Obama says enough arms for Hezbollah


US President Barack Obama told an unnamed Lebanese official visiting Washington that Hezbollah must stop stockpiling arms because it already has enough. Mahmoud Qomati, deputy president of Hezbollah’s political council, disclosed the information on Tuesday.

“The Americans have abandoned the issue of [Hezbollah’s] disarmament and are now demanding that it be content with the size [of arms] it has, in both quantity and quality,” Qomati was quoted as saying.

He added that the Resistance has proved that it is “a de facto matter that cannot be changed, weakened or surrounded.”

Therefore, Qomati said, labeling the Resistance as a “terrorist” organization is no longer useful.

Both the United States and Israel consider Hezbollah a “terrorist” organization.

During his meeting with Prime Minister Saad Hariri on Monday, Obama stressed “the threat posed by the transfer of weapons into Lebanon in violation” of UN resolutions, the White House said in a statement issued after their talks.

Regional tensions have been mounting after Israel claimed last month that Syria was supplying Hezbollah with weapons in anticipation of war. Tel Aviv warned that if a new conflict happened, it would consider Lebanon, not just Hezbollah, its enemy.

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