Iranian aid ships for Gaza delayed


No Iranian aid ships have been dispatched to Gaza Strip according to the Iranian Red Crescent .

“The departure of two Iranian aid ships for Gaza has been delayed due to lack of coordination and a change of cargo”, the Red Crescent official said Monday without specifying when the flotilla would leave.

ISNA news agency quoted Mohammad Javad Jafarian, head of the youth wing of Iranian Red Crescent, as saying that the sailing had been delayed and “no definite” date had been set for the departure of the ships to Gaza.

The Iranian Red Crescent had planned to send two aid ships earlier this month and last week even said that the boats were ready and awaiting the approval of the foreign ministry.

Iran has been sending mixed signals all along. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said last week that its naval forces would not escort the aid flotilla, while the spiritual head of the guards, Ali Shirazi, had said earlier that the naval forces ware prepared to escort the vessels, and that it was the Iran’s duty to defend the oppressed people of Gaza.

One observer told Ya Libnan: “Iran has been bluffing all along and never had any intention to send any aid ship to Gaza ” He added : “Iran is jealous that, following the May 31st flotilla attack Turkey is taking over as Gaza’s main champion in the region”. Nine people were killed by Israeli commandos including a Turkish-American