UN: Israel Corrie verdict ‘defeat for justice’

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Falk, condemned this week’s ruling by an Israeli judge blocking a civil suit filed by the family of a young American activist killed by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza, in 2003. This is his statement:

Israeli court rebuffs case of slain U.S. activist Rachel Corrie

Coming almost a decade after her death beneath the tracks of an armored Israeli bulldozer in the Gaza Strip, the verdict in the Rachel Corrie case was the farthest thing from a surprise. By the time Israeli judge Oded Gershon gathered his robes about him and took his seat in an airy Haifa courtroom Tuesday […]

Syrian court charges Seif of violating ban on demonstrations

Riad Seif,  one of the main figures in  the Syrian opposition and  who suffers from cancer, was charged Sunday by the  Syrian court of  violating the ban on demonstrations, according to his lawyer Khalil Maatouk. “Riad Seif was brought before the court that indicted him , ” said his lawyer, president of the Syrian Center […]

Gemayel: Justice threatens Lebanon security

Following a meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Michele Sison Former Lebanese president and Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel said that throughout the world, achieving justice establishes stability, “except in Lebanon where justice threatens the peace and targets Lebanon’s credibility before the international community.” Gemayel ‘s comment comes following reports of Hezbollah leader’s insistence