Hezbollah victims may bring claims in N.Y.,report

A Lebanese bank can face claims in New York of negligence and breach of duty in a lawsuit brought by U.S., Israeli and Canadian victims of Hezbollah rocket attacks and their families, the state’s highest court ruled. The victims sued American Express Bank Ltd. and Lebanese Canadian Bank in 2008,

Washington showing Lebanese Banks who’s boss

Over the past two years, US pressure on Lebanese banks reached unprecedented levels. The main indicator is the increased frequency of visits from US treasury envoys to Lebanon. The latest such visit was paid by Neal Steven Wolin, US deputy secretary of the treasury. Before him came Daniel Glaser, assistant

U.S. seizes $150 million in Hezbollah-linked funds

U.S. authorities on Monday announced the seizure of $150 million allegedly linked to a Hezbollah scheme to launder proceeds from drug trafficking and other crimes. The money came from a U.S. bank account used by the Lebanese Canadian Bank to conduct U.S. currency transactions, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration chief Michele […]