Berri, Nasrallah discussed Lebanon summit


Hezbollah Secretay General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah met Sunday evening with Speaker Nabih Berri to discuss last Friday’s Baabda summit and its expected results according to a statement issued by Hezbollah on Monday.

The meeting was attended by Berri’s assistant Hajj Ali Hassan Khalil and Nasrallah’s assistant Hajj Hussein Khalil .

This meeting comes after Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited Beirut on Friday with the aim to calm the political tension . The two Arab leaders participated in a summit in Baabda with President Michel Suleiman.

They reportedly lauded the “historic” visit of Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to southern Lebanon over the weekend “as an honest expression of support for the Lebanese army, people and the resistance.” They also praised Qatar’s support in rebuilding what was destroyed by Israel during the July 2006 War.

They condemned Israeli threats against Lebanon which they said target the unity of the people and the state. They also slammed daily Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace in contravention of Security Council resolution 1701.

About Israeli spy networks, Nasrallah and Berri lauded Lebanese security agencies for the arrest of several spies and called for maximum punishment against the Mossad agents.

The two sides finally stressed the strategic ties between Hezbollah and Amal in facing local and foreign problems.



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  1. Why do they call him sayyed!!! Whu such importance!!! why can’t he follow his call as a religious man rather politics. As it stands he is not perfecting either. He is a killer, a murderer, abuser, coward in hiding, inciter of hatred and chaos, mercenary for syria and iran, a religious man in disguise with false pretense and a front man for other political agendas to be executed in Lebanon. We need no sayyeds like n/a, we need real loyal men to Lebanon not to syria nor iran.

    1. Huss, Sydney Avatar
      Huss, Sydney

      his not just a Sayyed, his the greatest man of our modern time, dont be hater becuase he is so powerful… you should be proud of him what he has done to Lebanon, he has givan us something to put our head up high and say we have someone finally to defend us.

      1.  Avatar

        You said it .. “TO Lebanon” … we know not FOR Lebanon or the Lebanese.

  2. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    The slaves call him Sayed because they’re idiots to follow him. Even God allmighty gives us choice but with this grand Ape who has no respect to human beings want to have the rules of the jungle. Whoever is strong gets to rule. this is his way and slaves call him master because again they’re dumb and their iq’s are normally below average. Anyone who follows someone to death what else can you expect out of them? Same people who followed Aoun during the Syrian Occupations they were told to protest and fight. There is nothing wrong to fight for a worthy cause and die for the freedom of your country. But when these people die at the orders of another slave masters like Khomeini is beyond comprehension and beliefs. Even Iranians are waking up finally to what they have installed several decades ago. Yet we in lebanon still follow him as if he was Allah? if you worship God at least you go to heaven. If you worship Khomeini and waliat al Faqih you get imaginary 70 harams while you going to hell. What kind of beliefs is this..

    Well sorry to disturb the meetings of the Monkies, please go on plan how you’re going to attack Lebanese in Sept.

    1. Berytus Avatar

      Tarie, as much as I can understand your frustration, you should also understand that leaders on both sides have their ‘slaves’ as you call them, and they are all prepared to die for their leaders.

      The only reason why hizbollah gets all the atention is because it has the strongest stockpile of weapons.

  3. Tarie AL Fanarie Avatar
    Tarie AL Fanarie

    Well Berytus i agree with you. But i don’t gemyal and geagea followers committing suicides, or bombing sites of syrian citizen like hezbollah do? i see them as people who want to move on and live with peace whether it maybe syria or israel. Except hezbollah and its members and their clown followers like wahab and karam who are always on the attack? no one will attack hezbollah if their members are indicted. But they keep attacking and attacking and threatening? every day we hear from them we’re innocent. Okay damn it prove yourself innocent no one is coming after you and not even the lebanese army even if convicted.. so what’s all this threats and scary tactics by them? every day they parade their monkies one by one trying to discredit the STL? Was the STL unfair before? when was it unfair before? What about again the serbian leaders who are christians and the west went after them like no tomorrow? they saw it that he got punished and convicted? why don’t just shut up defend yourself in court and leave it be.. no lebanese is threatening them? even if March 14 th bark 24 hrs a day it don’t make a difference. so the more the keep attacking and discredit the STL the more suspicious we become. Obviously hezb were mad at Syria for getting away and that’s why Mullem met with them for a long time to assure them nobody can touch them too and they’re not going to take the blame along. I would love to hear their conversation but my gut feelings is he was trying to reassure them of their getway plans make no mistake about it. I am tired of Syria telling us and warning us about war. But if any other country even arab the march 8th leaders attack them from everywhere. stop Geith was saying let there be peace and no repeat of may 2008. Yet Assad hal Kurd keeping throwing at us war and keep the lebanese public insecure about their future instead of really helping. You figure after destroying and sucking the blood of lebanon for over 30 yrs they have had enough. But their greeds never stop and their greed will sink them. The alwite regime will have its day in court. And the scums will be slaves of the sunnis in 2 yrs. they deserve it for all the misery they put them through. I am afraid their attitude and their ways will never change and israel will work very hard in splitting syria into mini states in order to weaken it. wake up people before its too late..

