Lebanese victims of the Ethiopian plane crash


ethipian airline plane

Lebanese officials released the names of Lebanese passengers who were on board the Ethiopian plane that crashed early Monday. They were identified as follows:

Hanna Nakhoul Kreidi

Haidar Hasan Marj

Ali Youssef Jaber

Ali Ahmed Jaber

Abbas Mohammed Jaber

Mohammed Mustapha Badawi

Khalil Ibrahim Saleh

Hasan Adnan Kreik

Saeed Abdel Hasan Zahr

Hussein Ali Farhat

Mohammed Hasan Kreik

Ali Suheil Yaghi

Rawan Hasan Wazneh

Bassem Qassem Khazaal

Haifa Ahmed Wazneh

Ali Ahmed Tajeddine

Tanal Abdallah Fardoun

Mustafa Haitham Arnaout

Fouad Mahmoud al-Laqiss

Mohammed Kamal Akoush

Tony Elias al-Zakhem

Hamzeh Ali Jaafar

Hasan Mohammed Issawi

Hasan Kamal Ibrahim

Ghassan Ibrahim Qaterji

Haifa Ibrahim al-Farran

Hussein Youssef Haj Ali

Fares Rashid Zebian

Farid Saad Moussa

Mohammed Ali Qatbi

Yasser Youssef Mehdi

Anees Mustafa Safa

Hussein Moussa Barakat

Antoine Toufiq al-Hayek

Elias Antonius Rafeeh

Tareq George Barakat

Khalil Nami al-Khazen (MTV official)

Rana Youssef al-Harakeh

Mohammed Abdel Hussein al-Haj

Julia Mohammed al-Haj

Hussein Kamal Hayek

Asaad Masoud al-Fghali

Ziad Naeem Qosseifi

Rida Ali Mistokirdi

Albert Jirji Assal

Imad Ahmed Hather

Fouad Mohammed Jaber

Khalil Mohammed Madani

Hasan Mohammed Abdel Hasan Tajeddine

Yasser Abdel Hussein Ismail

Jamal Ali Khatoun

Afif Krisht (Lebanese-British)

Abbas Hawilli (Lebanese-Canadian)

Ana Mohammed Abes (Lebanese-Russian)

Two children — Julia Mohammed al-Haj, 3,

Mohammed Hasan Kreik.

All of us here at Ya Libnan offer our condolences to the families of the victims in the crash.

In a press conference Defense Minister Elias Murr has revealed :

– The official number of passengers was 90, including: 54 Lebanese, 20 Ethopians, 3 French, 1 Turkish, 1 Syrian, 1 Jordanian and 1 African.

– Efforts are still ongoing to recover all the bodies of possible survivors and the victims

-Official number of passengers was 90, including: 54 Lebanese, 20 Ethopians, 3 French, 1 Turkish, 1 Syrian, 1 Jordanian and 1 African.

– Both the Lebanese army and UNIFIL are conducting the search operations.

– A number of friendly states have begun to provide assistance

-The Lebanese Air Force reached the scene of the accident 20 minutes after the crash and immediately launched a search for survivors.

-Nine LAF cruisers, two UNIFIL cruisers, and six LAF helicopters took part in the search operation.

-The search also included five French and two British helicopters as well as UNIFIL helicopters, which are still taking part of the operations.

-The US Sixth Fleet will arrive at 4 p.m. to assist in the search operations at night.



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