Syria accuses Lebanon of “incubating” terrorists

Damascus has sent a letter to the United Nations accusing some Lebanese areas of helping al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood to take root along the Syrian border, adding to its criticism of Turkey and Libya for allegedly providing arms to Syrian rebels. “Some Lebanese areas next to the Syrian border are incubating terrorist elements

U.S. Embassy ruled out the return of Syrian army to Lebanon

The U.S. Embassy ruled out on Thursday the return of the Syrian army to Lebanon, calling on Christians to open the doors of dialogue instead of focusing on fears. This comes in response to Rifaat Eid, the head of the Arab Democratic Party, who called on Wednesday for the return of the Syrian army

Pity the tiny nation

Woe, again, is Lebanon. Pity the tiny nation that seems condemned to be dragged into virtually every one of the region’s conflagrations. Such is the fate of a perennially divided country. Right from the start of the uprising against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, it was inevitable that similar tensions would echo inside the borders of Syria’s […]

Renewed fighting rocks Lebanon’s Tripoli

Heavy fighting rocked Lebanon’s northern port of Tripoli for a fourth day on Wednesday, wounding at least six people in a city where sectarian tensions have been growing over the revolt in neighbouring Syria, security sources said. The fighting in Tripoli, 70 km (43 miles) from Beirut, has highlighted how violence in Syria can spill […]