    1. Berytus Avatar

      Tarie, you have to realise that we both share a lot of opinions in common. I know that Hezbollah is out of order complaining that the STL is wrong. If they think it’s wrong, they should go ahead and prove it. And I am not happy with what Syria did to Lebanon for the past 30 years.

      But I also think many in March 14th forces were wrong to assume and point fingers at Syria straight away. I know, that it sounds logical that they were behind it, but you cannot believe them 100% because they as well failed to provide solid evidence. My point therefore is that now, 5 years on, no one in March 8 and March 14 should be trusted when they point fingers and start guessing who is behind the assassination and who is trying to start a conflict. All sides, which include Gaegae, Gemayel, Berri, Wahab, Nasrallah, Aoun, and so on, have to change their tones. None of them are showing evidence. All they are showing is conspiracy theories. Therefore, all we have to do is wait for the STL results. There are however some politicians who are making this rational statement about waiting for the STL results. They include Hariri, Fatfat, Suleiman and Jumblatt. Unfortunately, the majority of our politicians are threatening each other and raising tensions in the country, and this is not helping.

      Now about your statement when you talk of the shias. It is very dangerous when you talk about them as if they are the ‘other’. The Lebanese shia, whether you like it or not, are like the sunni Lebanese, the orthodox Lebanese, the maronite Lebanese, the druze Lebanese, and all the Lebanese. They are us, and we are them. They are going to stay in Lebanon, and so are all the other sects. You should not think that gaegae and gemayel supporters are so much better than the nasrallah supporters because they won’t make ‘suicidal’ attacks. Of course they will, there are soooo many reports on the news about gaegae and gemayel supporters getting into fights with frangiyeh and aoun supporters over the past few years. Fortunately, these supporters don’t have the massively destructive firearms that Hezbollah supporters do. So I think you should consider, that a radical Gaegae/Gemayel supporter is just as dangerous as a Nasrallah supporter, especially if the Gaegae/Gemayel supporter ends up accessing the same amount of weapons that Hezbollah has. Remember what happened when the Kataeb got weapons in the 70s to fight the Palestinians? Yeah, that’s right, a civil war started.

      They are all as bad as each other.

      1. tony ali Avatar

        wallah ya berytus your post is a breath of fresh air bro. i’ve been trying to talk this lingo to tarie forever. i told him that though we’re a dysfunctional family, we’re still a family.

        much love and peace to all.

