Kuwait joins 3 Gulf states in issuing Lebanon travel warning

The Gulf state of Kuwait on Monday urged its citizens to avoid travel to Lebanon and also asked those already present there to leave after deadly clashes linked to the Syrian conflict left two people killed in Beirut. The foreign ministry called on Kuwaitis to cancel travel plans to Lebanon

Iranians protest against Saudi-Bahrain union plan

Thousands of Iranians rallied on Friday against plans for union between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, state television showed, and an influential cleric denounced the idea as an “ill-fated plot” that will never be tolerated by Muslims. Tension between Iran and U.S.-allied Gulf Arab states has run high in recent months with Arab leaders accusing Tehran […]

Syrian tanks fire shells on neighborhoods, Saudi ambassador withdrawn

Syrian forces targeting areas that are in open revolt against the government launched a major assault on an agricultural hub near the Iraqi border Sunday, even as neighbors in the Middle East unleashed withering criticism of the crackdown.

GCC countries are set to convene in Kuwait amid economic crisis

Leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are set to convene in Kuwait City next week amid economic crisis that left one of its prominent hubs in deep debt. The leaders are expected to discuss a wide range of issues at the upcoming 30th GCC summit that will kick off on Monday, with Dubai […]