UNIFIL: Israel, Lebanon agreed to respect UN resolutions


UNIFIL’s commander said Wednesday night following a meeting with senior representatives of the IDF and the Lebanese army at the Nakoura crossing: “Israel and Lebanon have agreed to respect the UN’s resolutions.”

The meeting was held a day after the deadly clash between Lebanese and Israeli soldiers along the so-called ‘Blue Line’ separating Lebanon and Israel.

In a statement issued after the meeting, Maj. Gen. Alberto Asarta Cuevas said he called for restraint from all sides and avoidance of “any action that could serve to heighten tensions.”

He said UNIFIL was still investigating the clash, but preliminary findings were presented at the meeting. On completion of the ongoing investigation, UNIFIL will share its findings with both sides, he said

“Both parties renewed their commitment to the cessation of hostilities … and undertook to work with UNIFIL to ensure that incidents of violence are avoided in the future,” the statement read.

Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) commander General Jean Kahwaji said on Wednesday that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops entered on Tuesday a disputed area along the Blue Line, despite objections from the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, National News Agency (NNA) reported.

But “UNIFIL established that the trees being cut by the Israeli army are located south of the Blue Line on the Israeli side,” said UNIFIL military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Naresh Bhatt, referring to a border line drawn by the United Nations after Israeli troops withdrew from southern Lebanon in 2000.



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  1. Here’s my question and really could have avoided this clash: Israel states that it had permission from UNIFL to proceed to cut this damn tree which apparently was on the Israeli side. Here’s the question of the day: Why the heck did UNIFL not mention this fairly important piece of information with the Lebanese? Something real strange going on here folks. It feels like the calm before the storm.

  2. Looks like someone did not want the Lebanese to pay attention to Hariri report by trying to get Israel to perform its typical out of proportion response. Somehow, Israel did not do what was expected (no bridges or power-stations hit). So, now we can only talk about the incident itself. Oops. Doesn’t look good.

    1. hey dude, can you differentiate your name from my name? I’ve been using my name, karim, but didn’t post this message. I don’t want the readers of this website to confuse us.
      I am the karim that doesn’t like hezbollah, just so that ya’ll know whick karim is posting this reply.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        karim why dont you add an initial bro or something

      2. yes please Karroumma has a special place in this forum and he doesnt wanna be confusedddd lol akh ya alla loool

  3. Who gave the sniper the order to fire that first fatal shot? Was it an on-the-spot decision by a junior officer or did it come from the highest levels?

    Or was this shot that potentially could have brought Lebanon into a horrendous war an impromptu act of an individual with Jihad on his mind?

    Does the Lebanese Government have the balls to take responsibility for a mistake?

  4. Sorry. I’ll be Karim2

  5. in all honesty, libon should not instigate any clashes because the truth being and we all know this, they have no chance on earth of winning this war, libon will get flattened in days and all this stupid talk about having HA integrated into the army will make all of libon a target. Libon should focus on its internal problems and not pick fights that will be catastrophic just to show syria that it is ready to serve its interest!

    Ya libonais garbage politicians, may a slow and painful death come upon all of you, balla tibyeed wijj a daher al je3ish, these poor guys who make next to nothing have to risk their lives for the libonais scum.

  6. maria habeebti i dunno how HA integrationg into the army makes it a target.

    it should actually in all due respect and logic make lebanon less than a target.

    when HA in the eys of the world is viewed as a terrorist organisation, it keeps their hands tied when israel attacks cos they have a reason that states they’re fighting terrorism.

    when HA is absorbed into the army, it will force the world to recognise that HA dropped its arms and is now a political party only so attacking the lebaense army becomes difficult for israel.

    1. I am all for the unity of HA and the LAF, but army leaders should ensure that the only objective will always be defending Lebanon, and that HA members will not overturn the entire army to be another HA – that would be a total disaster and the entire country will be labeled as terrorist.

  7. Maria, Lebanon is a target regardless of HA.

    by the way, many european countries have declined putting HA on the terrorist list as they are not targeting civilians but acting in self defense. The OBVIOUS countries, i.e. US, Canada with that right wing racist Harper, the UK, israel, etc. of course called them terrorists.

    1. Cathy, Prime minister Harper is an excellent leader and when the 06 war broke out and the libonais were in panic, he sent his personal plane to bring home the ungrateful canadian citizens back to canada.

      As for mizzbel’ah, if they integrate into the army, every town, village and army barracks will be flattened in a future conflict, I say keep them far from the army and allow diplomacy to take its course.

      1. maria i dunno where you heard thta cos i was in lebanon in 2006 and he did no such thing. they sent a ship that took weeks to get there and had buckets of peanuts and wet blamkets where people were throwing up and sick from the cramped styles. thats why i went throough syria.

        there was a huge cry from canadians cos when you step on a canadian ship, you’re supposed to step on canadian soil. the idiot government took so long to send the cheapest ship they had while the kuwaiti gov’t quicklt summoned buses by the droves picked up its citizens and got the hell out of there.

        harper was too busy kissing israeli a55 that he was waiting for their orders when to send the ships.

        dunno what airplane you’re talkg about honey. sorry but i hate the conservatives. since they got voted in by the massive ignorant people here, canadian troops started arriving in coffins thanks to his change in policy – canada is no longer a peace keeping force, canada became a pro-active force.

