Army chief says clash scene is a disputed area


Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) commander General Jean Kahwaji on Wednesday said that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops entered on Tuesday a disputed area along the Blue Line, despite objections from the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

Lebanese and Israeli soldiers exchanges fire Tuesday at the border village of Adaisseh in the fiercest clashes since the 2006 July War. The clash resulted in the killing of two Lebanese soldiers, a journalist and a senior Israeli officer.

Israeli soldiers use a crane as they appear to cut a tree on the Lebanese side of the border in the southern village of Adaisseh, Lebanon, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2010. Kakwaji Israeli army entered this disputed area along the Blue Line, despite objections from the Lebanese army and UNIFIL

The clashes started after Israeli units attempted to cut down contested trees along the border, which the UN said Wednesday were within Israeli territory.

Kahwaji said the Israeli decision was a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, adding that “the army agreed to cutting down the trees today after necessary conditions were met.”

UNIFIL units supervised on Wednesday morning the removal of trees along the southern border in coordination with the Lebanese army.



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  1. Berytus Avatar

    Well, if the UN consider Lebanon to be the first to violate, it will be 1 to the Lebanese state, and 7000 to the Israeli state.

    I guess Israel is winning. 😛

    1. Well Said

  2. Sandman Avatar

    There was a time the IDF marched into Lebanon any time it pleased without any resistance. Those days are over. You wanna come into Lebanon, you gots to pay to play. You come as a tourist we give you great hospitality and a plate of hummus. You come to wage war on our people, the price is blood and all you get is a grave in a southern Lebanese village.

    1. I prefer they not get buried in dear Lebanon, they will dirty the land … maybe feed them to the ducks

  3. tony ali Avatar

    UN – unqualified neanderthals.

    the UN thinks they were in israeli territory. well then shouldn’t the fence be adjusted you morons?

    its clear that the monkey is on the lebanese side.

    the UN like the USELESSFIL is a joke.

    if israel informed UNIFIL about the tree then the unifil should have uprooted it an no one else.

    what the hell are you idiots there for?

    1. There is a difference between where the fence is,and where the border is. Israel was within it’s territory,as even the UN suggested.

  4. the way the picture appears, if the tree is on the Israeli side , then the Israeli patrol are on the Lebanese side. then where are the UNIFIL,,,,, eating kabob……

  5. go General Jean Kahwaji

  6. You won’t do war for one tree, whatever where is it.

    The importance of UNIFIL in Lebanon really have to be reevaluated.

    Isr’al & Libnan are neighboors since a very long time, and aren’t a Club Med for foreigners soldiers, there is touristic structure for that.

  7. George Haddad N.J Avatar
    George Haddad N.J

    I agree Ole you don’t war over a tree. That’s why I say this was pre-planned attack and their wishes to prolong it. But this time it didn’t work and I am sure its going to be much tougher every time where eventually the border situation will be wide open and all hell will break loose. All in all to divert attention from the Tribunal and also get revenge on israel and the west by attacking israel and create wide open war in the region. I am all for Iran to develop weapons if needed. I am against israel when its trying to control who can develop what especially israel never signed a treaty. But when you have a crazy regime like in Iran who kills their own people because they’re protesting the votes and could careless about anyone but themselves. Then i can’t blame israel for acting up toward unrestrained country like Iran and who have on several occassions want to destroy the jewish state.

    1. Preplanned on the lebanese side?????

      Seriously? LOL

  8. Iran is iran, Lebanon is lebanon.

    And Isr’al isn’t blind that point for not seeing the difference.

    The tribunal is a foreign one & doesn’t bring a better judgement than UNIFIL did with the tree’s story.

    The regime in Iran concerns only iranians.

    At least, concerning Iran, you can see those occidentals countries getting involve like in Iraq, this will result in a war, in a lot of dead, but no changes.

    You won’t do a war & send your sons, brothers to death for a tree, is it right ?

    1. sami stefan Avatar
      sami stefan

      As a Christian Lebanese I would have shot at the baster-eds if i was there. Israel used to march into Lebanon any time they pleased … NO MORE. Screw them. Viva Lebanese Army.

      1. sam i’m with you brother.

  9. outofmais Avatar

    In Palestine it probably started with a tree,look where it got them by staying quiet in the beginning.To whoever thinks “israel was within its territory” if that where the case why where they asking for permission on 2 occasions?Let me see,because there law abiding citizen!The border in the south of Lebanon would have slowly moved in more and more on Lebanese land if they could get away with it.They stole the land of the Palestinians and they would have loved to do it to Lebanon.For that tree I would send my brothers my children and definitely myself to war because that valuable land it rooted to is Lebanon ,the future of my children and all true Lebanese and that is worth fighting for!My condolences to the brave men of the Lebanese army

  10. good point outofmais

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