MP Saad: Israeli withdrawal should end role of armed resistance


MP Antoine Saad a key member the Democratic Gathering parliamentary bloc which is headed by MP Walid Jumblatt told ANB television on Monday that he is opposed to the presence of any armed resistance in Lebanon once Israel withdraws from occupied Lebanese territories.

Jumblatt left the March 14 alliance in August 2009, after which he reconciled with former political opponents, including Syria and Hezbollah.

Commenting on Jumblatt’s visit to his arch enemy , former president Emile Lahoud Saad said “this comes as a continuity to the reconciliation of Jumblatt with his former rivals.”

Jumblatt was one of the most outspoken leaders against the extension of Lahoud’s term by Syrian president Bashar al Assad in 2004.

Commenting on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon’s (STL) expected indictments he said that his block will reject any indictment that is not backed by tangible evidence.



4 responses to “MP Saad: Israeli withdrawal should end role of armed resistance”

  1. Neither A. Saad’s Lebanon.

    What do you smoke ?

  2. tony ali Avatar

    the withdrawal of israelis from any lebanese territory will surely put the pressure on HA to be absorbed into the army.

    secongly, any intelligent person will scoff at any indictments without tangible evidence so the statement above is a sound one regardless of who is issuing it and plesae don’t give us readers a history lesson about lahoud or jumblatt or tannous or aboud or hubeika…..etc.

    we got it but feel free to bore us.

  3. That is a noble thing for the resistance to do, but MP Antoine Saad is a wishfull thinker.

  4. but the israels did not withdraw from lebanon yet as lebanon border now is golan and palestine once they withdraw from there the resistance may thing about give up arms

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