      2. Maria, with all due respect, Harper is one of the worst canadian prime ministers in history.

        did you know that he REFUSED to condemn israel for any of 1000 civilian deaths. not even asking israel to respond in proportion while MOST countries around the world have?

        did you know that he stopped the funding of israeli arab women’s group made up of CHRISTIAN arab-israelis under pressure from ISRAHELL??




    2. Which European countries do not consider HA a terrorist party?

      I know for sure that Sweden, Denmark, Italy and France do.

      1. Joanna, where exactly did you find this info? The european union refused to put them on the terrorist list.

        Those countries that you mentionned have criticized some of their activities but did not put them on any list.

        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hezbollah scroll down to the end.

        Besides, as a lebanese, you really consider them equal to AL QAEDA??????

        Nasrallah came out and condemned the 9/11 attacks and any attacks on american civilians. He condemned nick berg’s savage beheading (yes he is a jew and he still condemned it), he condemned the madrid bombing….

        listen, you mgith not agree with HA’s long term vision or core values, which I dont either as a christian, but that doesnt make them terrorists.

      2. Cathy, please read the article below


        HA not only considered to be a terrorist group, it is also considered to be an Anti-Christ group.

        As a Christian, I can’t hate them, and I really don’t hate them, but I disagree with their motives and values and pray that they look beyond their religeous extreme beleifs and truly love and defend Lebanon and the Lebanese – not Iran and Syria.

        As I said before, I visited Lebanon this year after 33 years of being away, and when I went to Tyer, where my ancestors came from, and visited Magdoushi and Dareb el Seim, I had the rosary in my hand and prayed all the time for our safe return – I was terrified of HA, no one should feel so unsafe on his/her own soil, but due to HA, I was terrified for the safety of my kids and my native American husband. I asked Saidet Maghdoushi for strength and she gave it to me – I am so happy that we survived this trip to see this holy place, but can’t say that I will do it again.

      3. UM Joanna,

        your article exactly proves my point! lol

        did you even understand the article???

        Listen dear, I think you have been listening to too much U.S/ Israeli propaganda.

        why would you, as a christian, be afraid of HA???


        I am very devout christian but you seem to be on a whole other level.

        let me tell you, the sunnis of saudi arabia that dont allow you to have a church there are much more of a threat to us christians than shiites, where in Iran, there is a jewish community that REFUSES to leave, and where they hold seats in the parliament, and where there 18 synagogues and several churches.

        Give me a break, stop listening to the propaganda.

      4. Cathy, I think that you misread the article.

        The article states:

        “Despite these factors, a number of European countries favor designating Hizballah, including the Netherlands, Britain, and Germany. Unfortunately, it is difficult to assess exactly where each European member state stands on the issue. The process of adding and removing names from the terrorist list is done in secret by a committee that generally meets twice a year, with no public record of its proceedings.”

        So how do you know for sure that HA was not actually been added to the terrorist list?

        I might not be an expert in politics, but I am very well aware of my religion history. Christians has been tortured, abused and killed by Sunnis, Shiites and Druze in he past, and stillgoing on in Iraq, Eygept and Jerusalem.

      5. Joanna, I havent misread the article.

        we already know that Britan added them to their list, the netherlands and Germany have criticized some of their activities, of course.

        but the article clearly says France, spain and some other country that I can remember, completly refused to put them on the list…

        How do I know they have not been added because the article says that they were able to because you need concensus from all countries. and the article also says that washington is the one that was putting pressure for them to put HA on the list, of course under Israel’s demand but that the EU hasnt.

      6. Besides Joanna, where is this article sourced from???

        this claim that “The process of adding and removing names from the terrorist list is done in secret by a committee that generally meets twice a year, with no public record of its proceedings.” is the first that I have heard of.

        why on earth would they make it secret? its no secret who else is on the EU’s terrorist list, al qaeda, and other groups so why should HA be any different.

        Please bring me an article better sourced than this one.

      7. one more thing, better sourced and not written by zionist jews.

  8. Israel will attack with disproportional force regardless if HA is in or out the army. That’s what they do and done forever. It does not matter if it is a few PLO guys taking a boat down the sea, as was the case 40 years ago, or if it is HA shooting a rocket over. They somehow wrongly believe that a disproportionate response at anyone, even the innocent, will help them in the long run. Unfortunately, it looks like our politicians are now taking advantage of that behavior for their personal interests.

  9. Tony, In 06 he had his plane in cyprus and whatever canadians that arrived there first were flown out by his airplane, also its kind of hard when you have over 50000 welfare recipients living in libon for free (not saying you or the visiting people) that wanted to flee because most of them who reside there live in the south .

    now as for food and entertainment? have you flown air canada? that is the cheapest airline on earth, you have to fly business class so you can get a glass of water, be thankful 7abeebi you got a bag of peanuts and a used snuggie!

    yeee bon appetit 🙂

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