck bro you are wright but it was a war there and most of us get hurt and burned we can;t keep going back and see what happen there we have to move forward bro i know one thing lebanon need one army no resistance thats it there job finished in 2000 when the israelis withdraw no one dinay they did good job but its finished now or join the army or do whatever and give up your guns enought war

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