Syrian court charges Seif of violating ban on demonstrations


Riad Seif,  one of the main figures in  the Syrian opposition and  who suffers from cancer, was charged Sunday by the  Syrian court of  violating the ban on demonstrations, according to his lawyer Khalil Maatouk. “Riad Seif was brought before the court that indicted him , ” said his lawyer, president of the Syrian Center for the Defence of Prisoners of conscience.

Riad Seif told the judge he was “struck in the head by security officers”before being arrested Friday after prayers at the mosque  in downtown Damascus. Riad Seif, 64, has served a sentence of two and a half years (January 2008-July 2010) for calling for democracy in his country. He  is one of 12 leaders  who had signed the “Damascus Declaration”calling for democratic change in Syria.



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