  4. Tarie Al fanarie Avatar
    Tarie Al fanarie

    Berytus i agree with you on so many points and no one is saying that march 14th have done better. But one thing they don’t go around and threatens people and even when they protested many of march 14th supporters died and none on march 8th. As far as march 14th accusing syria of Hariri, it is natural when someone like Syrian regime have killed many lebanese leaders, political writers and tortured many people because they opposed syrian presence. It angers me so much the same people who are complaining about israeli occupying palestinians land and harrassing palestinians did not complain the same about Syria total belligerence and interference and control of every aspect of lebanese society. Even as they were leaving my shiites friends were saying why should they leave? we should have let them stay longer and on and on. same group complaining about the US and western countries not arming the lebanese army while Syria was in control? why did they have the oppt. to arm Hezbollah and not the lebanese army? could it be because if the army is under different faces that are not favorable to syria could turn against it? or could it be is it easier to create such resistance and use it since it can act independently from the gov’t. the only reason hariri was killed because in the process of getting a UN resolution to kick Syria out of Lebanon. There is no way Syria would kill him if the matter wasn’t serious enough to reach such high degrees of urgency on their part in going forward with the plans. Yes i am accusing Syria because Syria was in control of Lebanon clear and simple. There was never any and hardly any eliminations of lebanese leaders by israel during their Syrian stay in lebanon. Just name one other than few of hezbollah members? And one thing everyone keep forgetting and i am going to write it in CAPS.”THE HARIRI BOMBING SITE WAS ORDERED TO BE CLEANED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.” If israel was to have hands in this terrible crime, don’t you Syria and hezbollah and Lahoud want to clear your name later knowing that you might be implicated with it since you were in control? just answer me that question please? And one more thing the STL is not relying on the two suspicious syrian intelligent agents and they’re not former intelligent agents as everyone perceive them. If Saddiq wandering around in Europe at his own leisure and keep sending messages here and there. Don’t you think Syrian intelligence would have eliminated this guy long time ago? Syria is capable of reaching him anyhow since he supposedly escapped from one country to another? and why they would not pressure him to go back to syria by torturing his own family in syria? There is no way the STL is going by words of mouth on these evidence and no one is going to believe them not even the hariri family eihter. This trial is not for Hariri only? Its for all the lebanese who have suffered at the hands of syria and hezbollah and keep suffering. Because Syria has not left lebanon and it still meddles in lebanon affair as if lebanon is part of it. They shut down the borders as they wish and they use hezbollah to pressure gov’t and the people still. Anyway i can go on and on. People here accuse me of being pro-israelis. Well i am trying to clean the inside of LEbanon first and make it a better country. If we’re civilized and stop being so anti everyone we don’t like, then maybe israel will lay off. If they don’t i will be the first person in line to fight them..

  5. Berytus Avatar

    Tarie, I know what this trial is for. And I can’t wait for them to reveal the killers.

    But your list is NOT evidence. It does not implicate. It only makes them suspects. They are nothing more than suspects. 5 years ago, it was ok. But now, it’s been so long that it’s not enough to say, “syria wants to arm hezbollah to keep it stronger and separate from the government.” or when one of their politicians was mysteriously killed off. Many ppl are tired of these conspiracies on both sides because it is causing a divide now worse than before.

    I know I sound like I am defending Syria, but I am not. I’m being realistic. And I would NEVER accuse you of being pro-israeli. But I think you need to consider the REAL facts:

    Hezbollah is the strongest force in Lebanon.

    Israel is waiting for the lebanese to get angry with each other and fight.

    The STL is going to release the list of killers, and it’s NOT gonna be pretty at all.

    Therefore, we should prepare in a way that is not extreme or angry. We need to get ready for that day in a calm way. Not through hate, cursing, and making wild accusations.

    March 8 failed, but march 14 has failed too.. and miserably

    1. tony ali Avatar

      again berytus, your owrds spread love and unity and fairness. good for you. khey i thought i was fighting an uphill battle on this site.

      1. Berytus Avatar

        It is an uphill battle. But every hill has its peak. And at the top of the peak, the view is breathtaking, and it’s worth it.

        1.  Avatar

          I think the hill keeps getting higher with these idiots spouting off all the time.
          And the guy from Qatar wanted to know what the hell they were doing with their side-show.

    2. Huss, Sydney Avatar
      Huss, Sydney

      Berytus – dont waste your breath anymore, you a good person trying to make someone understand the true points but the problem with Lebanese people is, if they see there beloved leader do somthing wrong in there 2 eyes they would say they done the rite thing, thats Lebanon and thats how it will always be, its a shame but it wont change… i want peac in leabnon so i can come back every year in the summer and have a great time but i also want Hezbollah to stick around so we can have some sort of pride and show Israel that we have a group of people who are prepared to fight for us, we can hold our heads high. Love to Lebanon the Army and Hezbollah.

  6. all the handsome boys are meeting to see how many lebanese they will kill this round and how many houses they will destroy and the lebanese people relaxing with the argile in the mouth

    1.  Avatar

      Yes indeed … seems at least a couple of ‘Khalil-ers’ in these ‘meetings’.
      And who cares about Israeli fly-overs … no bombs are falling and these guys are in caves anyway. Since 1701 was never followed by Hezzys, why should the Israelis?

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I think the hill keeps getting higher with these idiots spouting off all the time.
    And the guy from Qatar wanted to know what the hell they were doing with their side-show.

  8. 5thDrawer Avatar

    You said it .. “TO Lebanon” … we know not FOR Lebanon or the Lebanese.

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