Suleiman: Cannot disarm Hezbollah while Israel is beating the drums of war

Lebanon’s president Michel Suleiman says the government cannot ask Hezbollah to give up its weapons at a time of heightened tension with Israel. “We cannot – and we must not – tell the Resistance, which made a lot of sacrifices and achieved much, to give up its arms and put them under the state’s control […]

March14: Hezbollah arms are the main problem

March 14 General Secretariat issued a statement, following its weekly meeting Wednesday, saying Hezbollah’s arms are the primary source of contention in designing a national defense strategy. According to the statement, the March 8 alliance intends to obstruct UN Security Council Resolution 1701, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) and

Hezbollah arms, the hot issue during Dialogue talks

Hezbollah arms was the hot issue during the National dialogue talks that took place yesterday at the Baabda palace . Both March 8 and March 14 alliances were represented at the talks. President Michel Suleiman who chaired the session reportedly intervened to end the heated arguments of rival politicians and postponed the talks till June […]