World leaders hail Obama victory, pledge cooperation

World leaders on Wednesday hailed President Barack Obama’s sweeping re-election, with allies pledging to deepen cooperation with the United States on fighting the world economic slump and maintaining security across the globe. Congratulations poured in from across the world, including fellow UN Security Council members

Colin Powell endorses Obama again

Colin L. ­Powell, the former Republican secretary of state and retired four-star general, endorsed President Obama’s bid for reelection Thursday and said he was concerned that Mitt Romney was ‘‘a moving target’’ on foreign policy. In an interview on ‘‘CBS This Morning,’’ Powell also said he was ‘‘more comfortable’’ with the president’s views on

Presidential Debate: Obama, Romney Agree On Foreign Policy

There may be a presidential election around the corner, but voters won’t have two competing foreign policies to choose from at the ballot box, at least among the major parties. If Monday night’s debate proved anything, it showed that when it comes to drone strikes, the war in Afghanistan, relations with Pakistan, the intervention in […]

Narrow Win For Obama in Presidential Debate, poll

After a poor performance in the first presidential debate two weeks ago, President Barack Obama came back strong in the second one, winning perceived victories over Mitt Romney in two instant-reaction polls — one of debate-watching registered voters, the other of debate-watchers who went into the debate uncommitted to either candidate.

Biden comes out swinging at U.S. VP debate

Vice President Joe Biden and rival Republican Paul Ryan battled fiercely over foreign policy and the economy in a lively debate on Thursday, with Biden aggressively defending the administration’s policies and dismissing Ryan’s criticism. Seeking to win back the momentum for the Democrats’ campaign

Romney to help Syria rebels, impose more Iran sanction

Republican nominee Mitt Romney today accused President Obama of “passive” leadership in the Middle East in a foreign-policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute. He called for more direct intervention in Syria, including making sure anti-government opposition forces have weapons. He also said he will not hesitate to impose new sanctions on Iran.