Anti-film protests underscore divide in Lebanon

The urge to defend Islam’s most unifying figure, the Prophet Muhammad, wasn’t enough to bring together Lebanon’s divided Sunni and Shiite Muslims. The two sects, which have been locked for years in a sometimes violent political rivalry, held separate protests Friday against an anti-Islam movie.

New French cartoons inflame prophet film tensions

A French magazine published vulgar caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday, inflaming global tensions over a movie insulting to Islam. In response, the French government ordered embassies and schools to close Friday in about 20 countries. The move by the provocative weekly Charlie Hebdo followed days of violent protests from Asia to Africa

Somali intruder shot at home of Danish cartoonist

Danish police have shot and wounded a man at the home of Kurt Westergaard, whose controversial cartoons of the prophet Muhammad sparked a storm of Muslim protest five years ago. Danish media reported last night that Westergaard, 74, was at home near the city of Aarhus with his wife and grandchild when a 27-year-old Somalian […]