Lebanon MP calls for unified Arab stance in support of Said Nafaa


Commenting on the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of Druze Arab Knesset member Said Nafah , Lebanese MP Marwan Hamadah said: “The Israeli occupation continues with its policy of suppression and oppression of the 1948 Palestinians without any concern for the choice of the voters “.

Hamadah called for a unified “Arab stance in support of Nafaa and all his fellow activists in the occupied Arab Palestine”.

Hamadah said Naffa “will continue to be the strong and clear voice of the Arabs in the heart of the Knesset despite the brutality and tyranny of the regime”.

Israel’s Knesset House Committee overwhelmingly rejected an appeal last Tuesday by MK Naffaa for immunity in the face of an indictment that charges him with visiting Syria. In a 9-2 vote by the Knesset Committee MK Naffaa was stripped of his parliamentary immunity.