Lebanon PM condemns Israeli plans for Jerusalem


Following the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Information Minister Tarek Mitri briefed the press:

Jerusalem situation:

Prime Minister Saad Hariri told the ministers that he is against the Judaization of Jerusalem.

Israel announced in February that it would include Muslim holy sites in a national heritage plan, while in March Tel Aviv declared that it would expand settlements in East Jerusalem and rebuild the Hurva Synagogue.

Hariri told the cabinet that German Chancellor Angela Merkel told him during his visit that she is opposed to Israel’s settlement plans. Hariri also told the cabinet that Germany is concerned the settlement plans will obstruct the indirect Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

Israel announced last Tuesday during an official visit to the country by US Vice President Joe Biden that 1,600 new settlement housing units would be built in predominantly Arab East Jerusalem.


The PM also said that Germany is committed to maintaining its UNIFIL forces in Lebanon and to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Relations with Jordan

The PM announced that Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai would visit Lebanon on Friday for a meeting of the Lebanese-Jordanian Higher Commission. Hariri voiced the importance of cooperation between the two countries.

Libya’s summit

Hariri did not discuss Lebanon’s participation in the upcoming March Arab League summit in Libya.



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