March 14 official: Hezbollah chief invented a new tribunal


March 14 General Coordinator Fares Soueid told the Voice of Lebanon (VOL) radio station on Thursday that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah “has invented a new tribunal with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).”

He was commenting Nasrallah ‘s speech on Tuesday in which he said he will reveal during a press conference on August 9 the evidence proving that Israel was behind the 2005 assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

STL was created by the UN to try Hariri killers.

Commenting on the recent arrest of FPM official Brigadier General Fayez Karam on suspicion of collaborating with Israel, he said he was surprised by the arrest . He added that “no one is safe , even those who believe their party has political innocence,” referring to FPM leader MP Michel Aoun.

However, Soueid said that Lebanese political figures should remain silent until the judiciary issues its verdict on Karam, who, according to Al-Manar television, confessed to spying for Israel since 2005.



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  1. just so for ignorant people to stick to issues instead of my name, i shortened it again to tony a so i dont confuse morons.

    this article is showing that lebanon is becoming like the mccarthy era without his hysteria. at least karam admitted to spying and i spit at him for that.

    we need to definitely flush out all spies and i would love to see the day that gaegae is caught cos that guy spits strife everytime he speaks.

    what wierd thinking that a murderer calls another a terrorist.

    you should both be getting along cos at least nasrallah didnt attack the army. all he stated was the army had limited capabilities and gaegae wants to say otherwise. why would you not want an integration of HA into the army unless you’re also on israeli payroll.

  2. Chuck Lanka Avatar
    Chuck Lanka

    Tony should you add + next to the A…. bravo ya شاطر

    there are 100000 geageas in Lebanon eliminating one won’t make the difference. How about ha merging the Lebanese army with his forces then has would be shifted from terrorists category to legal forces recongnized internationally. Stop sending bullshit posts ya kid. Stop influencing people with ur non sense theory. To correct you on Karam the media said so on his behalf spying to Israel so again don’t jump to conclusion go have swim in chekka and on return to Beirut stop at kouzaily for achta ice cream them meet with your ha friends later underground. You are so silly and stupid along with other stupids agreeing with you.

    1. yo sri lanka one less gaegae is a victory for lebanon.

      sri lanka you must have been dropped on your head too many times dude cos logic escapes you.

      HA will merge with army you dumbf—. its not up to me, its the consensus of the parliament and the president you moron.

      i only agree or disagree with what higher ups are dictating to be our future whether you throw a hissy fit and act like a high school girl or not.

      i only analyze without emotion whats happening on the ground you peapod.

      it shows how dumb you are when you think our posts are actually making a difference in lebanon.

      our posts are making more of a difference worldwide when people can lobby their governments to divest from israeli firms.

      i love lebanon with all the imperfect parties. i welcome all of them cos i have no choice. they’re not going anywhere anytime soon so the best thing is to convince them to sit and get along.

      but i guess for a handicapped person such as yourself with special needs, its too hard for you to grasp that while your hands are twitching and your head is all over the place you mental case.

  3. cedar blood Avatar
    cedar blood

    Listen all of you lambs,
    ALL the so called “LEADERS” in Lebanon are nothing but theives and liers…they do not care about anyone or anything…they are all too busy Stealing and Dealing with other countries and all you LAMBS follow them to the SLAUTHER HOUSES built by ARAB and IRANIAN money…we have the most beautifull country in the world and the dummusit people living in it. GOD help all of u when Lebanon starts burning.

    1. agree with you 100 % all bastards and thieves and us th stupid who still listen to their crap!!!,just look at the coward Walid Joumblat, he moved from kissing the ass of Assad to actually licking it ,oh poor baby he made a mistake by accusing syria of killing Hariri and other, now Bashar showed him the real evidence and he made him change his mind , do you know what Bashar showed him? the knife that he’s going to cut his head if he doesn’t lick his ass.. What you expect any way from a thief who stole the sword of Napoleon , the sword that was displayed in Beitedine castle , the sword was a gift to Amir Bachir , go visit Beitedine and ask for the sword that used to be displayed , they will tell you , it was stolen during the war. ohhhh right Walid ,just hand it over mt Thief , you know what this country is bunch of religious fanatic tribes, let them divided and let every tribe rule , because every 25 years they’re going to slaughter each other .

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